Case Studies

Cowleys Pest Services Case Studies: Bouncing floors stabilized in Readington Twp., NJ

Monday, January 21st, 2019 by Julie Kaye


These homeowners in Readington Township, NJ in Hunterdon County (home to the Festival of Ballooning every summer!) had excess “bounce” in their bedroom floor that had been bothering them for quite some time. They finally decided it was time to do something about it. Floors that have the “feel” of poor support when walking on them because of excess sagging or bouncing or uneven flooring is more than a bothersome problem. It is a sign of a potentially serious structural problem that will worsen with time. Home repair issues don’t self-resolve. We may get used to them, but they don’t go away. As the floor support worsens, other damages may appear such as there will be related damages like cracks in wallboards. This is not something that homeowners should treat as normal aging of a home. This problem should not be tolerated even in older homes.


So what can be done about it? Of course, you can always hire structural engineers, visit your town hall for construction permits, and install concrete footing to provide support and even out the flooring.  Cowleys offers a far more budget-friendly alternative to digging and pouring concrete. Our home improvement crew is experienced with installing “Smartjacks,” a system of support posts that has the capacity to support up to 15 tons, more than enough to handle your furnishings as well as your largest holiday get-togethers! This system is a far less invasive  and less risky renovation project compared to direct leveling, which is an intrusive process that often winds up damaging delicate building materials, especially those found in older homes where this problem often arises. 

SmartJack posts do a bang-up job leveling out uneven flooring and providing the necessary supplemental support to prevent further sagging and related damages. These stabilization jacks are tough as nails. They are high-capacity, fully-adjustable steel piers that we cut to size for each job. After cutting the posts to the proper length, we then assemble and place them in the problem locations of the flooring, individually tightening each one to the degree is necessary to level the flooring.  Because SmartJack installation is a non-structural repair, construction permits and the hassles that go with it are avoided. 

The homeowners were quite pleased with our installation and now felt their bedroom floor was a solid floor and did not feel as though they were standing on a trampoline!