Case Studies

Cowleys Pest Services Case Studies: Termites Found in Bayville, NJ Garage

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 by Kevin Vernon


I recently completed a termite job in the beautiful Locust Point area of Middletown, NJ along the north banks of the Navesink River. The homeowner suspected that some of the wood construction in her detached garage was termite infested. When it comes to property damage, there is no insect that causes more property damage to homes than termites. As this homeowner found out, wood-eating termites commonly infest garage frames and garage trim. Why? Slab foundations, including garages, are highly susceptible to termite damage because the expansion joints, cracks, and wooden structural members are much closer to the ground that in a crawl space or basement foundation. 

It was fortunate that she contacted Cowleys as soon as she suspected a termite problem. During my inspection, I confirmed that the support stumps of the garage were, indeed, termite infested. 


To resolve the infestation, I drilled a series of holes through the garage floor so that I could directly access the soil underneath, allowing me to inject a liquid termiticide under the concrete slab. Also, I rodded and treated the soil along the exterior perimeter. Once a termite has contact with this liquid application as it travels to and from the underground nest to the wood in the home, it becomes a carrier to any other termites it contacts In turn, these secondary carriers transfer the product to other termites. The application spreads throughout the colony like a highly contagious virus, and soon, . the entire termite colony is eliminated, immediately stopping any further property damage. Fortunately, we were contacted before the termite colony was able to cause substantial damage to the garage.