Award Ribbon

Near perfect score from AIB

Awarded on Monday, June 1st, 2015

Some companies require that all of their suppliers, whether they make hamburger buns or paper towels, be audited by AIB (Association of International Baking).  Scoring high on an AIB audit shows that a supplier complies with food safety regulations and is committed to providing safe, high quality food products to consumers.

Comprehensive GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) inspections evaluate the adequacy of the:

-Operational Methods and Personnel Practices

-Maintenance for Food Safety

-Cleaning Practices

-Integrated Pest Management

-Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs

Two months ago I started servicing Beverage Works, a warehouse- distribution-supplier of Red Bull energy drinks in Wall, NJ. While speaking with the warehouse manager, he told me he needed to bring his warehouse up to AIB specifications, and prepare for the audit-inspection. AIB's professional auditing staff uses the recognized and appropriate AIB Consolidated Standards for Inspection of food contact packaging manufacturing facilities, food distribution centers,  beverage facilities,  retail facilities, fresh produce and fruit packing houses,  etc..

Following the guidelines set forth for Pest Control, I set up the account accordingly, interior rodent control around the perimeter, each device numbered with a corresponding numbered wall placard. Exterior Rodent control stations anchored and  numbered, up to DEP regulations. A log book with MSDS sheets,  pesticide license information,  detailed plot plan.

On June 1, 2015, Beverage Works had their inspection. Out of a possible 200 points in the Pest Control section, they achieved  a score of 190. The issues brought up in the inspection report have been addressed and the facility received its AIB official certificate. I'm looking forward to their next inspection where I know a perfect score is certain.

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