Commercial Pest Services - Lucky for you this new restaurant owner in Marlboro, NJ called Cowleys

A new restaurant owner in Marlboro, NJ wanted to get off on the right foot. He knew and understood the importance of a clean pest-free kitchen for his business to be successful. He contacted Cowleys to inspect the kitchen for any potential pest problems before he opened for business.  

Having an experienced pest control service periodically inspect, perform preventative treatments, and make recommendations for daily and weekly sanitation and hygiene protocols to be followed by the kitchen staff is the best way to keep a kitchen-pest free, and if an infestation does occur, to minimize its impact and make it quick and easy to resolve before it gets out-of-hand. 

I arrived for the inspection, grabbed my flashlight, and went into the newly acquired restaurant. The first place where I like to start my inspections is what often gives restaurant owners the most trouble — along the main cook line. The deep fryers and stove tops usually deal with large amounts of grease and oils on a daily basis, and they are not cleaned as often as they should be. The accumulated organic materials on these appliances are an attractant for insects and rodents. Sure enough, when I opened the deep fryer door, we both discovered a huge amount of grease of and food debris beneath. Talk about an insect breed ground! The grease becomes a food source and the decaying food becomes a breeding site for fruit flies and drain flies as well. 

Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly according to a set schedule is absolutely critical for the sanitation of the premises. By eliminating food and breeding sources you'll ensure a pest free environment. The importance of a clean kitchen must be stressed to the kitchen staff. It as important as the actual cooking. There can be no shortcuts when it comes to keeping your commercial kitchen operating at its best.