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Bird Control Services Photo Album: Seagulls damage in Normandy Beach, NJ

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A residential customer in Normandy Beach called Cowleys because of a massive nuisance bird problem — seagulls were landing on his roof and depositing unsightly droppings all over his property. Perhaps most upsetting for this homeowner, were that the seagulls were leaving their mess over his most prized possession, his motorboat. He was hopeful that the problem would self-resolve and the birds would get tired of his property and move elsewhere, but he realized, after a period of weeks, that the birds were perfectly happy there and were not planning on moving any time soon.

 As I was pulling up to his driveway, I could see that his property was overrun with birds and the droppings and crab pieces from the seagulls were covering the roof of this beautiful home After listening to the homeowner’s horror stories about these invading seagulls, I knew that this was a problem that needed to be resolved, and resolved quickly. Bird droppings are not just an unsightly nuisance. Over time, this thick white paste of acidic uric acid will eat away at shingles and sheathing. This vile waste material is acidic enough to disintegrate roofing materials and cause roof leaks. Also, birds nesting in drains and gutters can block water drainage. leading to dangerous standing water on the roof. And it’s not just property damage. Bird droppings are a serious health hazard because they contain parasites and other pathogens.

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