World Pest Day

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There are a lot of crazy holidays out there and at first glance you may think World Pest Day falls into that category, but upon a closer look, maybe it shouldn’t. World Pest Day shares June 6th with a number of other holidays including National Applesauce Cake Day, National Cynthia Day, and National Yo-yo Day. (Who knew women named Cynthia needed their own special day?) So, why should we look at National Pest Day differently than these other obscure holidays? The most significant reason is that many people really don’t understand the importance of keeping pests out of their home, so having a day dedicated to getting the word out about pests might actually be beneficial.

As a community we commonly refer to mice, cockroaches, ticks, and other creatures as pests. According to a pest is “a person or thing that annoys, esp by imposing itself when it is not wanted; nuisance.” While animal pests are obviously a nuisance, and are in places they don’t belong, there is something much more concerning about them; they are a health risk.

Everyone would agree that a mouse running across your kitchen floor during a party is embarrassing but in reality it is more than just your pride that can be hurt when pests are in your home. Did you know that mice can carry over 35 diseases? Some of these diseases can lead to long term health issues, and in some rare cases even death. Mice are not alone on the list of pests that can spread disease. From ticks that can give you Lyme to cockroaches that spread Salmonella, pests truly are a hazard.

Once you know that pests are more than just a nuisance you need to figure out how to keep them out of your house and away from your family. There are a couple of actions you can take that work well in keeping your home free from a variety of pests. Exclusion should be your first priority. Remember, for the most part pests are small, so closing up small openings into your house is key. Check your screens for tears to help reduce the chance of a number of pests like spiders and flies. Look for gaps or holes near your doors.

Did you know that a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime? Another way to keep pests out is to destroy easy pathways into your home. Trees and shrubs that touch your roof or siding are like a highway into your home. These routes can be used by anything from ants to squirrels to help gain access. Keep greenery trimmed at least two feet from any structure.

Make your home inhospitable. Clean up crumbs and spills as quickly as possible. Even a small crumb can be a huge meal for and ant. Keep food in well-sealed containers. It may look beautiful to have your cookies sitting out on a platter, but that is an invitation to a variety of creatures. Pests also like access to water so make sure leaky pipes and faucets are fixed.

One of the easiest and most affective actions you can take is to call Cowleys. We will work with you to determine the best way to keep pests out of your home. Remember, less pests in a home means a healthier home! 

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