Case Studies

Cowleys Pest Services Case Studies: Customer suspects squirrels - Squirrel & Animal Control in Trenton, NJ

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 by Will Kilgore


I was dispatched to a residence in Trenton that was having problems with squirrels entering the attic. Upon arrival, I spoke with the homeowner to get a better understanding of his nuisance wildlife problem, specifically, where he was hearing noises, the types of noises, and the time of day and frequency of the noises. I then inspected the roof. Often, the size and location of the entry points is a strong indicator of the type of wildlife, and in this care the owner was correct; he was being visited by squirrels.



I located two squirrel entry points. I identified the larger main entry point and sealed the secondary one so the squirrels would have restricted access and be easier to catch and relocate. I strategically set four live traps on the roof as well as a trap that is able to capture multiple wildlife directly over the entry hole. So far, I removed one squirrel and will use the traps to monitor for further activity. Once there is no more evidence of any squirrel activity and the owner reports that all is quiet in the attic, I will seal the remaining entry point.

Once a squirrel or any nuisance wildlife is captured, I remove and relocate the animal away from human populations so both the squirrels and people can live in peace away from one another. Squirrels are interesting animals when observed outdoors. Their acrobatic and balancing skills as they criss-cross trees and tightrope walk across telephone wires is like having a cirque de soleil show in your backyard. But we should never forget that squirrels are a type of rodent, and once they invade human habitats, they can become a real nuisance. They are capable of causing extensive damage to the home and can be carriers of diseases that can spread to humans. In close quarters, they can bite and scratch, and they can create a health risk with their droppings. Also, squirrels can carry infected fleas and ticks into a home, causing misery for you and your pets.