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Cowleys wins Best Case Studies Award

Awarded on Friday, December 23rd, 2016

In December 2016, Cowleys Pest Control Services was honored by an award for the "Best Case Studies” by Contractor Nation. Cowleys received this honor for presenting outstanding case studies throughout the year that described for the public the “behind the scenes” field work of its dedicated technicians. These case studies covered the gamut from the treatment of virtually every type of insect infestation, the installation of crawl space encapsulations and TAP pest control information, nuisance wildlife removal, and more. These studies, which were posted on the Cowleys website,, offered potential customers valuable information not only about resolving pest infestations, but also strategies to preemptively avoid infestations. These cases studies were accompanied by images depicting insect and wildlife entry points, technicians doing their work, and before and after images. This consistent flow of information presented in an engaging, active “real life” format offered a platform to help potential customers make informed decisions to protect and improve their home investment.

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