Wildlife Removal - Bats leave mess in Long Branch attic and we clean up and insulate with TAP

These homeowners in Long Branch, NJ, had a bat infestation in their attic. After the wildlife technician did their exclusion, a home improvement crew was brought in to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, as often happens, whenever wildlife, especially bats, raccoons, or squirrels, take up residence in the attic they cause a lot of destruction from their chewing and all of their urine and droppings. After the wildlife is gone, what’s left poses a genuine health hazard for the home’s occupants. 

For this home, we performed a complete attic makeover. We removed the soiled insulation, sanitized and deodorized the space, and installed 10” of our blown-in cellulose TAP insulation. This insulation has not only outstanding thermal and acoustical properties but also, unlike most insulation on the market, has a pest control component. A specialized form of borate material is added to the paper fibers. If an insect comes into contact with the borate particles, it will ingest it as part of its grooming and will kill the insect. Borates, a natural mineral found in many everyday products as well as in many of our foods, are completely safe and non-toxic for humans and any other mammals.  Borates are only deadly to insects.

After we were done with our cleanup, you would have never known that this attic once had a messy bat infestation. This attic, with its fresh new insulation, looked great, smelled great, and with our complete sanitation and deodorization, was now clean and sanitary.