Work Requests in Belmar

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Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Belmar, NJ
Vicinity of in Belmar
Small active hornets nest on the rear 2nd floor home eaves
Vicinity of Oakwood Road in Belmar
Fireflies 100 on property, digging bees in sand
Vicinity of K St in Belmar
Mouse (or mice) at present. Curious about a service estimate. Historically ants have been the only sporadic issue. House has encapsulated crawlspace, converted from basement. House above was gutted and renovated. Rodent activity at present seems contained to crawlspace and first floor.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Raccoon in the attic
Vicinity of Beverly St. in Belmar
I saw a very large raccoon walking down the side of my house at 11;30 this morning
Vicinity of Margerum Avenue in Belmar
With the spring comes ants, as you know best and looking to have my house sprayed. We noticed ants near the dogs food bowls and near the front and back doors.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Need an inspection
Vicinity of Maplewood Rd in Belmar
Mouse infestation
Vicinity of in Belmar
Vicinity of in Belmar
Hi - looking to receive estimate for gutter cleaning. thanks.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Signs of mice in home. Chewed through small hole in plaster walls and got into kitchen cabinets. Have been signs of mice in basement and pantry.
Vicinity of Parkway in Belmar
My house is a 1 bedroom the whole house is 25 X25 how much does this cost please
Vicinity of in Belmar
Ground hog living under trailer needs to be removed.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Ants in my kitchen
Vicinity of Benjamin Cir in Belmar
Mice in my kitchen
Vicinity of in Belmar
Mice getting in the house. They reached the bedrooms now and too many are coming in. A neighbor started a composting pile last summer, seems that a when we notice the problem. Now is out of hand.
Vicinity of Johnson St in Belmar
Mice in the house
Vicinity of A Street in Belmar
Inspect, identify & cost of remedial services (if required) Guarantees / Warranty. Certificate of PREMESIS CLEAR OF INFESTATION. CONTACT US. THANK YOU
Vicinity of MAIN STREET in Belmar
Birds in the ceiling they may have some babies to. Do you let them go with out hurting them?
Vicinity of in Belmar
Bed bugs
Vicinity of in Belmar
We seem to be having more of an ant problem then we have had in the past. Would like someone to come by and take a look. Thank you.
Vicinity of Hill Ave in Belmar
My children spend a lot of time in the backyard in the summer it's a decent size yard all grass want to find out about spraying to keep them protected
Vicinity of Main Street in Belmar
Found one bed bug in bedroom. Have not found any others.
Vicinity of Liberty Lane in Belmar
We have mice in the attic
Vicinity of North Blvd. in Belmar
Vicinity of Old Mill Court in Belmar
Scratching sounds in attic/wall living room area
Vicinity of White St in Belmar
I am in the process of purchasing a home on White St. in Belmar and would like the house to be evaluated for any insect infestation or damage.
Vicinity of Governors Crossing in Belmar
I think we have honey bees behind or siding
Vicinity of in Belmar
Bed bugs
Vicinity of Rosewood Dr. in Belmar
Estimate on garage for termites or carpenter ants
Vicinity of Briarwood Terrace in Belmar
I would liek to have a service plan to cover my house from pests. We have started to see a few random small ants in our living room, and seeing some spiders outside my back door. I have a 8 month old child, so I want to make sure the treatment is not hazardous to her.
Vicinity of Aces Drive in Belmar
Possible rat
Vicinity of in Belmar
Believe we have squirrels in attic
Vicinity of in Belmar
Vicinity of Pinetree Way in Belmar
Looking for a quote for a small bungalow style house with a flea problem. Thanks!
Vicinity of River Rd in Belmar
I have had increasing number of what appears to be bed bugs on my body each night for last week. Though Ive vaccuumed underneath and around my bed and washed sheets, blankets, the bites do not stop. Perhaps they are inside my Temperpedic mattress? I need to take care of this if it is indeed bed bugs as soon as possible. I am looking for a quote or someone to come and help. Thanks for your feedback, hope to hear from you soon.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Stimated on killing and removal of bees from my house roof. I saw 6-7 bees flying in the corner of the roof outside
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Belmar
Seed Tick infestation outdoors and possibly indoors. 3 dogs and 1 cat at residence.
Vicinity of in Belmar
I have a about 6 raccoons that come onto my porch at night and eat my garbage. My husband works until 3 am so they are out there when he gets home and has to chase them away to get in the house. It's become a hassle and a danger to us and I would like to have them removed.
Vicinity of Walnut Street in Belmar
We are concerned we might have bed bugs due to suspicious bites.
Vicinity of Pierce Street in Belmar
This spring we have had a larger than normal issue with house ants. They have appeared in the kitchen and recently in room next to the kitchen. We have an 18 month old so we have been doing a barrier treatment to the outside of the house with Spectracide and interior with organic remedies but still have an issue. Wanted to know the costs associated with ant treatment.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Racoons in porch roof.
Vicinity of in Belmar
We have some issues with ants in our new home, interested in getting a quote.
Vicinity of Lee Street in Belmar
Our primary issue is mice. I've been trapping them for years, with spikes in the numbers caught during certain periods, but they've consistently continued to show up. Lately the traps seem less effective for some reason and while they've been mostly found in the attic and heard in the walls, we've also had some inside the house itself. Hoping you can help.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Looking to get silver service quote. Ants seem to be the biggest issue in the spring and summer
Vicinity of in Belmar
General bug control
Vicinity of Main Street in Belmar
Our main concern is mice in the house. We have found and trapped 3 so far and still are finding feces in the house.
Vicinity of MARGERUM AVE in Belmar
We have problems with carpenter bees every summer, usually requiring about 3 treatments each year. Our annual contract with another pest control company is due for renewal and we are wondering if we might save some money by trying another company. Included with our contract are spring, summer and fall preventive treatments to the exterior of our 2000 square foot home. We haven't had many pest problems inside our home. Please give me an idea of options we would have with your company and pricing. Thank you, Alysia Black
Vicinity of in Belmar
Basement has had water and want it treated for any mold growth.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Carpenter ants are now present in a home which has been occupied by my mother for over 40 years and there has never been an ant problem
Vicinity of Lincris in Belmar
I'm in the process of potentially purchasing a house in Wall. It's a ranch with a full basement, 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. What would your fee be to inspect the entire house for of all kinds of possible infestation? Thanks Charlie
Vicinity of in Belmar
I had a service man here to spray for bugs and place bait for mice and he noticed mildew in my crawl space.
Vicinity of in Belmar
Belmar house is rented and tenant complained about mold after the sewer backed up flooding the basement during a storm in June 2013. Plumber has fixed sewage drain and replaced sub-pump. I would like the basic service to disinfect and clean any mold in the basement(very little noticeable) I have purchased a dehumidifier.