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Pest Service Plans Photo Album: Home Protection Plan finds rodent evidence - Rodent & Pest Control in Perth Amboy

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I was sent to a residence in Edison for a routine visit that is part of our home protection service package. As part of our residential service plans, a homeowner is entitled to three annual visits along with an unlimited number of service calls for covered pests.

These visits are important because homeowners are often unaware of insect or rodent activity, especially if the infestation is in its early stages or the infestation is not in a living area of the home like the crawl space or basement. Also, during our visits, in addition to a thorough inspection, we do a preventative perimeter treatment. These service plans are a great way for homeowners to protect their home and their family’s health. Our preventative measures usually head-off infestations completely, and if not, we catch them in their early stages. 

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