Work Requests in Old Bridge

Cowleys Pest Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Old Bridge. Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services's recent work requests in Old Bridge and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Old Bridge, NJ
Vicinity of Eastgreystone Rd in Old Bridge
Hearing noise and movemeant in attic. Also lots of flies in house .
Vicinity of Tupelo Drive in Old Bridge
We would like a quote for bed bug removal from our apartment. Our landlord is using an exterminator that uses pesticides only, and it hasn't been effective. We live in a one bedroom apartment on the second level of a two floor apartment building that contains a total of eight units. We have our own entryway that leads to a staircase with a small landing outside our door. The living room and dining room are shared space, and leads to an open kitchen in one direction, and a small hallway to the bedroom and a separate bathroom. Infestation was first noticed in mid-July, and since then the exterminator has done two rounds of pesticides. We have a standard mattress cover on our queen sized mattress, as well as covers on our split queen box springs. We are technically scheduled for our third treatment tomorrow, but we are not sure if we will be going through with that.
Vicinity of Morsell Pl in Old Bridge
Hear movement (gnawing and burrowing) above the bedroom. Possibly in the attic?
Vicinity of Bertrand St in Old Bridge
Vicinity of Amber Dr in Old Bridge
Vicinity of Indigo Dr in Old Bridge
I have some kind of a flying insect at home, not sure what it is. it keeps coming back
Vicinity of Grove Lane in Old Bridge
Home inspection showed possible termite mud in wood pile by backyard side fence....said possibly house has been treated for termite. We have never had termites in the 21 years we lived here. There was treatment done to the front door area from prior owners. Don't believe house needs to be treated but they are requesting so looking for cost
Vicinity of Glen Oaks Court in Old Bridge
I am purchasing a house. During the inspection tunnels were found in the garage. I requested documentation on termite treatment and received what seems to show the house was baited in October. It is 118 linear feet. I would like an estimate on the cost of spraying. Thanks
Vicinity of Norwood Ave in Old Bridge
Need tick control in and outdoor
Vicinity of La Valencia Rd in Old Bridge
Vicinity of Arvin Rd in Old Bridge
Mold in the attic
Vicinity of Carlisle Ct in Old Bridge
I have bats and squirrels in my attic. I've sealed it off, but need to get rid of them. I was referred to you from Mike Fachler of Freehold, he spoke very highly of the service.
Vicinity of Farmbrook Drive in Old Bridge
Groundhog(s) have taken up residence under our deck and under our garden. They originally were only under the neighbors shed.
Vicinity of Jean Ct in Old Bridge
The neighbor of my in-laws (the town home is empty now because my father-in-law died recently and my mother-in-law is in the hospital) says that there is a hole in the backyard that could be a beaver family. There is a small creek that runs behind the townhome community. I would like to set up an appt for this Wednesday for it to be looked at and determine if it is a family of beavers. If so, I would like to have them removed. Please let me know if this is possible via email, as I work in an operating room and can't answer my phone during the day. Thanks for your time! Cassi Hudson
Vicinity of Madison Avenue in Old Bridge
Birds in the corner of the roof and over an in-wall air conditioner. Been there for a few years.
Vicinity of Willow Dr in Old Bridge
We have mold and need to have estimates what it would cost us for remidiation
Vicinity of Essex Lane in Old Bridge
Older hous, no basement or crawl space. Afraid of mold in back "utility" room, also smells like mold in corner of bedroom, especially after rain. Concerned for the safety of my family.
Vicinity of Morris Drive in Old Bridge
All around the basement corner, I have white fluffy mold/mineral... also i had a leak in my attic fan and water was falling onto insulation for couple of months..I am not sure if there is mold/mildew in attic or not.