Case Studies

Cowleys Pest Services Case Studies: Mice in New Egypt, NJ

Monday, January 19th, 2015 by Bill Cowley


I was sent out to New Egypt, NJ today to inspect and treat for mice that had made their way into our customer's kitchen.

The homeowners had no idea how the mice were getting into the house.  I first made a thorough inspection of the exterior perimeter and continued with the interior basement, garage and kitchen. During my inspection I found areas with high of activity in mice droppings under(inside) several kitchen cabinets. During my exterior inspection I could not find any obvious entry points. The only gaps I found were where the siding meets the foundation. There is a natural gap that's there for expansion. Looking inside the kitchen cabinets I found gaps around plumbing pipes with mice droppings right there.


I brought to the homeowner's attention the areas that needed to be sealed and let them know that Cowleys could seal these areas for them. I secured a tamper-resistant rodent bait box to the kitchen exterior and placed bait stations in the kitchen, garage and basement. I applied a tracking powder, a powder like pesticide we can apply to wall voids. When the rodent walks thru/over powder, it is absorbed thru skin, killing it. in the accessible voids behind the cabinets, under the exterior siding. The homeowners thanked me for helping them solve their mice problem.