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Before and After Pictures from Allenhurst
Turkey Vultures Destroy Ocean Township NJ Commercial Building

Turkey Vultures Destroy Ocean Township NJ Commercial Building

Before After
Turkey Vultures Destroy Ocean Township NJ Commercial Building Turkey Vultures Destroy Ocean Township NJ Commercial Building

The property manager of a professional services building in Ocean Township, NJ, observed turkey vultures landing on the peak of the roof. The primary nuisance birds in New Jersey are pigeons, house sparrows, starlings, and seagulls. However, every so often, residences and commercial buildings are used as nesting and roosting spots by other bird species, including vultures!

Many are surprised to learn that there are vultures in New Jersey. We are home to two vultures species, turkey vultures and black vultures. Turkey vultures, whose bald red head and dark plumage resembles wild turkeys, are historic residents of the state. Black vultures are a more recent arrival. Vultures are nature’s clean-up crew that help our ecosystem by feeding on dead, decomposing animal carcasses (carrion). The reduce the risk of disease and contamination from rotting animals. If our road maintenance crews don’t quickly remove roadkill left behind on our busy New Jersey roadways, these birds are happy to take over.  How can vultures eat decomposing, even diseased, flesh and organs without getting sick? They have highly acidic stomach acids that kills any pathogens. These acids are also their primary defense mechanism. If threatened, vultures will regurgitate its rancid stomach acids, not to mention its stomach contents, onto an intruder. Most intruders, once covered with vulture vomit, tend to rethink their plans.  

Vultures are a protected migratory bird species, as are most birds. The objective with bird control is to make your property inhospitable to birds using deterrents, so they change their behavior and move elsewhere. They types of deterrents depend on the type of bird infestation and the specifics of the property. There is no one-size-fits-all single bird solution.  

For this particular bird job, we installed 80 feet of shock track along the entire peak of the roof. These tracks gives off a low-volt shock should a bird attempt to land. It does not harm them in any way, but it does send a clear message to seek another area to rest. Even for birds, that aren’t the brightest, it does not take too many negative reinforcements for them to realize that they are no longer welcomed here.  

Needless to say, the property manager was quite pleased for these birds to be gone. Most of the businesses operating here are for professional medical services. The last thing anyone wants to see when visiting their doctor or dentist is seeing large birds hovering overhead that are, literally, waiting for death. With the shock tracks in place, these unattractive birds will no longer be taking up residence on the roof, making a mess from their droppings and making visitors uncomfortable. 

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I went into a home in Allenhurst, NJ where the customer had found ants in the basement, in the french drain, and going up the wall to the sill plate,...
This Allenhurst homeowner enjoys peace of mind with a Cowleys residential protection plan. At a minimum, all of Cowleys plans cover 24 common pests...
Cowleys offers a variety of residential service plans that cover the treatment of dozens of common household pests. These plans have an important...
Job Stories From Allenhurst, NJ
Mice removal and control in Allenhurst garage

Two Cowleys pest control technicians were dispatched to a home in Allenhurst to deal with a field mouse infestation in the backyard shed and perform a thorough clean-out to remove the pungent smell of mouse urine that permeated the shed and made it virtually unusable. 

These field mice (deer mice) were having a “field day” in this shed. There were mouse droppings all over the floor and shelving of the entire shed. In order to clean out the shed and get a better sense of the extent of the infestation, we removed all of the lawn furniture. In the back of the shed, there was a folding chair that was heavily soiled. As we were removing the chair, a family of six mice ran out (a group or family of mice is called a mischief, and considering the havoc they cause, it’s a great name for them!) The mice had gathered material inside the shed and made a winter nest right in the bottom of the chair.

We proceeded to vacuum up all the mice droppings and sanitized the shed of the mouse urine and droppings. These deposits are a significant health hazard, especially when small microscopic particles containing aerosolized viruses become airborne in an enclosed area and are then inhaled. Deer mice are known carriers of Hantavirus, a life-threatening pulmonary disease, and white-footed deer mice often carry deer ticks infected with Lyme Disease. After deodorizing the shed to get rid of the noxious smells, we neatly put back all of the homeowner’s stored belongings that weren’t damaged by the mice.

Keeping field mice out of backyard sheds can be a challenge. It is important to keep your shed well sealed, plug any holes, and don’t leave attractants inside whether its a food source like stored grass seed or materials that they can use for nesting.

Mice removal and control in Allenhurst garage - Photo 1
Work Requests From Allenhurst, NJ
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Ants in the kitchen, crickets in the basement.
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Home. Ant problem throughout house
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Squirrels in attic
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Squirrels in soffit of garage and scratching noise in finished attic dormer of house
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
We just bought a house and have a ton of spider crickets in the garage, I'm sure among other things. We'll want to take care of that and do a clean sweep of the house as well.
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
I believe i have bed bugs. last week i had bites all over me and i did find 2 bugs just crawling in my bed. I dont have them anymore but i did take pictures of them. i did buy spray, sprayed the whole mattress and box spring. I even bought a new matress and yet the other night i found another bug. I dont know what else to do.
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
I have a one car garage underneath my house and there is an animal whining at night which seems to be coming from the garage.
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
My neighbors house has a tree with anger hive need to remove
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Squirrel in ceiling
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Ants in kitchen
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
1 groundhog under the porch
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Termites and ants
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Please relocate a squirrel in the attic. Thank you.
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Evidence of termite damage. Don't know if old or present problem.
Project Location: Allenhurst, NJ
Carpenter ants