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Before and After Pictures from Rumson
Excluding Birds from the Attic in Rumson, NJ

Excluding Birds from the Attic in Rumson, NJ

Before After
Excluding Birds from the Attic in Rumson, NJ Excluding Birds from the Attic in Rumson, NJ

After we successfully and safely removed all the birds from this homeowners' attic in Rumson, NJ, we need to make sure they don't get back in. Since the gable vent that the birds were using to infest the building was damaged, we removed it, disinfected the area, and installed a louvered vent guard. This material is made out of heavy-duty Galvannealed steel (which means it won't rust) and is customized to accommodate vents of all shapes and sizes. Now the home is properly protected from not just birds, but all nuisance wildlife and pests!

Encapsulating a Dirt Floor Crawl Space in Rumson, NJ

Encapsulating a Dirt Floor Crawl Space in Rumson, NJ

Before After
Encapsulating a Dirt Floor Crawl Space in Rumson, NJ Encapsulating a Dirt Floor Crawl Space in Rumson, NJ

After moving into their new home in Rumson, NJ, the first thing these new homeowners wanted to do was encapsulate their dirt floor crawl space. So they gave our Crawl Space Division a call and we were sent out! Dirt floor crawl spaces attract and absorb moisture and once the dirt dries, it causes humidity levels to rise and can lead to mold and mildew issues (fortunately, there was no mold or mildew in the crawl space).

First, we removed all the debris and old insulation, leveled the ground for proper draining and installed drainage matting, which is a dimpled plastic mat that allows all excess moisture to work its way over to the sump pump. Afterward, we installed a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a heavy-duty, 20-mil 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with a polyester-cord reinforcement. By encapsulating the crawl space & installing the vapor barrier over the foundation walls and floor will create a continuous air and moisture barrier.

The vapor barrier is extremely durable and is treated with an antimicrobial to prevent mold. We also cleaned off all the beams in the crawl space and installed SilverGlo™ on the walls of the crawl space. SilverGlo™ is a waterproof foam insulation that seals the walls from outside moisture and humidity. Lastly, we installed a Sani-Dry Sedona commercial-grade dehumidifier. The Sedona directs the extracted water pulled out of the air directly into the sump pump and will control the humidity levels in the crawl space.

Bat removal in Rumson, NJ attic.

Bat removal in Rumson, NJ attic.

Before After
Bat removal in Rumson, NJ attic. Bat removal in Rumson, NJ attic.

Homeowners in Rumson, NJ, had a bat infestation in their attic. Bats are often attracted to homes for maternity and nesting roosts. The species of bats found in New Jersey have adapted well to using the walls and attic spaces of homes. They make great places to hibernate or raise their young. A wildlife technician had already completed the bat exclusion and sealed their access points into the attic. But more work needed to be done. As often happens, whenever wildlife, especially bats, raccoons, or squirrels, take up residence in attics, they are rude houseguests, and that’s putting it mildly.   

Wildlife can cause a significant amount of damage in a short period of time from their activities. They can cause all sorts of problems such as chewing through wiring, which is a serious fire hazard. A major problem of any wildlife infestation is their urine and often prodigious quantities of droppings. A colony of bats can produce a significant amount of dripping, smelly guano (poop). One of the most common casualties of a wildlife infestation is ruined contaminated attic insulation. Also, from a health standpoint, bat droppings can contain the histoplasmosis fungus and other pathogens. Bat guano, like all wildlife droppings, should be treated as a toxic health hazard. Never enter an enclosed area with wildlife droppings without proper protective equipment. 

A Cowleys home improvement crew was brought in to handle this clean-up. We removed the soiled insulation, sanitized and deodorized the space, and installed 10” of our blown-in cellulose insulation. After it is installed and settles, this dense fire-retardant thermal blanket does an amazing job holding in heat in the winter and conditioned air in the summer. It is an energy-efficient money-saver for homeowners. Also, unlike fiberglass rolls, the coverage of blown insulation is complete and comprehensive. We can fill in all of those hard-to-fit spaces that roll often miss. This insulation also helps with sound and noise dampening. Finally, it even has an effective pest control component. A specialized form of borate is added to the paper fibers. If an insect comes into contact with borate particles will ingest it as part of its grooming, and soon thereafter it’s “game over.”  It’s important to mention that borates are only lethal to insects. It’s completely safe and non-toxic for humans and, for that matter, any other mammal. 

After we were done with our cleanup, you would have never guessed that this attic was once used as a dirty bat cave. Now, this sanitized and deodorized guano-free attic, with its fresh insulation, looked great, smelled great, and was safe, clean, and sanitary.

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Recently, I went on a service call for a new homeowner in Rumson, NJ. The client recently purchased the home and was planning on completely...
During a residential inspection for pest activity in a Rumon, NJ home, a Cowleys pest services technician found raccoon droppings in an attic utility...
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Flying squirrels in Rumson, NJ attic

During a home protection plan (HPP) inspection, I found potential flying squirrel activity in Borough of Rumson, NJ. With our home protection plan service, in addition to preventative treatments, we conduct periodic inspections throughout the year and, often, we find pest and wildlife infestations in their early stages before even the homeowner realizes that there is a problem. Of course, a homeowner can call us at any time for a covered pest under the plan — and we’re on it at no additional charge. HPPs offers homeowners great peace of mind and they are a good budget tool as well. 

Here, the homeowner had informed me that he was hearing loud activity in his attic during the night. Mice simply aren’t big enough to make loud noises and the the bait in the RTU bait stations were all intact. There was no indication on any mouse activity in the attic. However, I did find burrowing tunnels in the insulation and droppings that were too small to come from a grey squirrel. Based on my observations, there is likely a flying squirrel infestation. These squirrels are nocturnal and are rarely seen. Homeowners may notice them if they hear strange noises coming from the attic, and quickly go up to take a peak. The flying squirrel is much smaller than tree-dwelling squirrels, and has a broad flattened tail.  Since they are smaller than grey squirrels, their droppings are smaller. They look like little pellets that resemble rat droppings, and are typically black or brown. Flying squirrel droppings are linked to causing typhus, so they should be treated as very hazardous material. (By the way, flying squirrels can’t actually fly. The only true flying mammal are bats. Instead, these squirrels are able to propel themselves through the air with a membrane of loose skin that allows them to glide.) 

I made immediate arrangements for one of our wildlife removal specialists to inspect the attic to confirm the type of wildlife activity and institute the appropriate exclusion and trapping necessary to remove the infestation.










Flying squirrels in Rumson, NJ attic - Photo 1Flying squirrels in Rumson, NJ attic - Photo 2
Mosquitoes Find Great Place to Live in Rumson, NJ Yard

Recently, a homeowner in Rumson, NJ, contacted Cowleys to take advantage of our mosquito reduction program. This treatment is tailor-made for homeowners who find themselves with an unacceptable level of mosquito activity on their property. 

 Upon arrival, I started conducting a thorough inspection of the property in order to locate potential mosquito harborage and breeding grounds. Female mosquitoes require stagnant or standing water to lay their eggs. The females deposit their eggs in broods containing hundreds of eggs in standing water. The eggs float to the surface where they remain for about 48 hours before hatching into larvae. the larvae live for about 10 days and then changes into pupae for a short period of time before emerging as adult mosquitos. Suffice it to say, the mosquito lifecycle from egg to adult is amazingly short, and given the number of eggs a mosquito can lay, their populations can grow to astronomical numbers in the blink of an eye. With mosquito infestations, it happens to be the females that are the source of all our misery. They bite us, not for their own nutrition, but because they need the protein and other components in our blood to produce their eggs. Male mosquitoes may annoy us with all their buzzing, but at least they don’t bite us. 

You can go a long way in reducing mosquito populations by eliminating standing water on your property. The trouble is that standing water can collect anywhere and in anything that can hold and store water — unused flower pots, children’s toys, wheelbarrows, and less obvious places like clogged gutters and depressions in your driveway. Sometimes, we put standing water on our property on purpose. Some homeowners enjoy decorative ponds and birdbaths. Also, mosquitoes can lay eggs in extremely small amounts of water — an overturned bottle cap holding a spoonful of water is enough for some types of mosquitoes. So, while you can’t eliminate every potential mosquito breeding spot, you can at least substantially reduce them. And that’s what I did here. I reviewed the conditions on his property conducive to mosquitoes. Some I could eliminate immediately while others will take more time. 

After my inspection, I used a self-contained power mister to apply a highly effective residual product to all of the harborage areas, shaded areas on the property (which tend to stay moist and insect-friendly), as well as shrubbery and trees. This product contains an insect growth regulator (IGR) that inhibits the ability of the mosquitoes to grow and mature normally. This type of product works exceptionally well for mosquitoes since it targets not only the adult mosquitoes but the larvae as well. 

By reducing standing water followed by the mosquito treatment, this Rumson homeowner will soon see a substantial reduction of mosquito populations on his property.

Mosquitoes Find Great Place to Live in Rumson, NJ Yard - Photo 1
Cowleys safely relocates pregnant squirrel in Rumson, NJ

I was dispatched to a home in Rumson, NJ to resolve a wildlife infestation, specifically, squirrels that were accessing the attic. This squirrel entry point was on a high, steep-pitched roof in the “pac-man” of one of the dormers. When a house has dormers, the projection creates an area where the roof meets the soffit and forms a sideways "V" shape that looks just that the greater than inequality symbol (”>”) from middle-school math.  Some wildlife technicians call this roof design the "Pac-man" because it is shaped just like the hungry figure in the video game that eats everything in its path.  These roof areas are a challenge for wildlife techs when trying to trap animals like squirrels and raccoons that have advanced climbing skills. For these animals, these tight spaces are much easier to reach than for people since we are not blessed with the natural climbing skills of these nimble sharp-clawed animals.

Based on my evaluation, I was dealing with a pregnant squirrel looking for a safe spot to nurse her young. I needed to act quickly before she gave birth. I decided to wire a “one-way” right into a multi-catch trap (see photo). A “one-way” is a device that allows an animal to leave the attic or other space in a home that it is inhabiting, but, just like a one-way valve, prevents its return. I was able to secure the “one-way” over the access nice and snug so it couldn't be moved. I also placed a trap next to this setup just in case the squirrel was not in the house when I set the “one-way.” Because of the roof structure, I felt that I could use the help of another wildlife technician, and Cowleys as a “safety first’ company immediately dispatched another technician to help. In the interim, the mother squirrel was successfully trapped before she gave birth. The squirrel was released far enough away from this house to not cause this homeowner any further problems. 

Cowleys safely relocates pregnant squirrel in Rumson, NJ - Photo 1