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Before and After Pictures from Oceanport
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Oceanport, NJ

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Oceanport, NJ

Before After
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Oceanport, NJ Crawl Space Encapsulation in Oceanport, NJ

This crawl space had almost every issue a crawl space could have, standing water, mold, hanging insulation, poor drainage, and moisture. Our crawl space encapsulation system solved them all. Crawl space humidity isn't just uncomfortable and smelly, it can cause structural damage to the woodwork of your home as well! Also, the mold it allows to grow is damaging to your health!

First, we removed all the contaminated insulation and debris, leveled the ground for proper draining, and installed a drainage matting, which is a dimpled plastic mat material, over the dirt-floor crawl space. This allows all excess moisture to work its way over to the new sump pump we installed. Next, we installed a vapor barrier which is a 20-mil 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene that is treated with an antimicrobial finish that protects against mold and mildew growth. Next, we installed SilverGlo™ which is a waterproof foam insulation that seals the walls from outside moisture and humidity to the walls of the crawl space.

Beginning Stages of a Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in Oceanport, NJ

Beginning Stages of a Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in Oceanport, NJ

Before After
Beginning Stages of a Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in Oceanport, NJ Beginning Stages of a Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in Oceanport, NJ

A property manager of an office building in Oceanport, NJ spotted an active hornet's nest along the roofline of his building and was terrified that his workers could get stung, so he called our office for help and I was sent out.

Once I found the nest, I took a closer look and several angry bald-faced hornets came flying out. Bald-faced hornets are social stinging insects with white markings on their face and are a close relative to yellowjackets  — which means that they are extremely aggressive. Their stings are extremely painful and, because their stinger isn't barbed, they can sting multiple times.

I grabbed my extendable pole, attached an aerosol knock-down application to it, and began treating the nest. This product will exterminate the bald-faced hornets almost immediately. A short while later, I removed the nest, disposed of it, and applied a residual along the entire roofline of the office building to prevent future stinging insects from infesting the area. 

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Here at Cowleys Pest Services we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service in Oceanport and nearby NJ.

From your first phone call through treatment and follow-up we at Cowleys Pest Services pledge to give you great customer service while fixing your pest problem.

Since 1991, we have been treating a wide variety of pests, bedbugs, insects and rodents -- just contact us to get more details on your home or building's issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Oceanport, NJ home.

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At Cowleys Pest Services we also have pest control plans where we routinely inspect your home or building and apply needed solutions ahead of developing a recurring pest problem. Our pest service plans have different levels too, to best suit your needs that you can change over time if needed. From our Green Service Plan to our Platinum Service Plan, we'll keep your home pest-free.

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Carpenter Bees stain home in Oceanport

As part of our residential service plans, Cowleys conducts periodic inspections of throughout the year to look for signs of insects or rodent activity. Often, homeowners are unaware of insect infestations, especially when they are in their early stages or the infestations are in non-living areas of the home or around the home’s exterior. During these visits, Cowleys also treats the home’s exterior perimeter. This is a great proactive step for homeowners to minimize the chance of pest infestations during those peak months of insect activity. Residential service plans go a long way to help homeowners keep their residences pest- and rodent-free thought the year. 

During my service plan inspection of this home in Oceanport, I observed staining on the siding of the home. I immediately recognized these stains as carpenter bee stains from their droppings. I was on the lookout for carpenter bees because, unfortunately for this homeowner, carpenter bees have been returning every year to the same area of this home. These bees leave a pheromone in the egg chamber that attracts other bees, so it is no coincidence that many homeowners find these bees returning to the same location year after year. Unfortunately for the bees, Cowleys is able to quickly identify and eliminate these infestations, so they don’t cause any problems for the rest of the year. 

Carpenter bees are large, intimidating-looking bees, but they rarely sting. The males don’t even have stingers, and the females usually only bite if aggravated. These resemble bumblebees, except they have large shiny black bodies instead of the familiar “fuzzy” bodies of bumblebees. During early spring, carpenter bees will emerge from their winter nesting holes and start to swarm, which is their ritual for finding a mate. Once mated, the female will find a nesting area to lay her eggs. The female looks for a place to bore into soft wood using her sharp teeth to create a chamber to lay her eggs as her life cycle comes to an end. You’ll see the new bees emerging in late summer to feed before crawling back into the holes as temperatures drop. 

These bees prefer to excavate their nests into soft, unpainted woods like pine, cedar, redwood, and cyprus. Treated lumber and hardwoods are much tougher to bore through, so bees tend to avoid them. They typically dig in for about an inch and then turn to follow the wood grain for another six inches or so. On houses, the area behind a facia board is a favorite spot for the bees because this area of the home offers a safe, dry haven. 

In the process of boring holes, the bees leave sawdust outside the hole (what we call “frass”) as well as fan-shaped staining secretions. If you see these signs of a carpenter bee infestation along with perfectly round holes about a half-inch in diameter that look like a vandal took a drill to your home. These insects can’t cause nearly the level of damage of termites, but they can certainly weaken wood and cause structural damage. Also, the holes can speed the rotting of the wood through water damage, and carpenter bee staining is visually unappealing. 

I treated all burrows with a residual foam. We use either a liquid or dust depending on the particular area infested. Either application is highly effective. The homeowner was not surprised the bees had returned to the same spot, and she thanked me for coming out and taking care of the problem for another year. After this treatment, carpenter bees won’t be bothering her or her family for quite awhile.

Carpenter Bees stain home in Oceanport - Photo 1