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Before and After Pictures from Highlands
Wildlife rip screen to gain access into home in Highlands

Wildlife rip screen to gain access into home in Highlands

Before After
Wildlife rip screen to gain access into home in Highlands Wildlife rip screen to gain access into home in Highlands

This homeowner in Highlands had wildlife gaining entry into his attic through a gable vent. The wire mesh screen covering the gable vents was damaged, most likely from the animals themselves. With the screen breached, they were able to gain access into the attic.

Homes are equipped with attic vents to provide efficient ventilation. They allow heat and humidity to escape from the attic in the summer and moist air in the winter. You’ll find vents on the underside of your soffits and on the home’s gables, which are the triangular portion of the outside wall of a house that comes to a peak between the edges of the intersecting roof pitches. Homes with a simple gable roof (two roof sections sloping in opposite directions that meet at the roof ridge), typically have gable vents at the two ends of the house, and sometimes over the garage. Homes with more ornate roof structures with multiple gables usually have multiple gable vents. While these vents are necessary for efficient attic ventilation, they often wind up being the “weakest link” in the roof structure for wildlife to gain access. Time and time again, our wildlife technicians have had to deal with infestations with wildlife that used a gable vent as their personal welcome mat to enter the attic. Once inside, wildlife can cause significant property damage. They can ruin expensive insulation and chew through wires, creating a fire hazard, and their droppings are a serious health hazard.

Two members of Cowleys home construction crew were sent in to do the exclusion work and make sure that, going forward, wildlife would be blocked from trying to re-enter the attic through this vent. We carefully removed the damaged screen and installed a new one.

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Case Studies From Highlands
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Job Stories From Highlands, NJ
Snakes cause scare in Highlands

A customer in Highlands contacted Cowleys nuisance wildlife after finding a few uninvited snakes slithering around in her garage.  There are twenty-two known species of snakes in New Jersey. Fortunately, most stay far away from human habitats and naturally avoid people. Generally, you have to venture deep into forests or or rural areas, often near bodies of water, to come across these fear-inducing reptiles. 

However, a few species, like the garter snake, can show up virtually anywhere.  If a homeowner encounters a snake, there is a good chance that it’s a garter snake. These snakes are attracted to the many hiding spots in and around homes. You’ll find them under the siding of a home or in our “cavelike” basements and crawl spaces.  Sometimes, homeowners catch these snakes “sunbathing” out in the open on driveways. These cold-blooded reptiles seek out comfy places like warm pavement to absorb heat and sunlight. 

As happened with this Highlands homeowner, you may find snakes in that continuation of your driveway — your garage. Garages are a great place for snakes to hide from the outdoor elements and other predators and garage doors often provide easy access since they often do not seal shut, leaving a small gap in the bottom for snakes to come and go as they please. Snakes are not like raccoons, rodents, and other animals that can dig and claw their way into your home.  If there is a snake in your house, shed, or garage, there is some opening somewhere allowing access.  

We caught the snakes using large sticky traps placed near garage entry points. The ultra-sticky glue holds snakes firmly until released with cooking oil. All New Jersey snakes are protected under the NJ Endangered and Nongame Species Conservation Act. It is illegal for anyone to kill or collect our native snake species. If there is a snake on your property, it legally must be trapped and relocated. If you have a home that has ongoing issues with snakes, make sure all cracks and crevices in the house and outbuilding foundations are sealed.  Also, backyard sheds and other structures elevated off the ground should have a snake barrier installed around the base.

Even though there are no venomous snakes in this area, all snakes can deliver painful bites. If you are not experienced with snakes, trying to catch them on your own is asking for trouble. A common DIY mistake is directly handling a snake by trying to pick it up and shove it in a try to pick it up a pillowcase. This is asking a trouble, and you may very well wind up taking an expensive trip to the hospital.  The safest course of action when it comes to snake in or around your home is to contact a wildlife control technician who is experienced with snake removal.

Snakes cause scare in Highlands - Photo 1
Work Requests From Highlands, NJ
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
I have birds in the ducts in the attic; they accessed from the outside vent. The vent is between 28 - 25 feet up on the elevated house. Do you handle this?
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
HI - i recently moved into a townhome (2 weeks ago) and since we've moved in we have seen and killed 20-30 jumping bugs on the ground floor of our home. We don't leave any doors or windows open, so have no idea how they are getting in but they are pretty large and creepy so would like to figure out the source of the problem and take care of it as soon as possible. On average, I am finding 2-5 per day. Luckily i haven't seen any on the 2nd or 3rd floor yet so it seems to be mostly contained to the ground floor. The townhome was just built in 2017 so it is relatively new and there is no structural damage that i can see from the exterior of the home and our inspection report came back clean when we made the purchase. I would like to schedule a consultation to see if we can identity and rectify the problem. Thank you
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
We believe there are birds nesting or building a nest in our bathroom vents. Need removal and vent cover installation. House is lifted and vents are on second and third floors.
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
Woodpecker drumming at various locations at our roof edge. Just started about two weeks ago
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
Birds sit on gutters and make a mess on my deck.
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
100 year old home had termite damage in the past , need quote to repair floor beam in crawlspace
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
I see signs of some type of bug on my basement sill plate. It is leaving a sandy residual on the sill on basement floor and I believe I have sample on the bug.
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
Birds nests in porch. Need removal and future prevention.
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
My apartment is infested with gnats
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
I need analysis and potential treatment for carpenter bees, along with a warranty and assignability when the home is sold.
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
Carpenter Bees in detached garage.
Project Location: Highlands, NJ
I would like an estimate on raccoon removal. Thank you