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Before and After Pictures from Edison
Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ

Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ

Before After
Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ

I was recently sent to a home in Edison, NJ for a Cowleys home protection plan (HPP) scheduled service. The homeowner had issues with rodents around the home and I found out why she was concerned.

In my inspection, I found an exterior rodent bait station by the shed that was completely depleted from the last service. The interior rodent bait stations in the garage and crawl space were also empty.

After completing the service around the home I rebaited all the existing bait stations. I then performed a thorough inspection around the house to determine how the rodents were entering the structure. I found a sizable gap around the piping where the gas line was passing through the foundation. To close up this access point, I used a copper mesh material which does not rust or disintegrate like steel wool. 

Since this customer's rodent pressure was so high. I added an additional large rodent bait station (LP) to the exterior of the home.

Attic Insulation Installed in Edison, NJ attic

Attic Insulation Installed in Edison, NJ attic

Before After
Attic Insulation Installed in Edison, NJ attic Attic Insulation Installed in Edison, NJ attic

These homeowners in Edison, NJ had with a squirrel infestation in their attic. A team from our nuisance wildlife division handled the trapping and relocating of the trespassing critters, and also sealed up their entry point. However, as often happens, the nesting wildlife made a mess of the attic. There were toxic droppings all about. When these droppings dry out or are otherwise disturbed, particles can become airborne and circulate throughout the home. If breathed in, these microscopic spores can trigger serious respiratory diseases. In addition, as often happens, the sponge-like attic insulation becomes contaminated from animal waste.

A two-man crew from Cowleys contractor division was called in to deal with the aftermath. As part of the clean-up, we carefully removed the contaminated insulation, used a powerful HEPA-vacuum to clean up the droppings left behind, and finally sanitized and deodorized the entire attic. After a wildlife infestation, it is essential to remove all signs and indications that there was once wildlife activity in the attic. Otherwise, the attic can become an attractant for insects and other wildlife that pick up on the lingering smells, and if you’ve ever dealt with one of these infestations, those smells are pungent!  Also, an attic must be properly cleaned after a wildlife infestation to ensure the health of the home’s occupants.

Finally, after everything was cleaned up, we installed approximately 10” of our blown-in TAP insulation. TAP stands for Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control, which are the three key components that make this insulation such a great homeowner investment. This product offers superior thermal and acoustical (sound-deadening) properties. The ten inches of TAP that we installed for this homeowner translates into a 40 R-value, more than enough thermal resistance (insulating power) to deal with the temperature extremes that come with living in New Jersey. Because a higher R-value increases the efficiency of the HVAC system, these homeowners will save on their cooling and heating bills. This insulation offers a pest control component, a benefit not available with most other insulation products. Its paper fibers are treated with a borate solution that is harmless to people, pets, and other animals, but lethal to many insects including ants, beetles, and termites. 

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Pest Elimination Professionals in Edison, NJ

Edison is part of Middlesex County and is located in central New Jersey. Edison is known for being the birthplace of inventor Thomas Edison, in which the town is named after him.

Ticks, stink bugs, bed bugs, termites, these are just a few of the pests that can be a potential burden to your home and your livelihood.  At Cowleys Pest Services, we specialize in the removal of these pests. 

Our team of professionals is trained to notice the signs of certain pest infiltrations and eliminate them at the source.  Our company offers services in the removal of spiders, beetles, rodents, ants, bees & wasps among other nuances.

At Cowleys Pest Services, we have been serving the Edison area for over two decades.  We know how annoying pests can be and we know that sometimes you can’t solve your problem by yourself.  At Cowleys Pest Services, our professionals’ are annually trained in the most recent methods of pest removal, and they know exactly how to remove and eliminate the pests in your home. 

We are here to help, if it crawls, flies, hops, slithers or any combination of the two and is in your home, don’t hesitate to call Cowleys Pest Services today for us to come out and take care of it. 

Pests We Remove in Edison:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Birds
  • Beetles
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Stink Bugs

We Provide Attic Insulation Services in Edison

Whether your home feels uncomfortable, your energy bills are higher than they should be, or an inspector told you that you need more attic insulation, Cowleys Pest Services can help. We offer complete attic insulation and air sealing services in Edison. We specialize in cellulose insulation and duct insulation solutions.

Start your FREE estimate in Edison - contact Cowleys Pest Services today!

Case Studies From Edison
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Recently, a homeowner in Edison, NJ, found himself with both a wildlife and rodent infestation in his attic. A raccoon had managed to gain entry into...
I was dispatched to a home in Edison, NJ, to help a homeowner resolve a severe cockroach infestation. This was a German roach infestation, the most...
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Wasp Nest Treated in Edison, NJ

I was recently sent to a home in Edison, NJ, to help a homeowner with a yellow jacket infestation in his back yard. These are highly aggressive, territorial wasps. With their yellow and black or white and black striping, these feared stinging insects are readily identifiable with their distinctive warning coloration. A single yellow jacket can sting repeatedly. Multiply that with a swarm of yellow jackets on the attack, and it’s a dangerous situation, especially those allergic to their venom. A mature yellow jacket colony can contain a thousand or more workers. Yellow jackets are scavengers that eat a wide variety of foods besides just flower nectar. They seek out foods loaded with sugar like sodas as well as meats, fish, and almost all of the food debris you’ll find in garbage. It’s no surprise they thrive around people and are attracted to outdoor events where food is served. 

This homeowner had an underground nest in his backyard, which is quite common for these insects. Although some yellow jackets build aerial nest, many types of yellow jackets found in New Jersey are ground-nesters, and will build their nests in soil cavities, tree stumps, rodent burrows, and other natural openings as nest sites, enlarging the cavity as the colony develops. If you see flying insects shooting out of a hole in the ground, it’s a good chance they are yellow jackets. Typically, we find that the ground-dwelling yellow jackets are even more aggressive than those that build nests above-ground.Their paper nests are completely surrounded by a paper envelope, so you’ll usually see a paper “hood” over the underground nest. 

When removing a yellow jacket nest, I take all the precautions to avoid being stung and put on a protective suit. Even wearing a suit, I’ve been stung, and it’s one of the most painful insect stings out there. I used a backpack sprayer with pressure to soak a liquid treatment below ground to reach the nest. The objective is to kill the colony before the yellow jackets have a chance to respond to protect their nest.  

During the summer, it is important to check your yard for holes and possible yellow jacket nests, especially if you have curious kids or pets that find backyard holes irresistible to explore. Yellow jacket stings are quite common because these nests are hidden unlike the aerial ones. Just mowing the lawn can set off a swarm. Also, since the nest is underground, there is no way to gauge the size of the colony. 

Wasp Nest Treated in Edison, NJ - Photo 1
Wasps annoy and threaten community property residents.

One of our many communities I provide service to had a homeowner who was seeing wasps in her kitchen and bathroom. Once I arrived at the community in Edison I found the entry point behind the gutter. I showed the homeowner where the wasps were entering and told her once the dust application was done she should expect the wasps to be gone in a few days.

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Project Location: Edison, NJ
Beehive on second floor under roof
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Bold face hornets nest in front scrubs.
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Replace attic insulation
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We have several groundhogs living under our deck deck
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I have in my backyard a wasp nest under a Zapp lamo than i need to get remove
Project Location: Edison, NJ
New nre hive removal
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Need foam insulation in attic area
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Bees in gas fireplace
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Yellow Jackets nest found
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Exterminate rats from home.
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Carpenter Ants around house
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Project Location: Edison, NJ
We have a family of 3-4 foxes living underneath our deck. Seems that the mother fox has just given birth to 3 pups. Looking for a quote to have them safely removed.
Project Location: Edison, NJ
I see a lot of bees near top of my chimney and near attic, there might be an hive and wanted to check and remove it
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Squrrel in attic
Project Location: Edison, NJ
There is a fox family living in my yard.
Project Location: Edison, NJ
Groumd hog
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