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Arrived on time, quick service and answered any questions. Excellent service by technician Dave.
Testimonial by Ed C. from Barnegat Light, NJ
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Before and After Pictures from Barnegat Light
Raccoons Break Into Home Through the Gable Vent in Barnegat Light, NJ

Raccoons Break Into Home Through the Gable Vent in Barnegat Light, NJ

Before After
Raccoons Break Into Home Through the Gable Vent in Barnegat Light, NJ Raccoons Break Into Home Through the Gable Vent in Barnegat Light, NJ

An raccoon decided that the attic of this home Barnegat Light, NJ was a great spot to reside in, so it ripped apart the gable vent and made it's way inside! The homeowner wasn't exactly to fond of this idea and called Little Rascals for help. Nuisance wildlife infesting a home via the gable vents is very common. Over time, the gable vents get weathered and raccoons, squirrels, birds, and bats have no problem ripping away these vents to find shelter inside a home.

To safely remove the raccoon, we installed a one-way over the gable vent, temporarily enclosed the area with hardware cloth, and set-up several baited devices nearby. A one-way is a device that allows raccoons to safely leave an area, but prevent them from getting back in. A short while later, we successfully retrieved the raccoon and relocated the it to a new, humane location. Afterward, we disinfected the attic area, removed the broken gable vent and replaced it with a louvered vent guard. This material is made out of heavy-duty Galvannealed steel (which means it won't rust) and is customized to accommodate vents of all shapes and sizes. Now the home is properly protected from not just raccoons, but all nuisance wildlife and pests!

Huge hornets nest in Barnegat Light, NJ

Huge hornets nest in Barnegat Light, NJ

Before After
Huge hornets nest in Barnegat Light, NJ Huge hornets nest in Barnegat Light, NJ

I was sent out by Cowleys to an apartment complex in Barnegat Light to remove an active hornets nest. The insects built their nest in a tree that was close to one of the buildings in the complex. Normally, a hornets nest does not pose a threat to people as long as the nest is not disturbed or approached. Unfortunately, every so often, these pests decide to build their nest in locations where people may inadvertently come too close to the nest. If they feel that their nest and territory is being threatened, a multiple stinging insect attack can easily result. This particular nest was built in a sensitive location. It was about five feet from the sidewalk entering the building and about seven feet off the ground. It was clearly a threat to any of the tenants forced to walk by the nest in order to enter and exit the building. It was an unacceptable situation, and I arrived to correct it.

To deal with this hornet problem, I first incapacitated the hornets that were inside the nest by treating it with a quick knock-down product. Once most of the hornets inside the nest were either dead or dying, I carefully cut the branch holding the nest out of the tree. Whenever you are doing a nest extraction, it is important to be mindful of any foraging hornets returning to the nest. They don’t take too kindly to seeing their nest being removed!

Once the nest and the supporting branch were separated from the tree, I
cut off excessive foliage to remove the treated nest, which I then bagged so that I could remove it from the property. The returning foraging hornets will swarm around the nest site for awhile, but they’ll soon move on when they realize that their nest is no more and there is not even any residue of the old nest to build on. 

Territorial stinging insects like wasps and hornets mean trouble when they decide to build a nest too close to a home or commercial structure. In these cases, the nest needs to be removed by a pest control professional, preferably before there is a serious wasp attack on an innocent person who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.




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One way that pests can make their way into your home is through your crawl space. An unsealed crawl space also lets in moisture, leading to structural damage and mold and mildew growth. Structural damage results in uneven interior floors, which can become hazardous if not resolved. Mold and mildew growth can lead to increased asthma and allergy symptoms for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, Cowleys Pest Services offers a complete crawl space encapsulation system to keep your crawl space and the rest of your home dry, safe, structurally sound, and healthy.

Our crawl space encapsulation products:

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  • Sump pumps
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For nuisance wildlife technicians, “Pac-man” isn’t just a video game that we used to play in our youth. It’s something we...
Now that the cold weather is here, mice will be looking for someplace warm to take shelter in and your home, especially your attic, is the perfect...
Job Stories From Barnegat Light, NJ
Old & Broken Crawl Space Door Causes Issue in the Crawl Space in Barnegat Light, NJ

This customer in Barnegat Light, NJ noticed that there was a lot of moisture in his crawl space, so after seeing us encapsulate his neighbors crawl space, he called our Crawl Space Division for help. Once we arrived and inspected the area, we determined that the majority of the moisture coming into the crawl space was due to the broken crawl space door. Controlling what goes on in your crawl space begins with the crawl space door. Too often, a crawl space door is simply cut from a piece of plywood and secured loosely over the crawl space opening with hinges or screws. Unfortunately, this treatment allows insect and rodent pests to enter the crawl space, along with cold winter air that can make your floors frigid. To make matters worse, wood will crack, warp and deteriorate over time, requiring repainting or even replacement.

First, we removed all the contaminated insulation from the crawl space, disposed of it, wiped down all the joists, and installed ComfortTherm® insulation. ComfortTherm® insulation provides excellent temperature and noise control, and comes with a vapor-retarder for use in hot, humid climates. Next, we leveled the ground for proper draining and installed drainage matting, which is a dimpled plastic mat that allows all excess moisture to work its way over to the sump pump. Afterward, we installed a vapor barrier.

A vapor barrier is a heavy-duty, 20-mil 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with a polyester-cord reinforcement. The vapor barrier is extremely durable and is treated with an antimicrobial to prevent mold. Afterward, we installed SilverGlo™ on the walls of the crawl space, which is a waterproof foam insulation that seals the walls from outside moisture and humidity. Next, we installed a Sani-Dry Sedona commercial-grade dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in the crawl space. The Sedona directs the extracted water pulled out of the air directly into the sump pump and will control the humidity levels in the crawl space.

Lastly, we removed the old crawl space door and installed an EverLast™ crawl space door. EverLast™ crawl space doors are made from ½-in.-thick PVC plastic that is just about indestructible. EverLast™ doors will never warp, crack, shrink or require maintenance or painting. An air and water seal is certain, thanks to the heavy-duty weatherstripping that comes with each EverLast™ door. 

Old & Broken Crawl Space Door Causes Issue in the Crawl Space in Barnegat Light, NJ - Photo 1
Mice Getting in Through an Exposed Utility Pipe Barnegat Light, NJ

A new Home Protection Plan customer in Barnegat Light, NJ found some rodent droppings in his crawl space and was worried that he may have mice in his home! So he called Cowleys for help and we were sent out. 

As we inspected the crawl space, we confirmed the owners suspicion that they were indeed mice in his home! Fortunately, we found the access point within minutes! There was a gap around a utility pipe on the outside of the property that the mice were using to infest the home. Many homeowners forget to seal any gaps around the external utility lines, so mice (who only need an opening the width of a pencil) use them to infest a home!

First, we carefully cleaned up all the droppings and set up several rodent bait stations in the crawl space and along the outside of the home. Next, we stuffed the opening around the utility pipe with chew-proof metal mesh and then sealed it (as well as any other gaps we found) with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Lastly, we scheduled several follow up inspections, to monitor the activity as well as replenish the bait stations until the mice are no longer infesting the home. 

Mice Getting in Through an Exposed Utility Pipe Barnegat Light, NJ - Photo 1
Paper wasps around pool in Barnegat Light, NJ

Recently, a homeowner in Barnegat Light, NJ contacted us because of wasp activity around their swimming pool. During late summer, stinging insects are at a peak and we receive many calls for mature nests that have formed in all the wrong places. Upon inspection of the pool area, I could not initially locate any nests. I banged on the railing surrounding the pool, seeing if that would jar any activity. Sure enough, some yellow jackets started coming up from an opening in the brick paver around the pool. Unlike paper wasps and other stinging insects, yellow jackets often build underground nests in cavities, so they stay hidden until disturbed. 

I treated the nest with an effective dust that gets distributed to all of the members of the colony. It works quite quickly and waited a few minutes to knock down the wasp population. Once the activity stopped, I cleaned up the area. Now, this family can enjoy their pool for the remaining weeks of summer!

Paper wasps around pool in Barnegat Light, NJ - Photo 1
Pigeons Find Great Hiding Place in Solar Panels - Bird Deterrents in Barnegat Light, NJ Home

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. Harnessing the energy of the sun saves on utility bills and is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly. However, at Cowleys, we do come across one problem with solar panels installed on the roof. For whatever reason, solar panels are often a magnet for nuisance birds, especially pigeons. They just love to nest underneath them where they can stay hidden and protected from predator birds like hawks and ospreys. 

With their prodigious (not to mention toxic and acidic) droppings, pigeons can make a mess of your roof and the surrounding area of your home. Droppings landing on occupants trying to enter and leave the home are not unread of. Also, if you’ve ever been around a flock of pigeons, they make constant sounds. The males make calls to attract mates and defend their territories and they also make calls of alarm when they feel their territory is being threatened. I have yet to meet a homeowner who enjoys having pigeons nesting and roosting on their roof. Without exception, homeowners want these “rats with wings,” as their often called, gone!! 

Cowleys has a specialized division, Bird Solutions by Cowleys, devoted to the installation of a variety of bird deterrent devices for residences and commercial properties of all sizes. With this home in Barnegat Light, NJ, we excluded the birds by installing a solar panel exclusion system. This effective deterrent will keep pigeons and other birds away from the solar panels without harming them. The objective with bird control is to modify the birds’ behavior by making your property inhospitable for them. If your property is made difficult for birds to land on or there are strategically placed visual deterrents that scare the birds away, it will not take long for the birds to “pick up their bags” and move elsewhere. 

Pigeons Find Great Hiding Place in Solar Panels - Bird Deterrents in Barnegat Light, NJ Home - Photo 1