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Before and After Pictures from Adelphia
Mice find easy entry into Howell home

Mice find easy entry into Howell home

Before After
Mice find easy entry into Howell home Mice find easy entry into Howell home

I was sent to a home in Howell that was having a problem with overwintering mice. As temperatures drop, mice will start entering our homes seeking food and shelter. Upon arrival, the first thing we do is speak with the homeowner to find out where there has been rodent activity. Since mice are nocturnal and tend to do their foraging in the dead of night, usually homeowners will see signs of activity before spotting live mouse activity. Common signs of mouse trouble are finding mouse droppings, nesting materials, or stored food. A homeowner may also find mouse tracks in dusty places and oily rub marks along the walls. Sometimes, it’s the smell that let’s a homeowner know that there is a problem. We are often called in after a homeowner smells urine or a dead rotting mouse carcass behind the dryer or refrigerator

We want to know where there has been signs of mouse activity to help us focus on our inspection. Mice can find access points into a home in numerous places, but once inside, the small sneaky critters will usually make their way to the kitchen because they are looking for food and that’s where the “motherload” of food is located. Mice are especially attracted to pet foods that are left out in the open and easy-to-infiltrate cardboard cereal containers.  

An important part of my inspection when dealing with mice is looking for points of entry. It’s a challenge. Mice are even smaller than you think they are because of their fur. So, unlike some of the larger wildlife like squirrels and raccoons, the entry points are not as obvious, and a hole about the diameter of a dime is enough for them to squeeze in. Common points of entry include holes around pipe chases, electrical conduits, gaps under siding, overhead garage doors, and Bilco basement doors. Overhead doors often don’t shut all the way to the ground, and if weatherstripping is missing or damaged, it’s an open invitation. Likewise, Bilco doors often have uneven gaps between the steel door and the frame that are large enough for small rodent access. 

After determining the points of entry, I’ll seal any small holes with copper mesh and caulking. Larger openings require some construction work, and Cowleys has a home construction crew able to repair those gaps and cracks that need more than a sturdy “plug.”  

After closing the points of entry, I’ll take care of the infestation by baiting the areas of activity.

Frustrated Homeowner in Howell, NJ Finally gets Commercial Dehumidifier

Frustrated Homeowner in Howell, NJ Finally gets Commercial Dehumidifier

Before After
Frustrated Homeowner in Howell, NJ Finally gets Commercial Dehumidifier Frustrated Homeowner in Howell, NJ Finally gets Commercial Dehumidifier

This homeowner in Howell, NJ had burnt out THREE store bought dehumidifiers. Finally, he said that enough was enough, and he contacted Cowleys to install a commercial-grade SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that we set-up to drain directly into the sump pump. This fully automatic dehumidifier, which is specifically designed to work in crawl spaces and basements, is maintenance-free with no water pan to empty or worry about overflowing.

Proper dehumidification is essential to prevent mold growth in damp, dark basements and crawl spaces. Mold will thrive if the moisture content in the air is too high. You need a leaky pipe, a flood, or some other major water intrusion for mold to form. High indoor humidity is plenty to trigger dangerous mold growth.

This particular dehumidifier, with the capacity to remove 100 pints per day of water out of the air and moves over 300 cubic feet per minute of dry air around your crawl space or basemen will keep your basement or crawl space below 55% relative humidity. With low humidity levels, mold can’t grow and, as an added benefit, dust mites will die off. We avoid thinking about these distasteful things, but dust mite fecal matter is the primary cause of indoor allergies. 

By producing clean, dry, and healthy air this dehumidifier improves a home’s indoor air quality, prevents mold growth, and reduces those stinky musty smells that often develop in damp areas of the home. 


Everlast Door Keeps Wildlife Out of Howell, NJ Crawl Space

Everlast Door Keeps Wildlife Out of Howell, NJ Crawl Space

Before After
Everlast Door Keeps Wildlife Out of Howell, NJ Crawl Space Everlast Door Keeps Wildlife Out of Howell, NJ Crawl Space

Homeowners in Howell, NJ, were having ongoing issues with feral cats and raccoons gaining entry to their crawl space. They contacted Cowleys for a solution knowing that we had a specialized crawl space repair and improvement division that handles all types of crawl space issues from sump pump installations to full crawl space encapsulation. A two-person team was sent out to assess the problem and find the best solution. We had the perfect solution: installing a customized Everlast door. With this installation, the homeowner had a crawl space door that would address his immediate concern by sealing his crawl space from rodents and wildlife. Also, these doors stand up to the worst weather conditions, blocking water and moisture from entering the crawl space where it can cause mold and other problems. 

These Everlast covers are specifically made for crawl spaces and can be installed against wood framing or masonry. They work exceptionally well, and have great aesthetics, blending in perfectly with the home’s foundation. Made of a hard durable plastic, Everlast doors truly live up to their name. They stand up to the worst weather, and unlike wooden or metal doors, they don’t rot, warp, crack, or rust, are maintenance-free, and never need to be painted. Also, even though these covers form a tight seal over the crawl space access, they are super-easy to open. Just twist a few easy-to-grip knobs, and the door comes right off. 

The homeowners were quite pleased that we were able to offer them a quick, cost-effective, permanent solution to their crawl space wildlife issues.

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Case Studies From Adelphia
Recently, I went on a service call to a home in Howell, NJ. The homeowner contacted us because she believed that she had mice in her basement, but...
Recently, I was sent to a home in Howell, NJ to resolve a mouse infestation. Mice, as they often do, found an entry point into the home’s...
Recently, I was dispatched to a residence located in a homeowner’s association in Holmdel, NJ, that was serviced by Cowleys. The unit...
Job Stories From Adelphia, NJ
Squirrels infest Adelphia, NJ home

Another day, another squirrel infestation to be handled by Cowleys! This time the unlucky homeowner was in Adelphia, NJ. Squirrels had entered through the rooftop over the garage. When dealing with nuisance wildlife, it is important to ensure the animals are out of the home before sealing up the entry points. Here, we set up a “one way” over the entry point. These devices are hinged such that they allow the animal to exit, but it’s a one-way trip. Once outside, they are unable to return. Once we are ensured that the animals are out of the garage attic, we will repair the roof opening and permanently block their access.

Squirrels infest Adelphia, NJ home - Photo 1Squirrels infest Adelphia, NJ home - Photo 2
Flying squirrels land in Adelphia, NJ

Southern flying squirrels are a relatively common infestation faced by homeowners, and we deal with them on a regular basis. They commonly nest in attics, especially during the winter when temperatures drop just like other overwintering wildlife. Flying squirrels are nocturnal and have large, dark bead-like eyes (see photo) that enable them to see quite well in darkness. Flying squirrels do not actually fly. In fact, the only true flying mammals are bats. Flying squirrels have a flap of skin that extends the length of their body on both sides that allows them to glide in the air for short distances. They do not have wings that flap and allows them to stay airborne. Flying squirrels also have a flat tail (see photo) that the use as a rudder for incredibly accurate midair control. They can literally turn 180 degrees in the blink of an eye.  

Squirrels, including flying squirrels, are in the rodent family, and like mice, rats, and other rodents that have front incisors that grow continuously throughout their entire lives and must chew and gnaw to keep their teeth at a reasonable length. Outdoors, they commonly nest in oaks and other tall trees. However they are sensitive to the cold and will seek out warm dry shelters when temperatures drop. Our warm, cozy, private attics are ideal for them. Also, like most rodents, they are social animals that live and nest in groups, so if you have a flying squirrel infestation, there is a high likelihood there is more than just one.

Once it is determined that there is an infestation, it is an intricate and detailed process to remove them and prevent them from returning. These squirrels are much, much smaller than the Eastern Grey squirrel, and every void or breach larger than the diameter of a quarter must be identified and sealed. 

For this infestation in Adelphia, NJ, we will install a one-way device over their main access point, which allows them to exit the home, but prevents their return. In addition, traps need to be set on the roof, and securing them properly is a skill acquired through experience. These squirrels are capable of causing ext extensive property damage with their chewing (including electrical wiring) and their droppings are a serious health hazard. 

Flying squirrels land in Adelphia, NJ - Photo 1Flying squirrels land in Adelphia, NJ - Photo 2Flying squirrels land in Adelphia, NJ - Photo 3Flying squirrels land in Adelphia, NJ - Photo 4
Mice make mess in commercial kitchen - Mice control and removal services in Adelphia

A restaurant in Adelphia contacted Cowleys after its staff had observed mice scurrying about. Needless to say, any pest infestation in a restaurant or other food service facility, whether insect or rodent, presents potential health issues and is a major cause of concern for any restaurant owner. Pest infestations in restaurants must be deal with quickly and decisively.

Detecting  a mouse infestation can be a challenge because of their small size and nocturnal behavior. However,  mice and other rodents are messy trespassers that and often leave telltale signs of their presence. During my inspection, I will look for their distinctive tracks, gnaw marks, droppings, and rub marks, those dark smudges against walls or objects left by the the oils in their fur. With a little detective work, a good pest control technician can find the nesting locations of rodents.  Sure enough, I located a mouse nest in a corner of the kitchen under a sink adjacent to their dishwasher. Following the droppings, I also determined that the mice were entering their nesting area from a a gap behind the tiles.

Mice are resourceful creatures that scavenge for a variety of nesting materials. This particular nest, believe it or not, was made up primarily of expanding foam — the stuff used to plug holes, gaps, and cracks. The restaurant owner had attempted to seal a hole in a half wall next to the dishwasher with expanding foam. However, when doing so, he inadvertently pushed out some other loose tile. Expanding foam may be an easy quick fix, but for pest exclusion it does virtually nothing as a barrier to keep out mice and other rodents. Rodents will not only chew and claw their way through this foam like it was butter, but they’ll steal the material and use it to build their nests.

I placed some tracking powder into the wall voids to deal with any rodents passing through the burrow. I’m confident that this treatment will quickly resolve the infestation. However, I informed the owner that, while expanding foam is a good temporary fix, the holes and gaps need to be sealed permanently with solid building materials. 

Mice make mess in commercial kitchen - Mice control and removal services in Adelphia - Photo 1