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Before and After Pictures from Tennent
Tight attic space with no access needs insulation in Tennent

Tight attic space with no access needs insulation in Tennent

Before After
Tight attic space with no access needs insulation in Tennent Tight attic space with no access needs insulation in Tennent

For the Cowleys installation crew, this particular TAP insulation job for a homeowner in Tennent was one of our more was interesting and challenging assignments. This homeowner wanted improve the level of his home’s insulation in order to make his home more energy efficient and reduce his heating and cooling bills. He contacted Cowleys in order to install a layer of our blown-in environmentally friendly cellulose TAP insulation on top of his existing insulation. Our insulation not only has excellent thermal and acoustical properties, but also has pest control properties because its fibers are treated with borates. Borates, while no more toxic than ordinary table salt, is deadly to insects. 

What made this job so particular challenging? This attic was not your everyday attic. First, as far as its dimensions, this attic resembled a crawl space. You could not stand in it, and even hunching over was a challenge. The only way to  maneuver your way, once inside, was crawling on your hands and knees, and even that was a challenge. Second we were faced with a logistics issue: how could we even reach the attic. There was no attic access whatsoever from inside the home — no pull-down attic ladder, absolutely nothing. 

At Cowleys, we sometimes come across jobs that require out-of-the-box thinking, and our philosophy is that where there’s a will, there’s a way. We initially thought about making our own access by cutting out our pieces of the ceiling, and then patch up the holes afterwards. However, we were concerned about the  collateral repair work and the added cost to the homeowner.

We talked to the homeowner about the challenging attic access issue. He told us that he was in the process of getting their roof replaced. We couldn’t believe it — talk about serendipity! This roof job could not have been done at a better time. The homeowner put us in touch with the roofing company, and we coordinated our installation at the same time that they were going to tear off the old roof. After the roofing company removed the old roof shingles, we cut access holes into the roof. 

Now that we had our entry points, we still had the problem of an attic with exceptionally small dimensions in which to maneuver. This was not a job for the claustrophobic. The stars were aligned with us. Cowleys has a fearless installation technician, Joe Figuero, who resembles a featherweight boxing champion — he’s agile, flexible, and even though small in stature, is as strong as a bull. Joe successfully maneuvered his way through this cramped attic space with the cellulose blower hose to install the insulation in every nook and cranny. 

The homeowner was pleased that he could have the installation installed without causing any damage to the interior to his home. This was a satisfying job for the Cowleys installation crew, and is definitely one that we’ll remember!

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Job Stories From Tennent, NJ
Bed bugs control in Tennent, NJ home

Despite their name, bed bugs aren’t always found in beds. Bed bugs are a type of external parasite that live exclusively off blood. Because these bugs have a strong preference for human blood, they have always been a problem for us. Bed bugs come out of hiding for their blood meal while we are still, either at rest or fast asleep. This way, they can take their sweet time finding a good place to draw blood and feed. Although bed bugs commonly infest bedrooms in and around the bedding, they can also spread elsewhere throughout a home.

Recently, a two-person team of bed bug specialists was sent to an apartment unit in Tennent, NJ to deal with a possible infestation. Apartment buildings and other high density living arrangements are more prone to bed bug infestations, but that’s not to say that these pests can’t find their way into homes as well. Bed bugs are unknowingly carried into residences. They don’t get there on their own. They latch onto people or their belongings and enter as stowaways. 

Bed bugs, when not feeding, are masters of stealth. They look for the smallest gaps, cracks, and crevices or underneath furniture to hide when not feeding. It is rare to find a bed bug out in the open in plain view. Because of their behavior, an inspection to find their harborage areas must be thorough and systematic. During the inspection we found bed bugs hiding in the couch, nesting in its tight cracks and crevices. Fortunately, the bed bugs were limited to this one piece of furniture.

We started by vacuuming the couch, being careful to not accidentally flick off and bugs or their eggs. We then treated the couch as well as the surrounding baseboards. We also noticed an electrical outlet on the wall behind the couch. These bugs will sometimes crawl into the plug holes and hide behind the outlet place! Whenever we see outlets near an infestations, we always remove the outlet cover to inspect for possible bed bugs. Here, there happened to not be any. However, out of an abundance of caution, we treated the outlet area in the wall with a dust that will kill any bugs that come into contact with it. 

Fortunately, this was a limited bed bug infestation that was caught and treated early before it had a chance to spread We scheduled a two-week follow-up to re-inspect and apply additional treatments as necessary.


Bed bugs control in Tennent, NJ home - Photo 1Bed bugs control in Tennent, NJ home - Photo 2
Ants find easy way into Tennent home

Recently, I was called to service a home in Tennent, NJ to resolve an ant infestation. During my exterior inspection, I found exactly what I was looking for — an ant trail on the foundation. Ants use highly visible scent-marked trails in search of food and water. These ants were traveling from the foundation war under the siding to find their way into the home.

I started my treatment by setting a residual application to the foundation, under the siding, and around the doors and windows. We use residual applications so the ants carry the product back to the colony. Ants are social insects that can only survive in colonies, living like one giant organism. To get rid of an ant infestation you must kill the colony and the queens, not the isolated foraging ants. Foraging ants are expendable. There are always hundreds, if not thousands, more where they came from. Next, I applied a residual pyrethrin dust behind the siding and into the open pipelines and cable/power lines going into the home. Finally, I completed the exterior servicing by spreading a granular ant bait around perimeter of the home. 

The customer was pleased with the thoroughness of my treatment. I’m confident that, once the foraging ants come into contact with these applications and spread them to the colony, the remaining days of the queens and everyone else in the colony are numbered. Finally, before leaving, I set up a two-week follow-up where I’ll reinspect and assess the effectiveness of the treatment. If necessary, I’ll re-treat certain areas to make sure that this ant infestation is permanently resolved.

Ants find easy way into Tennent home - Photo 1