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Cowleys Selected as The Best of 2020 Farmingdale Award for Pest Control
We are ecstatic to announce that Cowleys has been voted and awarded the Best of 2020 Farmingdale Award for Pest... [Read more]
Cowleys Wins Expertise Award for Best Pest Control Company in Toms River
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Pest Control, Bed bug Extermination & Attic Insulation in Trenton, NJ

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Pest Elimination Professionals in Trenton, NJ

Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey.  Trenton is known for being the birthplace and former residence of many famous individuals such as Dennis Rodman, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter and Steve Braun.

Bugs, birds, rodents, these are all potential burdens that you could face in your home.  At Cowleys Pest Services, our team of professionals is trained in the business of finding and eliminating these burdens from damaging your home. 

Whether it is fleas jeopardizing the safety of your pet or its termites damaging the structural integrity of your home, the team at Cowleys Pest Services is here to eliminate your pest problem. Other pests we eliminate include ticks, stink bugs, spiders, among others.

At Cowleys Pest Services, we have been serving the Trenton area for over two decades.  We know how annoying pests can be and we know that sometimes you can’t solve your problem by yourself. 

At Cowleys Pest Services, our professionals’ are annually trained in the most recent methods of pest removal, and they know exactly how to remove and eliminate the pests in your home.  We are here to help, if it crawls, flies, hops, slithers or any combination of the two and is in your home, don’t hesitate to call Cowleys Pest Services today for us to come out and take care of it. 

Attic Insulation in Trenton, NJ Too!

Cowleys Pest Services is proud to now offer blown-in cellulose attic insulation for homes and businesses in Trenton and nearby in NJ. We also offer duct insulation solutions.

Whether you're looking to save money on home energy, pests have ruined your attic insulation or you want to make your home more energy efficient, Cowleys Pest Services can help. Simply contact us to set up your FREE attic insulation price estimate!

Pests We Remove in Trenton:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Birds
  • Beetles
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Stink Bugs

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Case Studies From Trenton
I recently serviced a large commercial senior residence in Trenton, NJ where I handle all of its pest control needs. The manager contacted me after...
I was dispatched to a residence in Trenton that was having problems with squirrels entering the attic. Upon arrival, I spoke with the homeowner to...
Job Stories From Trenton, NJ
Squirrel control and removal in Trenton, NJ

Like any rodent, squirrels are compelled to chew on things ... and they are chewing all the time. Rodents are the single largest group of mammals with more than 2,000 species. Besides squirrels, those rodents that we are most familiar with are rats, mice, woodchucks (groundhogs), beavers, and those “adorable” rodents like hamsters and gerbils that kids want to keep as pets.  All rodents (from Latin rodere, “to gnaw”) have one thing in common: four long front-most teeth (incisors), two on the upper jaw and two on the lower.  Their constant gnawing creates perpetually sharp chiseled edges. Like all rodents, a squirrel’s front teeth will grow throughout their entire lives, and they do so at a pretty rapid pace. To prevent them from growing too long, squirrels must constantly gnaw in order to file them down. If they didn’t, we would have millions of scary saber-tooth squirrels running around giving us nightmares! 

This behavior doesn't necessarily mean that squirrels are trying to gnaw their way into your house. Cowleys sometimes receives calls from homeowners who are  concerned (or even convinced) that some crazy squirrels are hell-bent on trying to chew their way inside. After investigating, more often than not, we find that the squirrels just using a part of the house as a file to grind down their teeth. Squirrel gnawing is wildlife dentistry! 

In extreme situations like the one where squirrels are really doing a number on the house, wildlife technicians at Cowleys can perform a "free roaming" squirrel trapping service that will reduce the squirrel populations in the immediate vicinity of the home. We’ll trap and safely relocate as many as we can away from your residence.  

As a wildlife technician, I’m often asked if there is an effective squirrel repellent. The most effective one that I’ve found is a spray made of cayenne pepper. There are plenty of recipes online to make a spicy cayenne pepper broth. Some add other food items for good measure that squirrels hate like chopped onions or chopped jalapenos. Another effective squirrel repellent is red fox urine. If you don’t want to go through the time and trouble of collecting it yourself, you can buy it online or at most hardware stores. It should be noted that any of these repellents are a temporary deterrent at best.

Squirrel control and removal in Trenton, NJ - Photo 1
Work Requests From Trenton, NJ
Vicinity of Beacon Ave in Trenton
My dog was in a kennel while I was on vacation and came home with fleas despite being on a monthly topical treatment. Now all of the animals in my house seem to have a flea problem. I would like an estimate on flea remediation
Vicinity of Church St in Trenton
Raccoon in attic
Vicinity of Japril Drive in Trenton
Possible skunk removal. Dog got sprayed 2x in last month. Didn't see where they were or know we they are coming from. Need help with assessment and potential trap and release if found on properly.
Vicinity of Hempstead Road in Trenton
I have a few cicada killer boroughs in my backyard I want removed. Since I have a baby at home I don't feel safe taking him outside.
Vicinity of Mountainview Rd in Trenton
We have at least one but possibly more groundhogs living under our back porch. There is a large home where there dig under the lattice.
Vicinity of Tar Heels Road in Trenton
We have a groundhog living under our shed and burrowing near our house.
Vicinity of in Trenton
I need to rid bedbugs from 3 rooms
Vicinity of Riverside Dr in Trenton
Having issues with hornets and carpenter bees on my front piracy and lawn. I am not exactly sure wheee the nest is but problem seems to be getting worse.
Vicinity of E Franklin in Trenton
Need to insulate attic that is 1200sq feet
Vicinity of Edgewood Ave in Trenton
There's an animal in our ceiling scratching and running around. It sounds like a raccoon, possum, a cat, etc. I'm beginning to be afraid it will fall into our room (attic).
Vicinity of Bow Road in Trenton
Skunk removal under shed in back yard
Vicinity of Langham Way in Trenton
Possible termite infestation in my home.
Vicinity of Topaz Ln in Trenton
Squirrel(s) in the attic. Not sure how they got in but they were making noise at 3:30 this morning.
Vicinity of Malsbury St in Trenton
I had bees gathering around the bottom of my house where the siding meets the foundation. I sprayed it, and now have bees that are showing up in my basement, and occasionally in my house.
Vicinity of in Trenton
Had one treatment done by management when asked her about second treatment she claimed it was done but they came in and did a regular roach spray so it was half done all belongings are backed up haven't been able to stay where I pay I'm tired of the inconvenience
Vicinity of West Hanover Street in Trenton
I want to get bed bugs out of 2 rooms in my house
Vicinity of Foy Dr in Trenton
I see birds flying in/ out a vent hole in our attic.
Vicinity of Riverside Rd in Trenton
Seen a bug today
Vicinity of Centre Street in Trenton
Mice in the house
Vicinity of Dayton St in Trenton
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