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Before and After Pictures from Middletown
Crawl Space Needs New Insulation in Middletown, NJ

Crawl Space Needs New Insulation in Middletown, NJ

Before After
Crawl Space Needs New Insulation in Middletown, NJ Crawl Space Needs New Insulation in Middletown, NJ

A new customer in Middletown, NJ, called our Crawl Space Division after his crawl space got flooded after a big rainstorm. As we examined the crawl space, we noticed that every single piece of insulation was contaminated and full of moisture. Additionally, the humidity levels in the crawl space were extremely high! Although there was none present, if left alone in it's current state, mold will develop throughout crawl space. 

First, we removed all the contaminated insulation from the crawl space and disposed of it. Next, we wiped down all the joists and installed ComfortTherm® insulation. ComfortTherm® insulation provides excellent temperature and noise control, and comes with a vapor-retarder for use in hot, humid climates. Lastly, to control the humidity levels, we installed a Sani-Dry Sedona commercial-grade dehumidifier. The Sedona directs the extracted water pulled out of the air directly into the sump pump and will control the humidity levels in the crawl space.

Good time to fix mice entry point in Middletown, NJ home

Good time to fix mice entry point in Middletown, NJ home

Before After
Good time to fix mice entry point in Middletown, NJ home Good time to fix mice entry point in Middletown, NJ home

I was sent to Middletown, NJ with my colleague Alfonso to help a homeowner who had contacted Cowleys after finding mouse droppings in several areas of their home. With any rodent infestation, our priority is finding any actual or potential entry points. Finding mice entry points is a challenge since they can squeeze through the smallest of cracks and crevices. A mouse needs only about a quarter-inch gap to find their way inside your home. If a mouse is able to poke its snout through a hole, the rest of its body will follow. To successfully resolve a mouse infestation, it is critical that these entry points are located and sealed. Failure to do so means that you’ll likely have ongoing problems with these overwintering pests, even if the ones already in your home are eliminated. 

As outdoor temperatures drop, mice, other wildlife, and certain insects will look for harborage in your home to escape the harsh outdoor elements. if there is a weak link for them to gain access inside your home, they’ll find it. Mice commonly look for entry points around the home’s foundation. They’ll enter into the crawl space or basement and then find their way to the living areas of the home when they forage for food and water. One of the most common, and often overlooked, entry points for mice are pipe chases, those spaces where pipes, such as from air conditioning units and the home’s plumbing system, as well as electrical supply lines, are run into the home. Pipe chases often become entry points for overwintering mice and bugs when the original sealant around the pipes starts to become worn and disintegrates, creating a perfect “tunnel” for pests to enter the home. We found several possible entry points around some pipes, and sealed them with chew-proof copper mesh. To reduce the mouse population in and around the home, we set up rodent control bait boxes in the home’s interior as well as the exterior perimeter. Finally, as part of our protocol, we scheduled a two-week follow-up to re-inspect and replenish the bait boxes as necessary. We are confident that with the exclusion and the bait boxes. We’re confident that it won’t take long for the infestation to be resolved, and this homeowner will no longer find droppings and other upsetting signs of mouse activity in his home.

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Case Studies From Middletown
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Recently, I went out on service call for one of our Home Protection Plan clients in Middletown, NJ. This service call was intended to be just another...
A homeowner in Middletown, NJ, contacted Cowleys after observing bugs crawling around on one of her rugs. She was concerned that the infestation...
Job Stories From Middletown, NJ
Exterminators in Middletown, NJ

I was performing a routine Home Protection Plan service for one of our clients in Middletown, NJ when I noticed carpenter ants harboring in a small crack near the back prochs steps. Carpenter ants are red or black ants, about  1/2 to 5/8 an inch in size that excavate wood and form smooth tunnels inside of the wood. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do NOT eat wood, they only tunnel and chew through wood to create nests. Carpenter ants prefer to attack wood softened by fungus or that is water damaged. 

First, I applied a liquid residual application directly into the small opening and a granuluar bait along the entire exterior of the home. Once the ants come in contact with either one of these products, they will bring it back to their colony and share it with the other ants in the colony, including the queen, either through feeding or grooming. In a short amount of time, the entire colony will be eliminated. 

Exterminators in Middletown, NJ - Photo 1
Cockroaches everywhere in this Middletown, NJ kitchen.

Recently, a homeowner in Middletown, NJ contacted Cowleys because of a cockroach infestation in her kitchen. Roaches can hitchhike their way into a home in groceries or hidden inside corrugated boxes. Other times, roach eggs are deposited on something brought into the home and hatch once inside.  With exponential roach breeding rates, It does not take long for their population to skyrocket. DIY roach treatments are generally ineffective because the roaches hide in deep cracks and crevices that over-the-counter products simply can’t reach.

Here, I started treatment of the kitchen using an injector that disperses a fog spray that permeates deep into the cracks and crevices where roaches are hiding. For every aroach you see, there are likely dozens that are hidden waiting to come out when the house is quiet and the lights are off. I then moved onto the refrigerator. I moved it away from the wall and found the motherlode. There were dozens and dozens of roaches coming from the wall molding and hidden in the refrigerator motor. These pests are attracted to the warmth of motors so you’ll often find them around appliances. Not surprisingly, when I moved to the dishwasher, I found more hiding roaches. I treated all of the cracks and craves of the rest of the kitchen. It will take some time to work, but the roach population will be knocked down and once any eggs hatch, those roaches will be killed as well.




Cockroaches everywhere in this Middletown, NJ kitchen. - Photo 1
Wildlife break into Middletown, NJ home

Recently, a Middletown, NJ homeowner arrived home from work only to discover a gaping hole in the gable vent above her garage. Suspecting it was some wildlife issue, either squirrels or raccoons, she immediately contacted Cowleys to arrange for a nuisance wildlife technician to take care of the situation.

During my inspection of the home’s exterior, I found at least a sliver of good news. The sole point of entry was the hole that the animals made through the gable vent, and the rest of the roof, soffit, and fascia was was undamaged and secure. With only one access point, I installed a one-way device over the gable vent. This allows the animal to leave via a spring-loaded door, but it’s a one-way trip — the animal is blocked from regaining entry. I also set two baited traps near the entrance area. 

Once I am assured that no animals are inside the home, I will seal off the entry point with hardware cloth to temporarily exclude further animal “break-ins” until the homeowner can have the gable vent replaced.

Wildlife break into Middletown, NJ home - Photo 1Wildlife break into Middletown, NJ home - Photo 2Wildlife break into Middletown, NJ home - Photo 3
Ants Found during Middletown, NJ Home Protection Plan Inspection

I was sent to Middletown, NJ, for the first visit of a new Home Protection Plan (HPP) customer. The homeowner was anxious for the plan to get started because he had seen ants in the kitchen. With a HPP, a customer has periodic inspections and preventative perimeter treatments throughout the year and they can call us at any time to treat pests covered under the plan at no additional cost. It’s a great budgeting tool for homeowners. 

The homeowner told me that he was mostly seeing ants by the kitchen windowsill and on the floor by the kitchen window. Often, the ant nest is located outside nearby the home and the worker ants trail inside a home to forage for food for the colony. During my inspection, I did not happen to see any insect activity in the kitchen. However, since ants were observed trailing inside, I used an aerosol application around the windows and treated along the kitchen baseboard.

Outside, was a different story. I observed significant ant activity. Ants were trailing up the brick veneer right into an opening where the homeowner had observed ants. I thoroughly treated the exterior perimeter area outside of the kitchen, especially on the brick where the ants were trailing as well as a mulch bed right outside the foundation. Mulch is a favorite harborage area for insects and it is best to leave a foot gap between the home and a mulch bed to reduce the risk of termites and other insects reaching the home. With this residual product, as the foraging ants go to and from the nest, they will carry in back to the colony where it will be distributed. Soon, the queen and the rest of the colony will be eliminated. I was glad that I had a chance to help this customer on our first visit to his home. 

Ants Found during Middletown, NJ Home Protection Plan Inspection - Photo 1
Dangerous hornets nest removed in Middletown, NJ

I was recently sent to a home in Middletown, NJ because the homeowner was having trouble with wasps on the property. Upon arrival, the homeowner's caretaker showed me the areas of concern around the property. The most serious issue was a large hornets nest attached to one of the windows in the main home. 

This summer, I’ve had plenty of experience removing hornets nests from structures and trees, so I was prepared for this job. There are different methods for removing nests both efficiently and safely depending on the particular circumstances. For this stinging insect infestation, I chose to use a liquid product that would kill both the wasps in the nest as well any hornets returning to the nest. The treatment takes 2 to 3 days for the nest to become dormant, and once the nest is dormant, it can then be safely removed without the threat of anyone being stung. While there, I also removed two active paper wasps nests from the house and another active nest under a patio bench. 

I later returned for a follow-up visit after giving the application time to “deactivate” the nest. The attached photos show the effectiveness of the treatment. There was not a wasp to be found in, on, or around the nest. Now,  with the nest dormant, I could safely remove the nest, and most important, remove the threat to the homeowner and any visitors of being attacked and stung by a small army of agitated, aggressive, territorial hornets.



Dangerous hornets nest removed in Middletown, NJ - Photo 1
Take a walk with us to find mosquito breeding grounds on your property

Homeowners often assume that buzzing, biting mosquitoes are flying into their backyard to bother them, not realizing that mosquitoes, which do not fly great distances, are often home grown and the females are laying eggs somewhere on their property. If your lawn has more than its fair share of mosquitoes, I could walk with you around your property and show you at least a half-dozen potential mosquitoes breeding grounds.

I was conducting a routine exterior service to a Middletown residence and noticed many areas where one lone female mosquito could lay her eggs -- and a lot of them. Upwards of 200 eggs a few times throughout the season! The key is to look for anything capable of retaining water. With this house, I told the homeowner about kids toys left outside in the yard, a tire swing, clogged gutters, and a bird bath. The tinniest of objects, even a bottle cap, is enough water for a mosquito to lay her eggs. The accompanying photo is a perfect example of a potential breeding site. I took this photo as I was walking back to my truck along the street. 

If all the species of mosquitoes found in New Jersey weren't enough to deal with, over the last decade or so, New Jersey has become another state invaded by the  Asian tiger mosquito. These little pests got their name from their area of origin and their coloring. They are an invasive species, native to Southeast Asia, were first identified in New Jersey right here in Monmouth County in 1995. They soon spread to other areas of the state. They are called "tiger" mosquitoes because of their coloring, a black background with distinctive white markings including a white strip running down the center of its head and back and white bands on its legs.

Also called the tree hole mosquito, the females lay their eggs in small hard-sided containers rather than swamps or marshes. While they like to breed in tree holes, they are happy to use anything else where they can glue themselves to the sides like flower pots, an old bucket, a tin can, or tires. In fact, the spread of this mosquito has been attributed to the interstate transport of used tires.

Unlike other mosquitoes that tend to be active at dusk, this particular species is equally active during the day,making them even more of a nuisance than other species. The Asian Tiger mosquito is an aggressive, persistent biter and can transmit diseases like the West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.







Take a walk with us to find mosquito breeding grounds on your property - Photo 1