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Before and After Pictures from Lakewood
We're keeping the vultures away in Lakewood, NJ

We're keeping the vultures away in Lakewood, NJ

Before After
We're keeping the vultures away in Lakewood, NJ We're keeping the vultures away in Lakewood, NJ

Homeowners in Lakewood, NJ had turkey vultures roosting on the edge of their flat roof. Vultures in Jersey? Actually, we are home to two vultures species, turkey vultures and black vultures. Turkey vultures bear no relation to our "gobble gobble" turkeys, so please, don't stuff and cook one for Thanksgiving! The only reason we call them turkey vultures is their appearance. Their bald red head and dark plumage resembles wild turkeys. The turkeys are historic residents of the state while black vultures are a more recent arrival to the state.

Although vultures, as any bird, can become a nuisance bird once they start roosting on a home or other structure and depositing their droppings all over, they are very important birds in our ecosystem. Vultures are nature’s clean-up crew. By feeding on dead, decomposing animal carcasses (carrion), tase birds reduce the risk of disease and contamination from rotting animals. So, if our road maintenance crews don’t get around to removing unsightly roadkill, these birds are happy to jump in.

Vultures are a protected migratory bird species, as are most birds. With bird control, we never "get rid" of birds. Rather, it is all about making your property inhospitable to birds. We install various types of deterrents, the choice of which depends on type of bird infestation and the specifics of the property. We change their behavior so they relocate elsewhere to a place that is more welcoming. Also, bird control is customized. There is never a one-size-fits-all single solution.

Here, the homeowners were pretty distressed with the activity of these birds. Their highly acidity droppings had caused some terrible staining on their home, and they were concerned that the droppings could damage their shingles, and rightly so. Birds excrete their liquid and solid waste together in one sticky "bomb." Their droppings contain uric acid, which is corrosive enough to dissolve paint, concrete, and metal.

Why did the birds choose this house? The likely reason is that this this house has the tallest roof in the general vicinity. Also, since the roof was flat, it made for easy landing.

Because of the roof structure, we decided that the best solution would be to take away their roosting areas by installing shock track on outside edges of the roof. Shock tracks send a clear message to the birds that they are no longer welcome by emitting a low-voltage shock when a bird attempts to land. the shock does not harm them in any way, but it isn't pleasant either. Even for a bird, which aren’t the brightest (being labelled a "bird brain" isn't exactly a compliment), it does not take too many negative reinforcements to change their behavior. All we want them to do is relocate to a new location (anywhere but this house) that doesn't deliver shocks every time they land.




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Cowleys Pest Services is Lakewood, NJ's leading pest control and home repair contractor, offering a wide variety of services to keep your home healthy, efficient, and safe. We employ a customer-first philosophy when it comes to running our business, so you know you're getting only the best when you partner with us. We are committed to providing affordable, safe, and effective solutions for all your pest control and home repair needs.

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Have you been dealing with termites, cockroaches, or bed bugs in your Lakewood home? At Cowleys Pest Services, we understand how unsettling it can be to discover that you have a pest problem. That's why our team works quickly to resolve your pest problem, using only the best pest control solutions in the industry. We've been helping homeowners remove pests since 1991, so we have the experience, solutions, and determination to fix your problem once and for all.

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One way that pests can make their way into your home is through your crawl space. An unsealed crawl space also lets in moisture, leading to structural damage and mold and mildew growth. Structural damage results in uneven interior floors, which can become hazardous if not resolved. Mold and mildew growth can lead to increased asthma and allergy symptoms for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, Cowleys Pest Services offers a complete crawl space encapsulation system to keep your crawl space and the rest of your home dry, safe, structurally sound, and healthy.

Our crawl space encapsulation products:

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Case Studies From Lakewood
I was called in to help with one of our largest commercial accounts, a baseball stadium in Lakewood. This particular stadium hosts a minor league...
A frustrated homeowner in Lakewood contacted Cowleys because he was hearing animal noises on and off in his attic for close to six months! The...
A resident in Lakewood, NJ called our office after finding rats in her kitchen. I arrived, inspected the home, and found a few rat droppings in the...
Job Stories From Lakewood, NJ
Ants All Over the Closet in Lakewood, NJ

We were sent out to the property of a new customer in Lakewood, NJ to handle an ant issue inside the home. Once we began our inspection inside the home, we found a few ants trailing along the baseboard in one of the bedrooms. As soon as we opened up the closet we came across a large swarm of them! As we took a closer look, we noticed that the ants were actually coming from a small opening in the baseboard in the closet. Turns out that they were trailing from the outside of the home and entering the property through a small opening underneath the siding.

With the owner's permission, we treated the closet, the bedroom, the hallway, and the entire exterior of the home with a liquid residual. Afterward, we applied a granular bait to the walkway and grassy areas around the property. The worker ants are going to bring these treatments back to their colony to share them with their queen and the other ants in their nest. By doing this, they have no idea that they’re actually destroying their own colony! In a short amount of time, the ants will be exterminated.

Ants All Over the Closet in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 1Ants All Over the Closet in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 2
Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ

As a pest control technician for Cowleys, one of my primary responsibilities is help to keep commercial establishments, especially restaurants and other food-related business, pest free. To do this we work hand-in-hand with the owner or manager and the kitchen staff to ensure that proper sanitation and hygiene protocols are followed. It’s a joint effort and good communication is essential. The objective is to prevent pest infestations from happening in the first place, but if they do happen, to treat them in their early stages so a minor issue does not turn into a major one. 

Recently, I was scheduled for a routine monthly service of one of our restaurants in Lakewood, NJ that has been a client of Cowleys now going on seven years. I’m proud to say that there have been no serious pest-related issues with this restaurant during that time. It’s not luck. The path to success in keeping an establishment pest- and vermin-free is vigilance and not letting down your guard for a second.

Although many think that the most important job of a pest control technician is applying product, it is actually the inspection process. A thorough inspection allows us to discover potential issues before they happen and find potential entry points or attractants that could lead to an infestation. Here, during my inspection underneath the cookline, I discovered an accumulation of food debris and grease under the equipment. This, of course, is a major attractant for all sorts of pests including mice, flies, and cockroaches. 

After documenting the problem on my work order and taking pictures, I immediately texted the pictures to the owner so that she was aware of the problem. The owner was quite appreciative that this was brought to her attention before matters became worse, and she assured me that  there would be an extensive clean-out of this area immediately. 

Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 1Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 2Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 3Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 4Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 5Yuck, clean this kitchen up in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 6
Bed bugs can't hide from Cowleys in Lakewood, NJ home

Recently, I was sent to a home in Lakewood, NJ to resolve a persistent bed bug infestation for an extremely frustrated homeowner. Another pest control service had made multiple attempts to eradicate the bugs, but to no avail. The homeowner decided to try another pest control service and contacted Cowleys. We have a number of pest control technicians, including myself, who have extensive experience with bed bug infestations.  

Bed bugs are challenging infestations to resolve because these bugs are masters of stealth. Between their blood meals, these insects can hide virtually anywhere and everywhere. The key to successfully resolving these infestations is a thorough, systematic, and meticulous inspection. You have to take your time and examine every gap or crack. 

Bed bugs typically don’t venture far for their next blood meal. Wherever these bugs are feeding on their human hosts, it is essential to examine every item within a 2 to 3 foot radius. Since the bugs like to feed on us when we are resting or sleeping, you must examine not only the mattress and box spring, but also everything nearby. I’ve uncovered bed bugs hiding in a variety of easily overlooked locations. For example, I’ve found these bugs in nightstand screw holes, behind electrical outlet plates, in picture frames, in the nooks and crannies of bed frames, and even inside a clock radio! Here, the prior company failed to look underneath the screw tops to the four bed posts. Sure enough, when I unscrewed each screw top to the bed post, I discovered a large number of bed bug eggs just waiting to hatch and adult bed bugs patiently waiting for their next blood feeding.  

If a customer is being bitten by bed bugs, they must be hiding somewhere. The pest control technician must be willing to put on his detective cap and be persistent. You can’t give up. Once their harborage areas are located, “the jig is up” for these bugs. Here, I took out my hepa-vac and carefully vacuumed up the bed bugs and their eggs. I completed my inspection and could not find any other bed bug activity. Out of an abundance of caution, I also performed a thorough crack and crevice treatment to all possible harborage areas.  

I’ll be returning for a two-week follow-up to re-inspect and apply additional treatments as necessary. With bed bugs, we consider the job done when our re-inspection shows no more activity and the homeowner reports no more bites, no more sightings, and no more signs of bed bugs like tiny specks of blood or fecal stains on the sheets. 

Bed bugs can't hide from Cowleys in Lakewood, NJ home - Photo 1
Outstanding wildlife exclusion and trapping in Lakewood, NJ

A commercial property owner in Lakewood, NJ had plumbing and gas lines installed into the building and areas around the pipes were not sealed. Often, there are gaps around pipes large enough for mice to enter, but these gaps were large enough for curious squirrels that were more than happy to explore new territory. With any wildlife problem, you have to do more than just resolve the current infestation. It is critical to do the follow-up preventive exclusion work where the technician locates and seals any actual or potential access points to prevent a re-infestation. 

Cowleys technicians not only excluded all of the gaps around the pipes, but also fabricated boxes to fit over the pipes in order to keep squirrels from re-accessing the area.

Outstanding wildlife exclusion and trapping in Lakewood, NJ - Photo 1