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After helping Ed with his raccoon issue, he wanted to express his thoughts on Cowleys Little Rascals Nuisance...
Testimonial by Ed R. from East Brunswick, NJ
The technicians Chris and Jim are fantastic...
Testimonial by Jane P. from East Brunswick, NJ
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Before and After Pictures from East Brunswick
Time to Reinsulate Attic with Blown-in Insulation in East Brunswick, NJ

Time to Reinsulate Attic with Blown-in Insulation in East Brunswick, NJ

Before After
Time to Reinsulate Attic with Blown-in Insulation in East Brunswick, NJ Time to Reinsulate Attic with Blown-in Insulation in East Brunswick, NJ

After a raccoon infestation had ruined this homeowner's attic insulation in East Brunswick, NJ, she called Cowleys to remove the old insulation and replace it with Trusoft blown-in cellulose insulation. 

Previously, our nuisance wildlife team had successfully & safely removed all the raccoons from the home and properly sealed up all the access points. So what we did was carefully remove all the contaminated insulation and then vacuumed and disinfected the attic. Next, we added TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation, which will fill the attic to its recommended insulation levels. TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation has a higher R-value than standard fiberglass insulation, has the highest Class-1 fire safety rating, is resistant to mold and pests, and is eco-friendly!


Replaced Poorly Installed Crawl Space Doors in East Brunswick, NJ

Replaced Poorly Installed Crawl Space Doors in East Brunswick, NJ

Before After
Replaced Poorly Installed Crawl Space Doors in East Brunswick, NJ Replaced Poorly Installed Crawl Space Doors in East Brunswick, NJ

An East Brunswick homeowner contacted Crawl Space Solutions by Cowleys to inspect her “CleanSpace” that had been installed by another company ten years ago. She was concerned because one of the Everlast vent cover doors “looked funny.” Upon arrival, we immediately saw that the homeowner was right, and it was a good thing she called us. Because the door was was not installed properly, it was bowing out in the middle and not sitting flat on the foundation wall. This was a potential problem because it allowed damp, humid outdoor air to flow into the crawl space. 

When it comes to any home improvement, the installation is just as important as the product. The Crawl Space Solutions by Cowleys crews have extensive home building and improvement experience. 

For this Rumson homeowner, we removed the old, damaged Everlast door and installed a new one — but this time correctly! These Everlast vent covers are an important part of the encapsulation process because close off outside air and moisture from entering the crawl space through the exterior vents. They can be installed against wood framing or masonry, work exceptionally well, and are aesthetically pleasing. Made with a hard durable plastic, they stand up to the worst weather conditions, and, unlike wood vents, these covers are completely maintenance free. They should never rot, warp, or crack and they never need to be painted. With this Rumson home, the warping was caused by improper installation, not because of the door itself. Also, even though these vent covers completely seal the vents from the outdoor elements, they are easy to open should you need to access your crawl space. All you need to do is twist a few easy-to-grip knobs, and you’re in!  

This homeowner was pleased to know that, after ten years, her encapsulated crawl space, besides the one vent door that needed to be replaced, was in tip-top shape. After she thanked us for replacing the door, we were on our way to help fix a crawl space for another customer.

Cowleys Enlarges Crawl Space Access Doors for East Brunswick, NJ client

Cowleys Enlarges Crawl Space Access Doors for East Brunswick, NJ client

Before After
Cowleys Enlarges Crawl Space Access Doors for East Brunswick, NJ client Cowleys Enlarges Crawl Space Access Doors for East Brunswick, NJ client

An East Brunswick homeowner contacted Crawl Space Solutions by Cowleys to enlarge their existing crawl space opening. Although we specialize in converting problem-ridden vented crawl spaces into clean, dry encapsulated crawl spaces, our technicians have the experience to handle virtually any crawl space renovation work. This Brick homeowner was faced with a serious issue: His current crawl space opening was so small that a person of normal dimensions could not possible fit through it.

We installed a new crawl space entrance way by removing the concrete block, installing a new wood frame, and making a custom door for easy access.
We also custom-made a vent cover that we installed into one of our vent blockers. This was one of our smaller jobs, but for this homeowner, it was an important one. After all, a homeowner must be able to have ready access to their crawl space. Crawl spaces are prone to all sorts problems, from moisture to mold to insect and wildlife infestations. It is critical to have access to this often-neglected area of the home to periodically inspect for problems and to make the necessary repairs.

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Cowleys Receives the Golden Osprey Award for Business Excellence
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Cowleys Voted Best Places to Work in n NJ for a Second Year in a Row
We are honored to be named to the 2022 Best Places to Work in New Jersey list by NJBIZ magazine... [Read more]
Cowleys Wins Asbury Park Press's 2021 Best of the Best Community Choice Awards for Monmouth County!
Cowleys Services has been voted Monmouth County's BEST of the BEST 2021 Pest Control Provider by the Asbury Park Press!... [Read more]
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Case Studies From East Brunswick
I was sent out to a home in East Brunswick after the homeowner contacted Cowleys. She reported that “giant wasps” had moved in and taken...
I was recently sent to a Sayreville, NJ home. The homeowners contacted Cowleys because they were having two simultaneous pest problems, ants and...
Many two-story homes, like this Cape Cod-style home in South River, NJ with their gabled roofs, aren’t a full two stories. The upstairs rooms...
Job Stories From East Brunswick, NJ
Yellow Jackets are Taking Over the Shed in East Brunswick, NJ

We were sent out to a home in East Brunswick, NJ, to treat a yellow jackets nest that was located in the shed. The homeowner had mentioned that the nest was big, but when we took a look at it, it was HUGE! The nest was so large that the yellow jacket had practically taken over the shed!

For treatment, we applied a knockdown aerosol and a knockdown liquid application to the yellow jackets nest. Both of these treatments will quickly exterminate the yellow jackets. A few moments later, we removed the nest, disposed of it, cleaned the area, and then treated the area with a liquid residual application. This will eliminate any yellow jackets that return to this area as well as prevent them from building another nest. 

Yellow Jackets are Taking Over the Shed in East Brunswick, NJ - Photo 1
Front of Store Getting Damaged by Carpenter Bees in East Brunswick, NJ

A new commercial client in East Brunswick, NJ recently called our office after noticing a large number of bees hovering around the wooden sign in the front of their store. So we were sent out to inspect and treat. 

When we arrived to inspect the area where the bees were swarming, we immediately identified them as carpenter beesCarpenter bees are solitary, wood-destroying pests but they don’t eat wood like termites do. They can be intimidating just by their size but are typically harmless, just not to your home! Carpenter bees can cause significant property damage, as the female bees drill perfectly circular ½-inch diameter holes into fascia boards, porches, decks, siding, sheds, and other wooden structures. While the female creates a tunnel to nest, the male acts as a sentry protecting the female and nest. Those are the ones that dive bomb at you, but can't really do anything since they have no stinger. The females can sting but only does so if threatened.

For treatment, we injected a residual dusting product and a residual aerosol application into each gallery. Both of these treatments rapidly exterminates the carpenter bees and leaves behind a residual that will eliminate any eggs inside their gallery as well as any returning carpenter bees.

Front of Store Getting Damaged by Carpenter Bees in East Brunswick, NJ - Photo 1
Cockroaches get cozy in East Brunswick, NJ

With the possible exception of bed bugs, there is no other pest that sends homeowners into a panic quite like cockroaches. Roaches are associated with filth and disease, and rightly so. Roaches can contaminate countertops, dishes, and any other surface in your kitchen that comes into contact with food.  Roach waste and saliva contains bacteria and other pathogens that can cause serious food poisoning and even Staph infections.

This homeowner in East Brunswick, NJ, saw two cockroaches in her kitchen — and that was more than enough incentive to contact Cowleys. There are never just one or two roaches in your home. If you have even a single roach sighting, it’s reasonable to assume there are others. You often don’t see them because roaches are nocturnal and forage for food at night. They are light-sensitive, so when you turn on the kitchen lights, they will quickly scamper off into their hiding spots. In kitchens, they seek out dark, moist areas. We often find them behind stoves and refrigerators (especially inside refrigerator motors), underneath sinks, and even inside drains. 

Upon arrival, at first blush, the kitchen superficially looked quite clean. There was no food debris on the floor or countertops. With roach infestations, however, you have to dig deeper and go beyond the visible surfaces. I pulled out the refrigerator where I found quite a bit of food debris and a treasure trove of dog food. Apparently, the homeowner recently added a new puppy to her household, and he was a messy eater, scattering food everywhere. I then pulled out the stove and found more of the same — old food debris and dog food — as well as cooking grease on the back of the stove that had dripped all the way down to the floor, which had grease all over it. While we don’t think of grease as food, roaches will thrive on it. Finally, I looked under the dishwasher, and it too was dirty underneath. This kitchen offered roaches multiple significant food sources even though anyone who stepped into it would say it was clean. 

Before treatment, I cleaned out these hidden areas collecting food. Homeowners should periodically access these areas to ensure that they are kept clean. Roaches love dry pet food, and leaving out pet food can become “pest” food. I suggested that she leave out the food for limited periods of time in a place where the kibble would not roll underneath the appliances. After thoroughly cleaning these roach harborage areas, I applied a treatment that will kill the roaches and their eggs. As long as the kitchen stays clean of food debris, this roach infestation will resolve itself shortly. 

Cockroaches get cozy in East Brunswick, NJ - Photo 1Cockroaches get cozy in East Brunswick, NJ - Photo 2
Pavement Ants Removed from East Brunswick, NJ Commercial Building

I was sent to perform a routine service call for one of our commercial accounts, a large office building complex in East Brunswick, NJ. While inspecting an electrical/telecom closet, I saw that one of our insect monitor glue boards had captured several pavement ant reproductives. We use glue boards as our eyes to help us gauge the level and type of insect activity between our routine visits to inspect and provide preventative treatments. 

Reproductives are winged ants (swarmers) that come out of the nest to mate. Often, people are surprised to learn that some ants have wings and can fly. Ants crawling around are bad enough, but flying ants seem a whole lot worse. Flying ants, also called alates, are the fertile males and females. They have one sole purpose in their lives: To reproduce and start a new colony. Ants will swarm when the temperature, humidity, and wind conditions are just right. 

Swarming ants look markedly different than your run-of-the-mill worker ants. Notice their fairly large size, especially compared to tiny pavement ants. To the untrained eye, these ants could easily be mistaken for carpenter ants or, even worse, as termite swarmers. Termites are social insects just like ants and breed the same way, sending winged fertile insects out of the nest to mate and start a new colony. A licensed pest control technician can distinguish between ant and termite reproductives, and can also identify the correct ant species. This is important because you need to know the insect that you are dealing with, especially if its termites, in order to decide the correct treatment plan.

Ant swarmers enter structures through very small cracks and gaps in a building’s foundation, especially concrete slabs. Once inside, they will make their way through the building to search for a place to start a new colony. These ants likely entered this little upstairs room through a pipe chase (the enclosed space used to house and conceal pipe runs). 

Ants require a source of water to survive. These particular unlucky swarmers found themselves inside a closet area with no source of water, so they perished on their own long before my arrival. The good news is that these were harmless pavement ants and were not property-destroying wood-eating termites or even wood-boring carpenter ants. While pavement ants will commonly invade buildings to forage for food, they do not present any risk to people and do not cause property damage. 

Of course, any ant infestation, no matter the species, is a major nuisance. With an ant infestation, we’ll inspect the building foundation and exterior perimeter to locate the ant trails, trace the trails to the nest, and treat the area to eliminate the queen and the rest of the colony. 

Pavement Ants Removed from East Brunswick, NJ Commercial Building - Photo 1