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Before and After Pictures from Carteret
Raccoons Wreak Havoc in Attic in Carteret, NJ

Raccoons Wreak Havoc in Attic in Carteret, NJ

Before After
Raccoons Wreak Havoc in Attic in Carteret, NJ Raccoons Wreak Havoc in Attic in Carteret, NJ

These homeowners in Carteret, NJ found themselves with a raccoon infestation in their attic. Our wildlife technicians quickly trapped and relocated the trespassing animals. Unfortunately, as often happens, the attic insulation was contaminated and destroyed. Raccoons, with their razor-sharp claws, will shred through the insulation and use it as nesting material. Also, they deposit their wastes and urine all over it. Once this happens, the saturated insulation is not salvageable.  There is no choice but to remove and replace it with new insulation.

A Cowleys installation crew arrived to make the attic as good as new. Our goal was to remove any traces that the attic was once a home to wildlife. After removing the contaminated insulation, we sanitized and deodorized the entire attic to remove any and all “evidence” that there once was a raccoon infestation, including the pungent smells left behind. After a wildlife infestation, it is critical to have the attic thoroughly cleaned — not only to remove dangerous pathogens but also to remove any remnants of an infestation, which can be an attractant for other raccoons and wildlife to follow. Wildlife cleaning and sanitation is not a DIY weekend project. This stuff is dangerous! When droppings are disturbed, airborne waste particles are released into the air that can be breathed in and cause serious, chronic respiratory infections. Animals droppings in an enclosed area are a serious bio-hazard. This waste should only be removed by someone who is trained in using proper protective equipment.

After the cleaning and sanitation, we installed our blown-in cellulose insulation. This insulation has excellent thermal properties and, because it is blown-in rather than cut to size like fiberglass batts, all areas of the attic, down to the smallest nooks and crannies, are insulated. This insulation will pay for itself over time with reduced heating and cooling bills. 

The installation crew was especially proud of this project. We successfully transformed an attic that was destroyed by invading wildlife into a clean, beautiful, functional space that will improve the home’s energy efficiency.

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Mystery rodent damage in attic hazard for house fire in Carteret, NJ

A Carteret homeowner in Middlesex County contacted Cowleys pest control division to handle what she believed was a mouse problem in her attic. She had never actually seen any rodents. However, she had heard noises coming from up above, and had found droppings throughout the attic. So, there was definitely a wildlife infestation of some sort. The issue was the type of pest since different wildlife are handled in different ways.

Upon inspection, I observed a serious problem that required immediate resolution — there was a tremendous amount of damage to the electrical wiring, which is a serious fire hazard. A good percentage of fires are caused by damage from rodents. Why? All rodents must constantly gnaw in order to “shave down” their ever-growing teeth, and they will chew virtually anything, including electrical wires. Also, the animals bring in leaves and other nesting materials that can be ignited from wires stripped of their insulation. I informed the homeowner that an electrician needed to repair this damaged wiring immediately.

After a full interior and exterior inspection, I concluded that she has or had a rodent infestation in her attic But it wasn’t mice! Rather, the troublemakers were one or more squirrels. How could I know without actually observing the wildlife? Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, so are animal droppings. Animal droppings are distinctive. For example, a house mouse makes droppings in the shape of pellets that, to me, look like a seed. Their brown or black deposits are small,anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 inch long, and one or both ends tapered (pointed). Squirrel deposits are not only a bit larger, about 3/8 inches, and they are cylindrical with round edges. Also, they have a light color, either light brown or a rusty/reddish color. For those experienced in rodent dropping identification, squirrel droppings have a distinct smell and appearance. 

Cowleys operates a specialized nuisance wildlife division dedicated to safely trapping and relocating squirrels, raccoons, bats, skunks, and other invading wildlife. We also find the access points and set up exclusions to prevent re-infestations. Also, because animal droppings are a biohazard, we perform sanitation and deodorization services. 

I immediately arranged for one of our wildlife technicians to inspect this homeowner’s attic to determine whether there was an active infestation that required trapping. Also, the technician would be able to determine how the squirrels were gaining access to the attic in order to make the appropriate exclusions. Finally, the attic needed to be sanitized and deodorized to remove the pungent smells. As mentioned, an electrician was also needed to replace the destroyed wiring. 

Mystery rodent damage in attic hazard for house fire in Carteret, NJ - Photo 1
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