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Before and After Pictures from Bradley Beach
Squirrels damage fascia - Squirrel & wildlife removal in Bradley Beach

Squirrels damage fascia - Squirrel & wildlife removal in Bradley Beach

Before After
Squirrels damage fascia - Squirrel & wildlife removal in Bradley Beach Squirrels damage fascia - Squirrel & wildlife removal in Bradley Beach

This Bradley Beach homeowner had damage to his facia board that was caused by squirrels. The fascia board on a house is the vertical finishing edge that caps the end of the rafters, and is often where the home’s gutters are attached. Squirrels had chewed and clawed their way right through fascia. 

Another common trouble spot around the roof often damaged by wildlife is the soffit. The soffit is the finished wood or vinyl horizontal underside (water-resistant vinyl is preferable) beneath the overhanging section of the roof eave. Soffits, which have small holes to help ventilate the attic, are often a magnet for attracting small animals and insects.

A Cowleys wildlife technician had already resolved the squirrel issue, and I was called in to do the repair and exclusion work. Cowleys has a crew of technicians with extensive experience in home construction. Our projects include installing TAP insulation, waterproofing crawl spaces, treating mold, and repairing damage caused by wildlife.

The homeowner was insistent that he did not want the expense of removing his gutters, replacing the damaged fascia board, and re-installing the gutters. So, I took a more expedient approach that would leave the fascia in place. First, I needed brown aluminum to match the brown fascia board. This was easier said than done. It was a challenging job. In order to do this, I had to remove the supports for the gutter, and I had to do this a section at a time so the gutter would not fall. While the supports were off, I slid the the brown aluminum between the gutter and the fascia board to cover the damaged areas.

The next step to this process was to install a white sheet-metal drip edge. The drip edge is flashing installed along the edge of eaves. To install it, I slid the edging up under the shingles and carefully bent it so that it would wrap down on top of the brown aluminum layer. To fit the drip edge to size, I used tin snips, and allowed an overlap where the two pieces of drip edge meet so there would be no gap where water could potentially seep through. 

A drip edge is an important part of roofing that is often overlooked or not understood by homeowners. This drip edge is what gives a finished look to the roof and it also goes long way preventing rainwater from causing damage to the wood building materials near the roof. The drip edge helps keep out rainwater by preventing blow-under leaks caused by wind-driven rains and by directing rainwater into the gutter instead of running down the fascia where water, over time, can wreck havoc. 

A drip edge also helps prevent wildlife infestations. Moisture and water intrusions easily ruin wooden facia boards, and as this homeowner found out, fascia that weakened and softened by rain is also an open invitation for many types of wildlife like squirrels and raccoons to gain access inside the attic. These animals can rip and claw their way through weakened fascia like it was butter.Finally, a drip edge acts as a support for the shingles so they are not just hanging off the edge of the roof.

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Have you been dealing with termites, cockroaches, or bed bugs in your Bradley Beach home? At Cowleys Pest Services, we understand how unsettling it can be to discover that you have a pest problem. That's why our team works quickly to resolve your pest problem, using only the best pest control solutions in the industry. We've been helping homeowners remove pests since 1991, so we have the experience, solutions, and determination to fix your problem once and for all.

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One way that pests can make their way into your home is through your crawl space. An unsealed crawl space also lets in moisture, leading to structural damage and mold and mildew growth. Structural damage results in uneven interior floors, which can become hazardous if not resolved. Mold and mildew growth can lead to increased asthma and allergy symptoms for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, Cowleys Pest Services offers a complete crawl space encapsulation system to keep your crawl space and the rest of your home dry, safe, structurally sound, and healthy.

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Job Stories From Bradley Beach, NJ
Storm damage lets wildlife into Bradley Beach, NJ home

Recently, there was quite a number of Jersey Shore homeowners were dealing with storm damage to their properties. Oftentimes, the building materials in and around the roof get hit the hardest. We dealt with quite a few homes that had shingles blown off, and for this homeowner in Bradley Beach, NJ had part of their soffit blown apart. The soffit is the underside “ceiling” that bridges the gap between a home’s siding and the roofline (eaves). Often, soffits are vented to allow air exchange into the attic, and are usually made of vinyl. They are more than decorative — your exterior soffits help keep wildlife like squirrels, birds, and bats from taking over your attic as a nesting area.

This homeowner found out the hard way what happens when parts of your soffit are missing. Squirrels and birds soon took advantage of the opening and made his attic their home. Our wildlife team trapped and relocated the trespassing squirrels, and afterwards, a two-person crew from Cowleys home improvement division were sent in to clean up the attic, remove the bird nesting material, and repair the soffit. As you can see, when we were done, everything was put back together and looked as good as new. You’d never even guess that this attic was once infested by wildlife. The homeowner was pleased with our repair work, and we went on to our next assignment.


Storm damage lets wildlife into Bradley Beach, NJ home - Photo 1
Huge hornets nest in Bradley Beach

I was sent to a home in Bradley Beach, NJ. I began my inspection to look for the nest. Although I saw wasps flying around, I could not immediately locate the nest. Following the activity of these pests, I was led toward a healthy tree with lush foliage. The tree cover made it difficult to find the nest, but with careful inspection, I found what I was looking for: a distinctive grey spherical nest about the size of a volleyball or small basketball.

Based on the structure of the nest, I knew exactly the type of stinging insect that invaded this homeowner’s property — baldfaced hornets. These hornets are a relative of the yellowjacket and are often called “aerial yellowjackets.” These insects get their name from their unique coloration. They are mostly black but have a white face. Although labeled as hornets, these stinging insects are actually wasps and not true hornets. They are called hornets because of their large size and because they build aerial nests. 

These social wasps build egg-shaped nests that are layered in hexagonal combs covered by a mottled grey paper envelope. And these nests can grow into huge sizes as the wasp colony continues to expand. Their nests can be as large as 14 inches in diameter and more than two feet in length! A single nest can house upwards of 400 insects at their peak, so its important for homeowners to have these nests removed as soon as possible because of the high risk of a family member inadvertently invading their territory and triggering multiple stings. For those allergic to stings, this can be life-threatening. 

Baldfaced hornets build nests at least three feet off the ground, and they build them anywhere and everywhere, both on “natural” structures like in trees and shrubs as well as on man-made structures like utility poles and home and sheds, especially under roof overhangs.  As mentioned, I located this particular nest in a tree. I observed the pattern of the hornets entering and exiting the nest: two would go in and one would go out. I carefully went behind the hive without being spotted by the hornets and treated the nest with an application that coats the entire hive all at once, trapping the wasps inside, preventing them from stinging me or anyone else.  

Huge hornets nest in Bradley Beach - Photo 1
Tap (pest control) Insulation install in Bradley Beach, NJ

In addition to pest control and wildlife services, Cowleys has an experienced home improvement team that handles various projects including mold removal, crawl space encapsulation, and home insulation. Members of Cowleys home improvement team were sent to a residence in Bradley Beach, NJ. The homeowner asked Cowleys to cap or “bulk up” his existing insulation to increase its R-value (the insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it) by adding approximately 4 inches of our insulation on top of his existing insulation. 

Cowleys is a licensed installer of TAP Pest Control Insulation, a loose-fill cellulose insulation that is environmentally safe, ENERGY STAR designated, UL classified, and fire retardant. “TAP” stands for Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control. This insulation offers superior thermal, acoustical (sound-deadening), and pest control properties. Homeowners are often surprised when they first hear that we offer insulation that can help with pest control. Its paper fibers are treated with a borate solution, which is harmless to people, but lethal to many insects including ants, beetles, and termites. Because TAP insulation does not affect mammals, homeowners must still use traditional pest-control for mice, squirrels, and other wildlife. Because of this pest control component, TAP can only be installed by licensed pest control operators.  

Added insulation is a great home investment that yield many benefits. Perhaps most important, adding insulation increases the enjoyment of your home. It improves the temperature regulation in your home and increases the comfort of your living environment. Adding insulation also has health benefits. It acts as a barrier that helps to keep environmental pollutants and allergens out of your home. It is also a moisture barrier. By keeping out unwanted moisture, a good insulation layer helps avoid mold growth and other excess moisture problems. There are also substantial cost benefits. By keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, added insulation reduces both your environmental footprint and your economic footprint! Improved insulation pays for itself through by reducing your energy bills and lowering the use of your air conditioner and heating system.

We were able to cap the insulation for this homeowner because the existing insulation was still in good shape. Often, our team is called in for insulation jobs after the existing insulation has been ruined. Sometimes, it’s because of a wildlife infestation. Once wildlife have taken up residence in the attic, the insulation is often destroyed. The animals will shred the insulation to use as nesting material, and they’ll contaminate the insulation with their urine and droppings. Other times, there has been a roof leak and the insulation has become water-saturated and is starting to grow mold. With these jobs, when the insulation has lost its integrity and no longer serves its purpose, we have the tedious task of safely removing and disposing of these damaged materials. On the pother hand, cap insulation jobs like this one are more streamlined. We  only need to focus on installing the additional insulation since the existing insulation stays right where it is.  

This insulation job went exceptionally smoothly. This highly productive crew was in and out in less than a day. The final result: A beautiful new layer of great insulation that the homeowner will come to appreciate this summer and next winter. No matter what extreme temperatures are outside, this home will be nicely regulated inside. 

Tap (pest control) Insulation install in Bradley Beach, NJ - Photo 1