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Cowleys to the Bat Rescue! Bat Removal in Wall, NJ

Cowleys to the Bat Rescue! Bat Removal in Wall, NJ

Before After
Cowleys to the Bat Rescue! Bat Removal in Wall, NJ Cowleys to the Bat Rescue! Bat Removal in Wall, NJ

It's Bat Season!!!!!!

Sometimes you're just at the right place, at the right time.

While doing an inspection at a home in Wall,  I was approached by a frantic neighbor. She saw the distinctively decorated Cowleys truck outside. " Oh my, thank goodness, I can't believe you're here right now," she said. She was very upset, and physically shaking. On the verge of tears, she said, " Please, sir, please. You have to help me. There is a giant bat on my back screen door, I've called 3 people to come and remove it. They all want several hundred dollars just to come out and remove the thing. I'm on a limited income and I don't know what to do. I just can't afford it." 

Without hesitation, I put on my protectives gloves, went with her to her back door, removed the bat, and gingerly placed him in the nearest tree. I can't vouch for the emotions of bats, but he seemed as happy to be out of the house as the poor lady was to have him taken out. It was a win-win situation for all.

She asked if she could pay me $50 because that's all she could afford. I didn't want to take a dime from her, and told her that I was confident that my supervisor would not want me taking any payment. I told her that after that traumatic encounter, she deserved to use that money to  go out for a nice, quiet dinner on Cowleys and calm her nerves.

Cowleys is a business, but I've been working here long enough to know that we're also about doing the right thing. Her gratitude was more than enough compensation for the few minutes that it took to remove the bat. She told me that I was her hero. Before that encounter, I never thought of my Cowleys uniform as a superhero outfit, but right then and there, I felt pretty good about myself and was proud to be a Cowleys technician.

Company Awards
Scott Dellett and Chris Fyfe Achieve Associate Certified Entomologist  (ACE) Status
Scott Dellett, Residential Service Supervisor and Chris Fyfe, Senior Pest Control Technician at Cowleys Pest Services were recently certified as... [Read more]
Cowleys wins Best Case Studies Award
In December 2016, Cowleys Pest Control Services was honored by an award for the "Best Case Studies” by Contractor Nation.... [Read more]
Cowleys Pest Services Earns Esteemed 
2016 Angie's List Super Service Award
Angie’s List recognized Cowleys Pest Services as one of the top 5 percent of service companies who achieved and maintained... [Read more]
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Here at Cowleys Pest Services, we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service, as well as rid your home or property of your unwanted pest(s).

Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Wall Township, Farmingdale, or nearby NJ home.

From wildlife like fox, to rodents, bed bugs, termites and birds, Cowleys Pest Services has the experience and ethics to get the job done right. Have questions about how we can do this?

Simply ask one of our expert staff members who would be more than happy to assist you.

Pest Services We Offer in Wall Township and Farmingdale:

  • Bedbug Control
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  • Tick Control Services
  • Animal and Other Pest Control Services Available
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Cowleys Pest Services is a trustworthy pest control operator and we work hard to earn your trust. That's why:

  • Our employees are background and drug screened
  • Our pest control technicians wear ID badges and drive company marked trucks
  • Employees are certified and licensed by the DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection).
  • We will answer your questions, big or small.

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Case Studies From Farmingdale
Cowley's received a call from a Wall homeowner for an ant infestation in the kitchen and living room. Ants are social insects that live in colonies...
Job Stories From Farmingdale, NJ
Raccoon Infestation in Attic of Farmingdale, NJ Home

This homeowner in Farmingdale, NJ found himself with a significant raccoon infestation in the attic. Unfortunately, when maintenance on a home is neglected or postponed, those areas needing repair can be exploited by wildlife  looking to inhabit a structure. For raccoons, attics are private warm locations to nest and escape the harsh outdoor elements, and if you give persistent raccoons the smallest opportunity to gain access inside your house, they will exploit it.. 

Weakened, soft, rotted wood and wildlife infestations often go hand in hand. Raccoons, with their razor-sharp teeth and claws can easily rip through weakened wood and other building materials. Unfortunately, a wildlife infestation compounds the problems and expense for the homeowner. The needed repairs are often made worse by the animals and the homeowner now has to deal with cleaning and sanitizing the areas inhabited by wildlife, not to mention replacing damaged materials, which often includes insulation that has been torn up by the animals and used as a receptacle for their urine and droppings. 

With this home, the roof shingles were in such bad shape that they actually started to slip off the roof simply by touching them. This roof problems made the home not only vulnerable for animal entry, but created a situation for water intrusion into the attic. 

Here, I came out to assess the damage. I’ll be returning soon to trap the animals, and if the homeowner, so chooses, our home improvement division can support roofing contractors in making the necessary repairs to exclude the wildlife and make this homeowner’s attic safe and reusable once again.

Raccoon Infestation in Attic of Farmingdale, NJ Home - Photo 1
Work Requests From Farmingdale, NJ
Lakeside Drive in Farmingdale
I have a racoon sleeping in my garage
Academy St in Farmingdale
Small ants 🐜 lots of ants kitchen and where we feed our cat in the basement. In the kitchen i haven't a clue where they are coming from i have a couple traps out and now up to chemical warfare (glass cleaner ammonia)
West Baccio Lane in Farmingdale
Termiite evaluation
Smith St in Farmingdale
Gopher in shed
Tudor Dr in Farmingdale
We have a lot of bees at the back of our house, making it difficult to enjoy our beautiful deck. Can you please arrange to have someone come out and deal with this problem?
Anthony Way in Farmingdale
Too many ants. Do you do outdoors too?
East Sistene Court in Farmingdale
Help..come quick. We have what appears to be swarming termites.
in Farmingdale
Bat removal in granite shop
West Da Vinci Way in Farmingdale
Little black ants inside new slab home Equestra Farmingdale NJ
Main Street in Farmingdale
Squirrels in the wall
Canterbury Way in Farmingdale
Remove snakes in residential back yard
Anthony Way in Farmingdale
Musty smell in home to be purchased
Atlantic Ave, in Farmingdale
We have a horse boarding facility with a hay loft and have seen a raccoon in the hay loft a few times over the past few days.
Colts Neck Rd in Farmingdale
Mice droppings on basement steps, kitchen cabinet whwre garbage is- put traps out caught about 8 still having droppings and noticed in my family room today droppings on my window sil i have 16 mo old baby and want to get it rectified- i live in a highly wooded area. Also wanted to know if you treat for mosquitos . Looking for someone to come out and rectify the problem open to a service plan