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roof coverLittle Rascals by Cowleys offers animal proofing in New Jersey to keep wildlife out of your home evaluating potential access routes such as overhanging branches, open chimneys, utility lines that feed into your house, and unscreened vents. When it comes to animal proofing in NJ, physically excluding an offending animal from your home or business is the best and most permanent way to control the problem.

Animal proofing must only start after all animals are removed. Sealing animals inside a home can cause mega-damage as they struggle to find its way out in search of food and water. If animals die inside your home, you’re left to deal with the removal of a rotting, smelly carcass. Little Rascals uses a variety of techniques to verify the animals are gone before prematurely closing holes.

The focus in wildlife damage repairs should always have an eye on future exclusion so these animals make their future nests elsewhere. Wildlife look for the path of least resistance and Little Rascals will make your home inhospitable to wildlife so that they decide to nest elsewhere. With regard to exclusion, wildlife proofing is not just the home itself; it is also the surrounding outside structures. At Little Rascals, we can also wildlife proof decks, sheds, and crawlspaces. We have products that can go into the ground around the shed and deck that will stop wildlife such as ground hogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and fox from gaining access and making it their new home. The sad truth is that if wildlife sets up shop nearby your home, it is only a matter of time before they weasel themselves inside where the real damage begins.

Starting with the chimney, Little Rascals evaluates your home looking for any potential openings. Never consider any opening too tiny to protect. Small species of bats can slip through a 3/8 inch crack or a hole the diameter of a dime. Chimneys make excellent nest sites. Once the animal is gone an animal-proof chimney cap excludes wildlife. Raccoons, squirrels, and chimney swifts (migratory birds often called “flying cigars” that are covered under various wildlife protection acts) are all capable of entering and nesting in flues.

Little Rascals also specializes in odor control. In the unfortunate event that you have an animal die in your home, the smell can be unbearable. We will come out and locate and remove the dead animal and use odor-controlling enzymes in the surrounding areas to completely eliminate the odor.

The most common “attic invaders” that we see time and time again here in New Jersey are squirrels, raccoons, and bats. Mice also find their way into the attic, but usually they first enter the home through the basement or crawl space. A home’s soffit/fascia area is one of the more common routes we see for wildlife to gain entry. The good news is we offer a solution for this: CritterProof by LeafSupreme®.


Leaf Supreme™ gutter products are developed by an award-winning design team and are designed to function above industry standards even in the heaviest rain.

CritterProof by LeafSupreme® is a gutter protection product specifically designed to cover the fascia gap and exclude various wildlife that often makes their way onto the roof and into the attic.

CritterProof is a protective system that stops wildlife from chewing and clawing their way through the delicate fascia boards to gain access to the soffit area and, ultimately, where the attic. For wildlife, attics are the perfect refuge to escape the harsh outdoor elements and they make for a wonderful nesting area to care for their young. After all, attics are warm, quiet, private, and free from the preying eyes of predators.

CritterProof’s unique adjustable design provides custom coverage of the fascia gap while still maintaining critical attic ventilation.

CritterProof is available in black, white, and other colors by special order.

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