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How and Why Does Wildlife Enter Into a Home or Business?

squirrel on roofMost wildlife damage occurs from the animals chewing and gnawing their way into structures in order to nest inside. Wildlife animals, if nothing else, are persistent. Once they are committed to entering a structure, they have a single-minded focus to succeed. What makes wildlife choose one structure over another? Wildlife is opportunistic. They have a natural curiosity and seeming magnetic attraction for weaknesses in a structure that give them access to a home or structure. They are quick to take advantage of wood rot, open vents and chimney tops. The usual scenario is Mother Nature weakening a roofline, soffit, crawlspace door, vents, and other potential openings. Wildlife explores the void or opening and, seizing an opportunity, make their own unique adjustments to gain entry to their new homes. The strength of the claws and teeth of wildlife, especially with compromised wood, cannot be underestimated. Wildlife can easily tunnel their way through multiple layers of shingles, wood, and insulation to find their way inside your home.

Making a Nest

One inside, the damage continues. Wildlife exists in order to make more wildlife. Their cycle of life is to eat and breed. Once inside the structure, job number one is making a nest or den to raise their young. And the resultant damage from making their “nursery” for their pups is extensive. They chew through everything and anything in order to gather bedding for their nests including insulation and electrical wire. They also gnaw at wood to create wood shavings. All of this results in significant collateral damage. Wildlife is one of the major causes of power outages, and even worse -- accidental fires -- from chewed and exposed electrical wiring. They can cause significant damage to window damage, roof damage, water leaks and drafts. Make no mistake, in no time, wildlife can do a shocking amount of damage to your home. Wildlife may seem cute and cuddly scampering around trees outside your home, but once on the inside, these animals are wrecking machines.

Droppings and Urine Cause Damage and Disease

To add insult to injury, their droppings and urine cause severe damage ruining sheetrock, clothing, insulation, items stored away, and personal belongings. Also, their wastes carry a host of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. In addition, these animals are often infested with mites, fleas, and ticks. A home can easily become permeated with foul odors, not just from the animals themselves, but inevitably a few of the pups die leaving a rotting carcass. The droppings and foul odors from death tend to attract other pests so in addition to a wildlife problem, there is often a secondary infestation problem from flies and beetles.

What does this mean with nuisance wildlife control? First, these animals don’t go away by themselves. Second, the more time they have to set up shop the worse the damage will get. The key to emergency wildlife control is responding quickly. Every day matters! Homeowners must treat nuisance wildlife that enters their home as a bona fide emergency. The cost of repairs can grow exponentially and stopping getting them out of your home after a day or two can save thousands in repair costs. You want to get these animals out of your home before they start turning your home into theirs.

What can Little Rascals Nuisance Wildlife Control by Cowleys do for you?

Our technicians have the carpentry experience to fix the damage caused by wildlife and perhaps more importantly, we have the experience and track record to exclude any wildlife that may be a potential problem for you down the road. The object is to not only repair the current damage; it is to do whatever we can to wildlife proof your home so these animals don’t come back.

Our advantage over a traditional handyman/carpentry service is that we know what to do so that these animals don’t come back. Also, we know and have the products that have been field-proven to keep these animals out.

Do not forget: we also sanitize and deodorize! We do small and large clean ups of all types, from a small dead mouse or squirrel in a attic, crawlspace, or even a wall void, to large pigeon droppings clean ups in attics, and warehouses, and even dead animals under decks, and in chimneys.  No one should have to live with the foul odors of wildlife. We give you your home back!

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