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Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Homeowners in Edison, NJ Get Attic Sanitized, Deodorized and New Insulation Install

Thursday, March 29th, 2018 by Alfonso Reyes


Recently, a homeowner in Edison, NJ, found himself with both a wildlife and rodent infestation in his attic. A raccoon had managed to gain entry into the attic, and in addition, there was evidence of mouse activity. Although mice usually enter homes from gaps and cracks around the foundation, once inside, these agile rodents can easily make their way throughout the entire home through wall voids and other cracks and openings. 


A team from our nuisance wildlife division came in to humanely trap, remove, and relocate the trespassing raccoon. Raccoons, which are the prime carrier of rabies in New Jersey, are among the largest, most powerful animals that we regularly deal with. These animals can cause a significant amount of property damage in a very short amount of time, turning . an attic into a bio-hazard that can affect the entire home. Wildlife waste can contain many disease-transmitting pathogens. When dried out or disturbed, these dangerous waste particles can become airborne and travel on air currents throughout the entire home. 

After the infestation was dealt with and the access points located and sealed, a crew from the Cowleys contractor division was called in to deal with the aftermath. Our job was to ensure that the attic was made safe and looked as good as new. Unfortunately, with raccoon and other wildlife infestations, attic insulation is usually the first building material to be destroyed. Insulation acts as a sponge for wildlife waste, and it also makes for excellent nesting material. Following an attic wildlife infestation, the insulation is often shredded to bits.

Our crew safely removed all of the damaged and waste-contaminated insulation from the home. Next, we thoroughly vacuumed all of the droppings before sanitizing and deodorizing the entire attic.  A thorough attic cleaning is essential to not only remove the dangerous waste but also to remove the smells and remnants of the infestation. Wildlife scent markers left behind can attract more wildlife. 

Finally, we replaced the ruined insulation with TruSoft insulation. TruSoft is blown-in cellulose insulation that, unlike fiberglass batts and blankets, blown-in insulation effectively covers every attic corner, nook, and cranny, providing complete insulation coverage. This insulation offers top-notch thermal and acoustical (sound-deadening) properties. 

Now, this homeowner will not only enjoy a more comfortable home but also reduced heating and cooling bills. Although this wildlife infestation was a big headache for this homeowner, he appreciated that, when we were done, he had an even better attic.

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