Work Requests in Toms River

Cowleys Pest Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Toms River. Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services's recent work requests in Toms River and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Toms River, NJ
Vicinity of Gary Rd in Toms River
Installing flood vents on my home
Vicinity of Joanna Drive in Toms River
Squirrels in my attic. I had it cleaned out and can see how their getting in. Two entrances. Tried traps with peanut butter. After catching 2 now they get the PB but don't get trapped. ???
Vicinity of Vicari Ave in Toms River
Ants in house last year. Flying termites seen on outside window sill this year.
Vicinity of Mystic Port Place in Toms River
Was looking for a price to spray inside and outside of my home. Inside to prevent ants. Outside for Bees and fleas, I have 2 dogs.
Vicinity of Morris Blvd in Toms River
Bird nesting in 1st floor bathroom exhaust vent. Need bird/nest removed and vent cleaned out.
Vicinity of Wicklow Ct in Toms River
Looking to add insulation in attic
Vicinity of Pine Fork Dr in Toms River
Carpenter ants in the house
Vicinity of Bookbinder Ct in Toms River
Help. I saw a family of skunks waltz out from under my shed tonight. Need to get them removed and then have exclusion fence installed around the shed ASAP. There were groundhogs in same spot and I was getting quotes for the fencing. Then saw the skunks tonight.
Vicinity of Pineview Drive in Toms River
Suspect mold issues- especially in basement and air vents
Vicinity of Pineview Drive in Toms River
Suspect mold due to extensive water damage.
Vicinity of in Toms River
We live in a doublewide Mobile Home in Pine Acres Manor. An animal has died underneath our home. The Smell is horrible. My wife and I are Senior Citizens and can not search for and remove the animal. Looking for help. Do you provide that service? If estimate of cost, please.
Vicinity of Stephan Avenue in Toms River
Fleas, Mosquitos, Mice
Vicinity of Parkway Blvd in Toms River
Hello and Good morning, My concerns are raccoons they are in my attic and I think she has her family in there as well. They are always making so much noise and ripping things apart. We bang on the walls they stop but do it again. Hope someone can help me with this big issue. Thank you!
Vicinity of Stratford Ct in Toms River
Raccoons in attic i think we trapped them all but not possitive, big stain on ceiling from urine and feces, cleaned up the feces but attic smells and smell is overcoming my sons bedroom he cant sleep in there.
Vicinity of SPRINGER LN in Toms River
Kitchen ants, bedroom spiders, need a yermite check.
Vicinity of Kingsley Ct in Toms River
Saw possible termites
Vicinity of Sweetbay Drive in Toms River
Termite protection and inspect/pest control services.
Vicinity of Carmacks Way in Toms River
Carpenter bee spray. No visible damage but don't like bees circling my house, especially in the evening. Also house crickets in autumn.
Vicinity of Oceanic Drive in Toms River
Ants service
Vicinity of Somerset Drive in Toms River
Hearing an animal in attic above an upstairs bedroom. Noticed some shingling with insulation ripped up in back yard and can see a part of roof lifted up near the gutter. It is consistent with location I am hearing the noise at night.
Vicinity of OSBORN TERRACE in Toms River
I have birds nest in my outside awning right above my slider. Causing quite a mess.
Vicinity of Poe Avenue in Toms River
We have a problem with Carpenter bees near the garage roof and on our deck in back of the house. We will be replacing the roof on both the house and garage shortly, so we need the bees to be eliminated before the roofers start work.
Vicinity of Winterton Dr in Toms River
Need removal of a raccoon discovered noises in attic 2 days ago
Vicinity of Rivers Glen Terrace in Toms River
Recently found bed bugs in daughter's bedroom box spring mattress. I believe we contained the problem but would like to make sure no other rooms in the house are affected. Large 2 story home, 4 bedrooms. Interested in getting a quote for cost for dog to sniff to inspect all rooms. Thanks!
Vicinity of Eleventh Street in Toms River
Mice infestation
Vicinity of Anthony Ave in Toms River
I have spider crickets inside my house and I also found what might have been a very young cockroach.
Vicinity of Maplecrest Rd in Toms River
We have mice, both dead & alive...but no real evidence inside the house. I hear them in the wall at night, I've seen one in the past & my room smells like something died (same smell as when I found a dead mole in my shed).
Vicinity of Oak Crest Drive in Toms River
My husband and I have seen about 10 small cockroaches in our kitchen in the last few months.
Vicinity of Stephan Avenue in Toms River
We have seen a drastic increase of mice in the home and of the cats killing them outside the home. It's gross!
Vicinity of Lucy Lane in Toms River
Noise in the attic
Vicinity of Menlow Court in Toms River
I am buying this house and there is a bee hive in a tree . it is large and is about 10 feet off the ground. i would like to have it removed
Vicinity of Whittier Ave in Toms River
Bees outside opened door some got in Mayday mayday. Lol Don't really like them
Vicinity of Shore Blvd in Toms River
Huge ant problem
Vicinity of Rose Ct in Toms River
Ant infestation
Vicinity of Mount Ararat Lane in Toms River
Is it possible to obtain an estimate for carpenter bee traffic under eaves? Please leave a message as I don't answer unfamiliar numbers.
Vicinity of Gary Road in Toms River
I have Starlings nesting in my retractable awning. This has been a constant problem since 2005.
Vicinity of Golf View Blvd in Toms River
Carpenter Bees
Vicinity of Heritage Way in Toms River
I believe that we have mice in our garage and our basement and also want to get an estimate on spraying our yard for ticks
Vicinity of Tanglewood Road in Toms River
Mother's house being sold. Prospective buyer had an inspector with him and inspector indicated that there were termites in basement. I live in Pennsylvania and would need to Drive to Toms River for appointment. Would like to schedule an appointment to find out if there really are termites and required treatment. Thank you.
Vicinity of Jacks Way in Toms River
Raccoon infestation
Vicinity of Lakewood Rd in Toms River
I would like a call back about wasp control. I have a commercial property that the second floor tenant is having a bad issue with wasps, thank you
Vicinity of Willow Rd in Toms River
Found some damage when renovating downstairs
Vicinity of Albert Ave in Toms River
Moles are ruining my lawn.
Vicinity of CEDAR GROVE ROAD in Toms River
Squirrels in the attic
Vicinity of White Knoll Dr in Toms River
Extensive mice droppings in different areas of basement
Vicinity of Waters Edge Dr. in Toms River
Dog has fleas, want to check the house.
Vicinity of in Toms River
Inquiring about pest control for my attic
Vicinity of in Toms River
I think I may have bed bugs.
Vicinity of Maple Ave in Toms River
Need an estimate asap for our purchase. Inspector says there are issues.Let me know when you can come for a free estimate. Thank you. Vinnie
Vicinity of Almond Dr in Toms River
Need black hornets nest under pool deck removed.
Vicinity of Cokes Dr in Toms River
Wasp/hornets making nest on right side of single story ranch directly through soffit. bees entering between asbestos siding and soffit trim. along entire right side soffit on both slopes.
Vicinity of Indian Hill Rd in Toms River
Bed bugs may be in mattresses in master bedroom and one guest room
Vicinity of Floral Way in Toms River
Ever since I purchased my home in this development, every summer I suffered spider bites on my legs that oozed liquid and caused nausea and fever. I vacuum up the spiders whenever I find them in my home, but clearly they are hiding in the carpet and other areas that need to be sprayed. What will it cost to provide this service?
Vicinity of Bell St in Toms River
Just bought house. Yard is a mess, but main concern is ants which have already come in the house
Vicinity of Fifth Ave in Toms River
I am concerned about the possibility of bed bugs in my bedroom or possibly in my son's bedroom. I live in a 3 bedroom 1500 square foot ranch with a full basement. I am interested in having canine inspection done and would like a quote. Thanks. Nora
Vicinity of Albert Ave. in Toms River
I noticed bees underneath the siding of my house this morning.
Vicinity of Promise Ave in Toms River
Bed bug bites on body every morning but I only see one ever few days. No one elses room have them except for mine. When spotted, it's only on the bed and O jave not seen any droppings in the crease of my bed. (Reaching me by email if possible would be great)
Vicinity of George Rd in Toms River
I need the cheapest and quickest termite protection for the closing on my home. Need inexpensive and quick
Vicinity of Fifth Ave in Toms River
Mice in house
Vicinity of Tudor Drive in Toms River
We're looking to get an estimate for outside spraying for ants spiders mosquitos flys and anything else. And also inside spraying for a bug that we find in the bathroom and by Windows quite often.
Vicinity of Goose Creek Rd in Toms River
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: holiday decor. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Weybridge Court in Toms River
Carpenter Bee infestation
Vicinity of Briar Avenue in Toms River
Either sparrows or starlings (maybe both) nesting in roof crevices.
Vicinity of Mayo Drive in Toms River
I was wondering if you do mosquito and tick control spraying for the spring and summer months.
Vicinity of Kells Ct in Toms River
Squirrel getting into attic.
Vicinity of Mistletoe Court in Toms River
Removal of at least 2 squirrels in the attic. Closing entry.
Vicinity of Redhook Bay Drive in Toms River
I want to move the crawl space access from an inside closet to outside access.
Vicinity of East Drive in Toms River
Lots of bees need gone
Vicinity of Hancock Road in Toms River
We have recently found out we have Mice in our house.
Vicinity of Gorginio Dr in Toms River
Racoon in attic...
Vicinity of Cadillac Dr. in Toms River
Wasp or hornets nest located near front door
Vicinity of Buermann Ave in Toms River
Wasp in overhang over porch
Vicinity of Neville St in Toms River
I have what may possiblly be a carpet beetle issue. My children andbi feel ichy and uncomfortable. We know we may have tracked it from a family member who has had carpet beetles confirmed.
Vicinity of Almond Dr in Toms River
Insect control for home
Vicinity of Reflection Rd in Toms River
Im replacing my old exterminator and need spring summer and fall service of initial termite inspection, spray for ants and carpenters bees twice a year and 2 free visits for additional ant control. how much a year?
Vicinity of Orien Rd in Toms River
We have had some racoon issues a few years back, tonight heard larger animal in attic, noticed a bent in soffit on our roof and knew that something had gotten in, assuming a racoon. Looking for an estimate and work to remove animal and fix damaged soffit.
Vicinity of Pueblo Ct in Toms River
We are hearing scratching inside our exterior wall adjacent to the fireplace
Vicinity of Dugan Lane in Toms River
Squirrels in the attic & walls -one in our house upstairs!
Vicinity of Oak Ridge Pkwy in Toms River
Mold/Mildew in Crawlspace - called as well. Looking for a
Vicinity of La Terraza Dr. in Toms River
Concerned about crawl space having Mold? Not sure if any is present?
Vicinity of Lester Rd in Toms River
Have some type of wildlife in the attic believed to be possibly squirrels
Vicinity of Lake Placid Road in Toms River
I need a quote for humanely trapping 4 -5 beavers and relocating them.
Vicinity of Spring Hill Drive in Toms River
Mice in the attic
Vicinity of Bequia Ct in Toms River
Estimate for spiders in crawl space
Vicinity of in Toms River
There are no specific issues. Just looking for general pest prevention :)
Vicinity of Bay View Drive in Toms River
Believe I have termites
Vicinity of Winston Ct in Toms River
2 bee sites on our propery one hanging hive in a tree and one in a block wall
Vicinity of Aviary Way in Toms River
Bed Bugs
Vicinity of James St in Toms River
Mold in basement
Vicinity of Yellow Bank Rd in Toms River
Ticks, bees, mosquito
Vicinity of Canterbury Ln in Toms River
I want to check if I have termite, and get a treatment
Vicinity of Lucy Lane in Toms River
Have these little brown bugs that show up. They have little pinchers on them it looks like.
Vicinity of Gary Rd. in Toms River
Have a ground hog living under my back yard shed.
Vicinity of Meadow Lake Drive in Toms River
Ground hog(s) in my side garden
Vicinity of Cohansey Drive in Toms River
Racoon in attic. tearing up insulation
Vicinity of Grande River Blvd in Toms River
Ground hog under deck
Vicinity of Ridgewood Dr in Toms River
We would like to schedule an estimate for a problem we are having with carpenter bees.
Vicinity of Beverly Court in Toms River
Bee or hornets nest under roof....second level....very high
Vicinity of Vauxhall Road in Toms River
There are bees flying around my roof. It started with just a few a few years ago, but now it's like 10. I spray stuff but they don't go away. I don't see a hive anywhere.
Vicinity of La Terraza Drive in Toms River
Carpenter bees
Vicinity of Wyoming Dr in Toms River
Carpenter bees hanging around the outside of my house in the backyard. Looks like they are making a nest in some wood under a piece of flashing near my roofline.
Vicinity of in Toms River
Racoon in the atic
Vicinity of France St in Toms River
Would like yard sprayed for ticks and mosquitos
Vicinity of Holly St in Toms River
Groundhogs under shed
Vicinity of Courtney Court in Toms River
Hearing "something's" crawling in the attic at night.
Vicinity of Beltane Road in Toms River
Ants crawling on floor and counter top in spare bathroom. Ants crawling on counter tops in kitchen.
Vicinity of Monmouth Ave in Toms River
We have spotted at least 3 mice in our home. They seem to hide under the fridge and under/in the stove. We captured one but can still hear others in the walls. We can't identify where they came from.
Vicinity of Driftwood Place in Toms River
Cup fungus growing on interior wall between carpet and baseboard
Vicinity of Lenox Street in Toms River
Possible mold in house effecting sinuses
Vicinity of Princess Court in Toms River
Squirrel in the wall got through a hole in T111 siding
Vicinity of Second Avenue in Toms River
Crawl space insulation and cold floors.
Vicinity of Windsor Ave in Toms River
Looking for cost of squirrel or raccoon removal from attic
Vicinity of Scarlet Oak Ave in Toms River
I hear several noises coming from the attic, mainly during early morning hours until late afternoon. This happened all of last winter and stopped in the Spring, and has now started again.
Vicinity of McMormick Street in Toms River
Termite inspection estimate
Vicinity of Spruce Hill Drive in Toms River
Hornets nest on tree trunk approx 10 ft high
Vicinity of Ray Drive in Toms River
I have many spiders around the house.i also have a 3mon old baby and i am concerned about the baby
Vicinity of Amsterdam Ave in Toms River
Raccoon in attic.
Vicinity of Huckleberry Lane in Toms River
I'm selling my house and at inspection they said there was evidence of termites. I had treated the house many years ago so I am not sure if this is what is left or is new. I am in need of a certificate to prove the house is termite free.
Vicinity of Wicklow Court in Toms River
Bats in attic? there are 2 or 3 that fly around my house and i saw two last night that I'm sure flew out from under my fascia board near the corner of my house. Looking to see what an inspection would cost etc.
Vicinity of Bud Ct in Toms River
Raccoon in fireplace.
Vicinity of Ocean View Drive in Toms River
We have a raccoon in our attic.
Vicinity of in Toms River
We are the property managers for the above strip mall. We are looking to have the center treated two times a year for rodents and roaches. Our current exterminator has retired. The mall consists of 10 spaces. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kenton Drive in Toms River
It is 1:30am and have been up for an hour lisrening to the sounds of pitter patter in my attic and louder noises suggesting there might be something bigger than squirrels up there. I need someone today to help.
Vicinity of Middlesex Street in Toms River
I've just recently discovered that my attic vent is badly damaged and believe that an animal may have entered my home. I must admit I have not heard any noises coming from the attic area. I am afraid to get up on a latter and check for fear it may be a Racoon. What would the cost be to have somone come out and check?
Vicinity of Main Street in Toms River
Basement has black mold on north wall due to no sun on that side of the bldg. I would like a free estimate. alt phone #Cell
Vicinity of Atsion Way in Toms River
Scratching sound in wall
Vicinity of Lilac Dr. in Toms River
Mold in basement!
Vicinity of Sea Breeze Rd in Toms River
Make sure I have no mold in my home from Sandy
Vicinity of Ilexberry Lane in Toms River
Spme black coming thru paint in two corners of basement
Vicinity of Smith Rd in Toms River
My basement 2 rooms sometimes got water in it when it rain, the problem that cause that is fix, but im affair the room may be molded
Vicinity of Cranberry Rd in Toms River
Recent flooding of my craw space after Sandy. Sand floor but concerned about mold on walls and plastic vapor bearer.