Work Requests in Trenton

Cowleys Pest Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Trenton. Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services's recent work requests in Trenton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Trenton, NJ
Vicinity of Riverside Rd in Trenton
Seen a bug today
Vicinity of Centre Street in Trenton
Mice in the house
Vicinity of Dayton St in Trenton
Vicinity of Irving Ct in Trenton
Dog has fleas
Vicinity of Gail Ct in Trenton
We hear an animal running around in the attic when we go to sleep at night. Don't know if it is active during the day. We would like to have someone come out, remove the animal and possible find out where they are getting in and prevent it for the future.
Vicinity of Andrea Lane in Trenton
We just moved into our new home mid September and just recently discovered many oil beetles in our backyard..too many for us to shoo away individually. We've been researching them high and low online and my boyfriend came across your oil beetle article online.One biggest concerns after researching is that we just got a small puppy so his health and well being are crucial with these insects. Picked up some diatomaceous earth to try but also looking for another alternative (if stronger than DE) as well...something animal safe and non toxic. The one piece of info we can't seem to find is where these things generate from...if we knew the source and where they "live" we'd destroy it and their colony, but we do not know where they are coming from. If you can please help us in any way it would be greatly appreciated.
Vicinity of Robbinsville Edinburg Rd in Trenton
School my daughter attends has multiple beehives outside that need to be taken care of. Makes it difficult for children to participate in gym outside and wait for bus in am due to bees attacking and stinging them. Would like to see if we can eradicate the bees if the school will not take care of it.
Vicinity of Chestnut Ave. in Trenton
Vicinity of West Hanover Street in Trenton
Vicinity of Clayton Ave in Trenton
Fleas in home. Got them through our 3 cats. Want to treat home to eliminate fleas.
Vicinity of Mercer St in Trenton
I found what I believe are carpenter ants in my attic. I need to get them out.
Vicinity of Church St in Trenton
Squirrels in house
Vicinity of Coral Drive in Trenton
There's a squirrel who has made a home in my roof. I would like to evict it.
Vicinity of Estates Blvd. in Trenton
I have a groundhog living under my shed. It has been out a lot and is eating my plants/grass and digging holes. I need it removed.
Vicinity of Lee Ave in Trenton
Miiicccceee!!Field mice have infested our home. My childreb love playing on the floor, and the idea of them sharing the space is sickening. Please consult with a free estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Pearl Street in Trenton
Vicinity of Bayberry Rd in Trenton
Raccoons in attic.
Vicinity of Woodhampton Drive in Trenton
We have located a very large nest in our pine tree that we believe is either wasps or hornets. We need to have this taken care of as soon as possible and would like a description and price quote of your services. Thank you.
Vicinity of Garfield Ave House in Trenton
Vicinity of Baltusrol St. in Trenton
I believe I have a mole problem in my lawn.
Vicinity of Jencohallo Ave in Trenton
Our house has fleas. i'm allergic. we have 4 dogs and a cat, this is my last resort
Vicinity of Walnut Ave in Trenton
Roaches and mice problem
Vicinity of Riverside Ave in Trenton
Purchasing home. Evidence of a few stink bugs in third floor, previous carpenter bee activity on siding and garage. Need investigation/possible treatment of these plus regular bi-annual house treatment. Preferably on 6/15.
Vicinity of Olden Ave in Trenton
Need estimate
Vicinity of Walnut Ave. in Trenton
Bed bugs on 2nd and 3rd floor (one apartment that spans both floors). Bed bugs in 2 bedrooms and maybe living room.
Vicinity of Concord Ave in Trenton
We bought our house in May of last year and the whole summer were plagued by bug bites every time we went outside. We would like to get the yard sprayed this year to avoid this. We are in Hamilton.
Vicinity of Lowell Ave in Trenton
It looks like 2 small birds are living above a seond story window, maybe have a nest,made a hole in the house above the window.
Vicinity of Terrapin Ln in Trenton
Mosquito control
Vicinity of Martin Lane in Trenton
We have what i believe to be squirrels in our attic. i have tried mouse and rat killer and it didn't work, so squirrels is my next choice. i would be interested in a quote to get rid of them and at least point out where they are getting in (and correct if necessary).
Vicinity of Elm Street in Trenton
We suspect of bed bug related issues but are not sure of the exact type of pest.
Vicinity of Nottingham Way in Trenton
Vicinity of Kentucky Avenue in Trenton
We just moved from the property with the bedbugs. We threw out all of our fun either and are awaiting delivery of new items. We were in search of something to endure we don't renew the infestation at the new property.
Vicinity of Carroll Street in Trenton
Vicinity of Churchill Avenue in Trenton
Selling fathers house buyers want termite certification for sale
Vicinity of Broad Ave in Trenton
I saw a bedbug on the bed for my son that was given to me.
Vicinity of Simpson Street in Trenton
Mold in basement
Vicinity of in Trenton
Need bed bugs out my apartment ASAP !
Vicinity of in Trenton
We have a raccoon family in our yard I have a 10 & 11 year old children and the neighbors have a 15 and 7 year old when there visting. I would like them removed the go between the shed and a tree
Vicinity of Pierce Ave in Trenton
Have bird nest in the bathroom exhaust vent and now sounds like one of them have made it down to inside the ceiling in the dining room. Need to get a FREE estimate for having the nest removed.
Vicinity of Barry Way in Trenton
We are selling our home and the buyer's WDIR came back stating that there was a carpenter ant observed on right exterior wall of house, as well as a shelter tube observed in the garage. We need to treat and provide certification of treatment to the buyer's and are looking for an estimate of treatment/certification.
Vicinity of New Willow St in Trenton
Mold check n treat
Vicinity of Beaumont Rd in Trenton
Squirrel in heater chimney
Vicinity of Woodland St in Trenton
Have major mold in my basement. I need an estimate for repair and restoration.
Vicinity of LAMBERTON ST in Trenton
Would like to know the cost of bed-bug inspection?
Vicinity of Morgan Avenue in Trenton
Ants and mice
Vicinity of Parkside Ave in Trenton
I believe a raccoon or squirrel Is getting into my attic. My neighbor who shares a roof with me in this semi-detached home has also confirmed the noises as well. Please help asap!!
Vicinity of WALL ST in Trenton
Vicinity of Masterson Ct in Trenton
Have water spots that shows in bed room and bathrooms walls. & blue color.. Mole in storage.
Vicinity of Norway Ave in Trenton
Bed bugs
Vicinity of Broad Ave in Trenton
Black mold on lower level of home
Vicinity of Currier Way in Trenton
Need attic insulation cleaned out, all pest debris and attic sealed
Vicinity of Hauser Ave. in Trenton
We have bats in the eaves on the outside of the house. Possibly in the front porch ceiling, too. Although we haven't see droppings there in quite a while.
Vicinity of Parkway Ave in Trenton
Bed Bugs.
Vicinity of Pearl St in Trenton
My tenants are reporting bed bugs in their unit. this is a 2 unit home attached on 1 side (twin) to a similar dwelling. 1st floor has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and living room. 2nd floor has 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bath. please include both rental units in your quote, thanks.
Vicinity of Exton Ave in Trenton
Have bug beds in my home need a estimate
Vicinity of Woodhampton Drive in Trenton
Experiencing noises from difficult to access attic area. Suspect it is squirrel or raccoon (one or a few more). Need extraction and exclusion. Please provide price quote.
Vicinity of Genesee St in Trenton
I need to get rid of roaches in my house today.
Vicinity of Columbus Ave in Trenton
I saw a bat flying around in my home, and cannot find him since last night.. my concern is where did it get in my home and how to stop this from happening.
Vicinity of South Walter in Trenton
Fleas and bed bugs
Vicinity of Ashmore Ave in Trenton
Bedbugs and cock roaches
Vicinity of Lyndale Avenue in Trenton
Cockroaches seen in kitchen in last 6 months. Daily sightings.
Vicinity of Kent St in Trenton
Bed Bugs.
Vicinity of Middleton Drive in Trenton
We have a garage that is in back I house the problem is we just found mushrooms growing in it. Our main bedroom is right above were the problem is and we have a baby on the way and the babies room is on the other side of our room. I'm afraid the toxic smells from the garage is coming up into bedrooms and or going thru vents. We are currently renting house and my husband told landlord he we clean it out. I would like to know how dangerous this mold is and how much it would cost to have done. As I believe the landlord is responsible for this not us. Please help
Vicinity of Honeyflower Dr in Trenton
Some type of dead animal under the deck can not see whats their smell it
Vicinity of Hamilton Ave in Trenton
Have two apartments over a non operational restaurant. One of the apartments has a bad bed bug infestation.
Vicinity of Stuyvesant Ave in Trenton
I want to submit an offer to purchase a house that has mold. I need to know how much it would cost to have the mold problem eliminated.
Vicinity of Bryn Mawr Ave in Trenton
We have squirrels at minimum 3 on the our house it.sounds like they may the walls in the morning but we are bot sure.
Vicinity of Berkeley Ave in Trenton
Squirrels in walls via rotted soffits. Need squirrels removed.
Vicinity of in Trenton
Black snake with a little white underneath head.
Vicinity of Connecticut Ave in Trenton
Skunk removal
Vicinity of Randall Avenue in Trenton
Selling property and need a termite treatment
Vicinity of Centre Street in Trenton
Bed bugs, roaches, fleas, and mice
Vicinity of Thropp Ave in Trenton
The house has weird smell after the basement flooded. I would like to get it tested for mold.
Vicinity of Secretario Way in Trenton
Mold and air quality
Vicinity of Olden Terrace in Trenton
Top of bedroom wall,cleaned and repainted ,cam back
Vicinity of Lafayette in Trenton
Have some molds, not a lot in crawl space and attic. Need to be remediated. Please call Nick at . Thanks
Vicinity of GRAND ST. in Trenton
Vicinity of Edgewood Avenue in Trenton
Possible mold in attic and basement
Vicinity of Kyle Way in Trenton
Unit had a leaky pipe and now there is mold on walls.
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