Work Requests in Edison

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Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Edison, NJ
Vicinity of Richard Rd in Edison
In attic squirrels and mice in basement and walls
Vicinity of Winding Brook Way in Edison
Garter snake removal
Vicinity of Jersey Ave in Edison
I suspect that there could be pests in my backyard like snakes.. Need help to check it out and exterminate if any found..
Vicinity of Sinclair Road Edison in Edison
Pest Control service for Centepede extermination
Vicinity of Hoover Ave in Edison
Squirrels entering attic thru soffit
Vicinity of Orlando Street in Edison
We think we have birds in the wall.
Vicinity of Tell Pl. in Edison
Racoon(s) in attic
Vicinity of Union Ave in Edison
Our home was inspected before sale and they found termites and some termite damage in one area. Does it make sense to spray the outside of the house for and then wait until coronavirus dies down before taking care of the inside of the house? Thanks, --Maggie
Vicinity of Fairview Ave in Edison
I have bees in the siding of the house and some how there getting into the house
Vicinity of Grandview in Edison
We've heard what sounds like flapping in the chimney.
Vicinity of Waterford Dr in Edison
I live in condo. I have mice issue. I am not able figure out what is their entry point I trapped 4 mice in last 2 weeks. I want some one to figure out entry points and seal it off. make it pest proof.
Vicinity of Linden Ave in Edison
Ants! under sink around toilet
Vicinity of Merrywood DR in Edison
Rodent control.
Vicinity of Anthony Ave in Edison
Flying squirrels in the attic
Vicinity of Merrywood Drive in Edison
Musty odor from basement is even noticed on 2nd floor asking for an inspection and free estimate to detect any possible mold and how to eliminate the musty odor and install a dehumidifier in basement
Vicinity of Jennifer Court in Edison
We just found a Garter Snake in front of our house in bushes.
Vicinity of Netherwood Cir in Edison
Please send quote
Vicinity of Kearny Ave in Edison
Hi, I live in apartment need to treatment for carper have lot of flea or bug in carpet but can't see it small black and aching in legs.
Vicinity of Plainfield Avenue in Edison
Looking for quote for groundhog removal.
Vicinity of Balzano Ct in Edison
Need to remove groundhogs from my backyard.
Vicinity of Runyon Ave in Edison
Trap and remove groundhog under deck and foundation of house
Vicinity of Rainford Road in Edison
Pest control inside home
Vicinity of Sturgis Rd in Edison
Would like information on mosquito control.
Vicinity of Montview Rd in Edison
Groundhog removal
Vicinity of Wood Ave in Edison
We are looking to enjoy our pool this summer. Last year was horrible with the bugs.
Vicinity of Netherwood Circle in Edison
Need to get service for pests
Vicinity of Carriage Place in Edison
There were ants in my bathroom when the tiles were openened
Vicinity of Latoniast in Edison
Extermination for carpenter bees
Vicinity of Malvern Way in Edison
Birds nest in my kitchen vent.
Vicinity of Garden St in Edison
May have found bed bugs, had rashes for almost two weeks
Vicinity of Suydam Ave in Edison
Termite colony in laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom.
Vicinity of McEvoy Rd in Edison
Vicinity of College Dr in Edison
Condo Associate sprayed common areas and hallways and now bugs are in the unit.
Vicinity of Dey Pl in Edison
We have bed bugs can you please take care of that
Vicinity of Avenue C in Edison
I have squirrels in and out of my attic and I need to get the access areas sealed off and my attic sanitized.
Vicinity of Loring Ave in Edison
We have mice in our attic. I places traps and killed a few last year but they came back. Another company placed poison down last year also but they are back again
Vicinity of Raspberry Court in Edison
Found bed bugs in the Hall, need quote for bed bug control .and guarantee provided
Vicinity of in Edison
Looking for a pest control plan , noticed bugs around home
Vicinity of Phillips Rd in Edison
We have snake in backyard, need to be removed
Vicinity of Phillip Dr in Edison
Need regular pest control. please call immediately.
Vicinity of Midwood Ave in Edison
Pest control in my house
Vicinity of Dayton Rd in Edison
Potentially rodents in the attic
Vicinity of Winter Street in Edison
I bought my home 5 years ago. During the home inspection, there was evidence of minor termite damage on a sill plate which was repaired, however there was no evidence of an active termite infestation. It has been 5 years since that inspection and I was just looking to see what the charge would be to come out and just perform a regular termite inspection.
Vicinity of Schubert Ave in Edison
Hi i am looking for Pest control service for my House and looking for estimates. Thanks Pankaj
Vicinity of Melbloum Lane in Edison
Having problems with two different kinds of ants.
Vicinity of in Edison
Bed bug heat treatment cost
Vicinity of Dayton Dr in Edison
Vicinity of Timber Oaks Rf in Edison
Need help with roaches issue
Vicinity of Penn Ave in Edison
We have these little black bugs that we are killing not sure with they are
Vicinity of Hamlin Rd in Edison
Birds are nesting in a vent in our roof overhang. (It's a flat roof and has vents on the bottom of the roof where it overhangs the house).
Vicinity of Blueberry Ct in Edison
Bed bugs
Vicinity of Bonnie Brook Ave in Edison
Termite inspection for purchase of a home.
Vicinity of Judson Street in Edison
Want to get rid of cockroaches.
Vicinity of Tived Lane in Edison
Having a problem with sugar ants in the kitchen, they are coming in under the windowsill in kitchen. This is the second season they appeared.
Vicinity of Raspberry CT in Edison
First floor condo with ants
Vicinity of Koster Blvd in Edison
Just moved into apartment February 1st, started seeing clusters of ants in our kitchen coming from a hole in wall, also clusters in the bathroom and bedroom. I have a newborn and ants are crawling all over her bottles and clothes inside dressers, I don't know where the rest are coming from, we take out our garbage every day and our apartment is clean.
Vicinity of Lucinda Ct. in Edison
We have ants in our bathroom, kitchen and family room. We have tried the off the shelf baits and sprays, but the problem is not getting resolved.
Vicinity of McKinley Avenue in Edison
I moved into a house after construction and see few bugs and spiders in the house.
Vicinity of Bernice Street in Edison
Mice in kitchen
Vicinity of Winnie Ct in Edison
Generally get little black ants in kitchen every spring. Also have silverfish
Vicinity of Ramsey Road in Edison
We have squirrels in attic and I wanted to get estimate and to find out what kind of warranty you offer.
Vicinity of Rosewood Rd. in Edison
We are not sure if we have rodents but it sounds like an animal is scurrying across the ceiling in between 1st and 2nd floor and there is a new stain on the ceiling - maybe from the animal urinating??
Vicinity of VILLAGE DRIVE in Edison
Mice problem in kitchen - need to clear them out
Vicinity of Hull Drive in Edison
Mice in the walls
Vicinity of Baldwin Road in Edison
I get some weird looking bugs in my den. I would like you to inspect and get rid of those bugs.
Vicinity of Tingley Lane in Edison
We are selling my mothers home and it looks like there may be a termite issue in the sill. We would like an overall inspection of the house completed. Thanks
Vicinity of East Dr in Edison
4 bedroom house
Vicinity of Evergreen Rd in Edison
Me and my daughter got insect bite for month. My daughter got new bite every day.
Vicinity of Magnolia Rd in Edison
Hi, Can you give me an estimate for roach treatment? Thanks P
Vicinity of Lexington Ave in Edison
Bed bug infestation
Vicinity of Timber Oaks Rd in Edison
Looking for cockroach control/exterminator service.
Vicinity of Denver Blvd in Edison
Bed bug inspection
Vicinity of JEREMY CT in Edison
Bed Bugs are being found recently and I am bit worried of them.
Vicinity of Cinder Road in Edison
I live in Oak Tree Village apartment. First 6 months, no cockroaches. Recently (in 2 months), there is such a big population cockroaches all around the places inside my apartment - Kitchen to bath room. I need a permanent solution to get rid of these cockroaches
Vicinity of Prestwick Way in Edison
Bed bugs.
Vicinity of Raspberry Ct in Edison
Vicinity of Seymour Ave in Edison
I have a mouse situation
Vicinity of Bloomfield Ave in Edison
I have been having a problem with ants. I believe they are carpenter ants. Last year we had a problem in our upstairs and were treated by another company. This year, I had seen a few earlier in the year upstairs, but over the past couple of days, they have been all over my kitchen. They seem to have no interest in food, they aren't swarming my fruit or my sink, etc. But I have killed dozens over the weekend and the majority of them have been on my counter. I live in Edison and was wondering what the cost would be for this service. Thank you, Kim Sahadi
Vicinity of Evergreenroad in Edison
Bed bugs
Vicinity of Rieder Road in Edison
Possible yellow jackets or honey bees entering through a small opening above the window frame outside on the first floor. One can hear them buzz near the window in the bedroom. A few of them managed to enter the bedroom through a small hole they made in the dry wall. The hole has now been sealed using fiber mesh and grout.
Vicinity of Orange Street in Edison
German Cockroach and Carpenter Ants
Vicinity of Farmhaven Ave in Edison
Need extermination for cockroaches
Vicinity of NETHERWOOD CIRCLE in Edison
Looking for Termite Inspection and quote
Vicinity of Weldon Road in Edison
Need to rid house of bed bugs.
Vicinity of Brandywine Ct in Edison
Need to remove any bees or wasps or other insects from my yard and a small shed in it.
Vicinity of Rivendellway in Edison
My mattress is infected with bed bugs and i have already discarded my bed box. the infestation is now limited only to the mattress and i see 1 or 2 bugs once every 3 4 days. but not able to locate the source. Would need a quote from you and possibly set up an appointment at the earliest.
Vicinity of Oxford Rd in Edison
Vicinity of Roxy Avenue in Edison
House centipedes need to be gotten rid of
Vicinity of Calvert Ave E in Edison
Hi, I would like to remove a small snake from my property. Looking for an estimate. Thanks, Manish
Vicinity of Melbloum Lane in Edison
We have bird's nest inside bathroom air vent ( from outside) we need it cleaned up and broken vent cover need to be replaced
Vicinity of Teaberry Dr in Edison
Active bird's nest in the attic to be removed.
Vicinity of Edward Stec Blvd in Edison
Need quote for removing bird stuck inside the vent of the over the oven microwave. Also if the vent opening on external side can be protected for future entry. It's a condo unit on 2nd floor.
Vicinity of Rivendell Way in Edison
I live in single bedroom apartment. I found Bed bugs on my bed, killed around 20 bed-bugs and cleaned with limited knowledge. I want to understand the qoute for eliminating this completely
Vicinity of in Edison
Vicinity of Fox Road in Edison
My tenant complained about he saw ants in the house, small one in the first floor bit ones in the second floor, I want to have an estimate and book a one time removal or control treatment. Thanks
Vicinity of Hana Rd in Edison
Squirrel in between first and second floor.
Vicinity of Crosby Avenue in Edison
Mainly Ant infestation.
Vicinity of Hana Rd. in Edison
A hole was identified in our roof. We believe this was the entry point where animals entered (although there may be other entry points). My landlords had the hole closed this week. Since then, we saw a mouse (we think it was a mouse) running right across our living room. A man who our landlords hired went into our attic and removed a dead squirrel. Apparently, the attic is full of animal feces. Also, there is a dead animal in the walls of my closet. The smell is unbearable. I fear there may be many mice in the house/walls of the house.
Vicinity of ABBOTT CT in Edison
I have a termite colony in the basement.
Vicinity of Woodland Ava in Edison
An inspector says we have powder post beetles and I need local treatment Please call, I am available March 31st in the afternoon or April 1st. I need cost estimates
Vicinity of MATSON RD in Edison
It seems either a squirrel or any kind of animal is in my attic. I hear fast pitter-patter sound from the ceiling at night time. I want it to be inspected and rectified. Please contact me by e-mail. Thanks. Also, I would like to get a estimate for termite treatment.
Vicinity of Craig St in Edison
Vicinity of Waterford Drive in Edison
Roaches / pest problem - need immediate service
Vicinity of College Drive in Edison
A complete pest control for a 2 bedroom appartment. send me the cost information
Vicinity of Churchill Road in Edison
It seems either a bird or any kind of animal is trapped or nesting in my attic. I want it to be inspected and rectified. Please contact me by e-mail. Thanks.
Vicinity of Edward Stec Blvd in Edison
Needed to get a quote for bed bug inspection for a condo.
Vicinity of Mary Ellen Drive in Edison
Rodent in air duct.
Vicinity of Fred Pl in Edison
We have insect bites on our hands and legs but cant see any bugs anywhere in our house
Vicinity of WOODLAND AVE in Edison
There are some bugs flying around our rooms. My son said he saw mouse in our attic.
Vicinity of Stephenville Pway in Edison
Vicinity of K Reading Road in Edison
Looks like I have few bed bugs, need inspection and estimates for 2 bhk
Vicinity of Annette Dr in Edison
I have a Wasp nest on the left side of the house near the chimney. I need to remove it.
Vicinity of Tyroler Avenue in Edison
Hello, I've had some wasps creeping through my recessed light occasionally. Mostly when the weather was hot. Don't see them now.. but want to get the problem fixed. Can you provide an estimate? I see an opening on roof, a trip that's broken, and think that's where they are creeping in from.
Vicinity of in Edison
Remove mold from home
Vicinity of Pleasant Avenue in Edison
Mice in attic. Exclusion work needed
Vicinity of Stewart Ave in Edison
We have had a woodchuck/groundhog living beneath a shed for years. We now suspect there may be more than one and there is now burrowing under a fence into a neighbor's yard. We would like to know how you would handle this and what the cost would be. Also, how do we determine how many there may/may not be? Thank you
Vicinity of MacArthur Drive in Edison
Mold in the basement
Vicinity of Adams St in Edison
Odor emanates from the mostly dry basement which also comes through first 1st floor A/C. Not sure if mold is present.
Vicinity of Outcalt Rd in Edison
We have a pair of groundhogs who have burrowed behind our shed. We would like a removal cost estimate.
Vicinity of Bartha in Edison
Need a quote for the cleaning of bed bugs of 500-100sft. need asap
Vicinity of Wilmbelton Ct in Edison
Need to eliminate bed bugs.
Vicinity of Woodbury Road in Edison
Hornet nest and ants remove
Vicinity of Edison Ave in Edison
Mold Inspection & Remediation
Vicinity of Stonehedge Rd in Edison
Suspecting that the part of attic has some part gotten wet due to lapse leaks from skylight fixture sides. Though the skylight is replaced now, want to check if there are any mold in that area, and to get estimate if it needs to be remediated..
Vicinity of Roger Rd in Edison
Hello, we have squirrels in the attic. please help! thank you!
Vicinity of Livingston Ave in Edison
Termite infestation noted near the basement window. Mud tubes are visible.
Vicinity of Christie in Edison
We think we might have a mice or groundhog in our basement. A few item were chewed off. We just moved into this house a couple of weeks ago and the rodent inspection report didn't show anything. I would like to get an estimate from you for mice / groundhog removal.
Vicinity of Woodbridge Ave in Edison
Got bad bugs in the apt. Need to find out the estimate
Vicinity of Briar Ave in Edison
Raccoon mom and at least 2 maybe 3 babys. living in the chimney chase on roof between garage and the house
Vicinity of Whelan Street in Edison
Have ants and rodents in home basement and kitchen area.
Vicinity of Summit Ave in Edison
Mice in Attic, and Possible bats. Couple of Holes in Roof and Siding areas needs to be closed and if require to put One way Tarp(for Bats to exit out). Night time hear rattling/Scratching sounds from Attic as well as from main floor which is basement's roof)
Vicinity of Dale Dr in Edison
Mold in basement and need treatment
Vicinity of in Edison
We have bedbugs in our apartment.we have lived there for seven years and never had a problem.we had tenants move and new ones in over the last few months.I do not know if we are fully responsible for this or is he landlord.But I need to know what to do and how to get rid of them.
Vicinity of Mundy Avenue in Edison
Need to determine source of mold in the basement and our garage.
Vicinity of Frost Ave East in Edison
Some Aspergillus/Penicillium found on some of the ceiling joists in basement.
Vicinity of Florence St in Edison
Basement got floated few times.
Vicinity of Ellis Pky in Edison
Tenents complained about the mold in the basement
Vicinity of Rahway Road in Edison
Selling home - inspection report indicated "maybe" mold, would like to have it checked
Vicinity of Exeter Avenue in Edison
We have identified mold in the basement of the house and are seeking an assessment to verify and repair accordingly.
Vicinity of Butler Road in Edison
I would like to get checked Mold in the house and repair estimate. Is this health hazard?
Vicinity of Stacey St in Edison
Found mold on the ceiling of one of the bedrooms.