Work Requests in Brick

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Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Brick, NJ
Vicinity of DOGWOOD DRIVE in Brick
We would like an estimate for, ants, mosquitos, field mice and whatever else you cover. Thanks
Vicinity of Rhode Island Ave in Brick
Hi. Our backyard seems to be a natural sanctuary for all types of critters. While we don't mind most of them, we do have a significant problem with moles (which I have been somewhat successful catching with mousetraps) and more importantly- chipmunks. The chipmunks have been causing major destruction. Massive tunnels have been carved out under the driveway, causing it to sink in during the past 2 summer heatwaves, and I have seen many other entry points throughout my backyard, including the new garden. I would like an evaluation and estimate to try to get this under control. Thank you.
Vicinity of Katie Lynn Court in Brick
Ants & termites
Vicinity of Glover Ave in Brick
Racoon in attic
Vicinity of Michigan Avenue in Brick
Vicinity of Hooper Ave in Brick
Property is directly adjacent to some county-owned woodlands which means we get SWAMPED with mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and all kinds of flying pests through the spring and summer. Tried my best to combat it last year but nothing seemed to work. Could really use some advice & help with making sure our yard stays mosquito-free this year so we can enjoy the outdoors.
Vicinity of Diane Dr in Brick
Mice in garage and basements
Vicinity of Branch Blvd in Brick
Possible bed bugs in one room so far.
Vicinity of Polk Dr in Brick
Good afternoon - I'm having a skunk issue in my yard. We have a fence but the skunk has dug a hole underneath and as i refill the hole, it just burrows again. My dog has been sprayed 4x in the last year and we have both had about enough. I can't figure out what food source keeps drawing it back to my yard. Curious if you would handle trapping and relocating. We also have had a groundhog use the same hole so that may end up in any traps, as well. Thanks; hope to hear back soon.
Vicinity of Huxley Drive in Brick
Possible mold in basement.
Vicinity of in Brick
Live animal in attic.
Vicinity of Huppert Drive in Brick
We're in the process of selling our house. As a result of the home inspection some termite damage was discovered in the crawl space. I'd like you send you a copy of the inspection report for your review, and have you come and give us an estimate. Thanks
Vicinity of in Brick
Need to get the house protected
Vicinity of Wabash Ave in Brick
I think I have a family of skunks living under my shed my dog has been sprayed 3 times in recent months. We just saw one go under our fence. Looking for help or advice
Vicinity of N Lake Shore Drive in Brick
Raccoons in the attic not sure how many there are
Vicinity of Parker Ave. in Brick
For awhile, I have heard a racoon in one of the walls. It seems to come and go, sometimes disappearing for months at a time. It seems to have found a way into my attic now, as there is a huge mound of feces when I pull down the stairs now. If possible, I'd like the racoon removed, the entrances sealed up and the feces removed.
Vicinity of in Brick
Termite treatment
Vicinity of W Lake Dr in Brick
I was told I have mold in my attic and need to have it removed. I would like to set up a time for an estimate , if your company does that.
Vicinity of Pine Dr. in Brick
I have a large hornets nest in my back yard I need to have removed.
Vicinity of Bahia Court in Brick
My two year old is getting bite by something in the house. We just moved in not even a month ago we are extremely clean however I'm still worried. We are on the water and the house is slightly elevated with standing water in the crawl space. We had some ants when we moved in but we got rid of them. So we would like the whole house sprayed and if you do outdoors maybe spray for wasps and hornets we've seen more in the last week than we have in years
Vicinity of S Sailors Quay Dr in Brick
Looking for price for a monthly pest control service to spray the house to prevent bugs from coming in
Vicinity of Diane Drive in Brick
Hello! My dog has been sprayed twice in the past two weeks by a skunk that we believe may be living under our shed in the backyard- while we have been able to wash the smell off of her, we are worried that she could get seriously ill in the future!! We are looking for someone to help remove the skunk and then help us with preventing future skunks from burrowing! Thanks!
Vicinity of Washington Drive in Brick
Family of racoons mother & 3 babies living under shed
Vicinity of Herbert Lane in Brick
There is an underground bee nest on our front lawn. Tons of bees near that location.
Vicinity of Kingfisher Circle in Brick
Small flying ants in the bathroom. House has not been treated in a couple years. Previous exterminator retired.
Vicinity of Joie Place in Brick
Birds nesting in dog gets along front peak of house
Vicinity of Skoog Ct in Brick
Need removal and birds nests and droppings in 3 attic vents
Vicinity of Somerset Drive in Brick
Rodent in attic. Already have trap. Not working.
Vicinity of Windcrest Ct in Brick
Loud noises in attic mostly noticed at night. Happening now at 1am keeping us up. Need to have someone determine what is in attic and remediation plan to remove and seal up entry points.
Vicinity of North Drive in Brick
Large Raccoon with 2 babies that we have seen. She has been seen in the chimney of the house and babies on small shed
Vicinity of E Pompano in Brick
HI I have an empty lot in Brick NJ with a shed on it. There are raccoons inside the shed that I have to have removed. Please provide a quote and time frame that this can be done. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cornell Drive in Brick
Looking for inside and outside spraying. Looking for interior and exterior spraying. Mostly concerned with flies, fleas, ticks, and ants. Driveway and backyard needs to be done too.
Vicinity of Paris Drive in Brick
Have carpenter bees n need to get rid of then. Need quote
Vicinity of Baxter St in Brick
I would like a quote on treating carpenter bees.
Vicinity of HUDSON DRIVE in Brick
Vicinity of Spiral Drive in Brick
Our biggest concern is that We have been finding many ticks in our yard and I have small children we would like to get rid of them as well as mosquitoes.
Vicinity of Princeton Ave in Brick
We have some type of animal in our attic
Vicinity of Millbrook Rd in Brick
We have carpenter bees and I've noticed big black ants lately.
Vicinity of Oak Hollow Road in Brick
I would like to have my yard sprayed for mosquitos. I used Orkin last year but they charged 70$ a month. I was looking to see what your estimate per month would be. Also, I would be interested in mice extermination. I believe they have gotten into the walls possibly through my garage. Thank you!
Vicinity of Columbus Drive in Brick
I used you last year for bat removal. In addition to renewing the bat contract yearly, I was wondering what the pricing would be for the silver package. We currently have a lot of wasps around the house. I am not sure if there is a nest somewhere that I can not locate.
Vicinity of Riviera Dr. in Brick
We have some ants in the house and have also had a few stink bugs upstairs (although I haven't seen them anymore). I know my Dad used to have a service that came to spray the perimeter of his house for all types of bugs. I just bought this home a few months ago and would like to get a quote for protection and also address the ants I've seen in our bathroom.
Vicinity of Holly Berry Lane in Brick
I can hear mice/chipmunks/racoons? in my attic, over my master bedroom. They have lots of nuts for a nest also, from the sound of it. We need them removed please.
Vicinity of Texas Dr in Brick
Need an estimate for termite retreatment
Vicinity of Harding Dr in Brick
Hi, there it an animal trying to get into my attic and is possibly in there already. Something was breaking the vent and I couldn't get a look at what it was. I was hoping you guys could come out and help me. Thank you
Vicinity of Godfrey Lake Drive in Brick
Bed bugs in the house. would love to have extermination this week.
Vicinity of Chucks Ct in Brick
Found a bed bug on my sweatpants alive saved it. Never a bite or seen any before today.
Vicinity of Gloria Ann Smith Dr in Brick
We have some sort of critter in our attic. We had mouse traps out up there but no signs of it. Thinking possible squirrel
Vicinity of Cedar Island Dr in Brick
Removal of a raccoon
Vicinity of Holly Berry Lane in Brick
Raccoon in attic
Vicinity of Holly Berry Lane in Brick
Raccoon in attic
Vicinity of Island Dr in Brick
Cicada Wasps in Backyard.
Vicinity of Burton Parkway in Brick
Mosquito control for my yard.
Vicinity of Cherrywood Circle in Brick
Mouse or mice in kitchen
Vicinity of Meridian Dr in Brick
Termite estimate
Vicinity of Atrium Drive in Brick
Vicinity of Salmon St in Brick
Squirrles over my dinning room
Vicinity of Tammy Ct in Brick
I hear scratching coming from my attic at night.
Vicinity of Ivy Place in Brick
I think I have squirrels in our walls. Sounds too loud to be mice
Vicinity of Rabbit Run in Brick
Bought house last year. Always had termite protection before. Notice spiders in finished basement. Dog has been sniffing for something in garage
Vicinity of Harding Dr. in Brick
We have a 2 level cape and we hear what seem to be raccoons scratching the walls and walking between the levels. It can be 1 that is very active or a few at this point.
Vicinity of Mandarin Rd in Brick
Possible Raccoon or Squirrels in the attic. Looking to ensure attic is critter free prior to having roofing work done.
Vicinity of Duchess Lane in Brick
Bugs control inside and out
Vicinity of Greenhill Dr in Brick
Appointment for coming week
Vicinity of Cedar Island Drive in Brick
2 raccoons outside and living under deck we believe.
Vicinity of Buena Vista Dr in Brick
Tenant moved out and bed bugs were observed
Vicinity of Wabash Ave in Brick
Vicinity of Baxter St in Brick
Need a estimate for termites and carpenter ants..termites are dead..I kow it doesn't matter..thnx.
Vicinity of Delmar Drive in Brick
I have found some Carpenter Ants going up one of my gutters and two springtails in my home. I also found a field mouse in my shed and am afraid of them entering the house. I am looking for immediate control of these and perimeter control.
Vicinity of Manasquan Court in Brick
For 4 days we've had flies show up inside our home in quantities. We believe they are cluster flies.
Vicinity of Winding River Road in Brick
Small carpenter bee problem & want a quote on general services.
Vicinity of N Lake Dr in Brick
My tenant at the above address is having a recurrent ant issue. We've had someone come in but it's still unresolved. I'd like a price to treat the home. Thank you
Vicinity of Capri Dr in Brick
We just purchased this house a few weeks ago and we are having an ant problem. I keep finding them mostly in my kitchen on the counter. We do have a lot outside but think they are different ants. If you could please email me a estimate on the cost for you guys to come out and take a look i would appreciate it. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jeffery Ln in Brick
Price quote for yearly contract
Vicinity of Stephan Road in Brick
If you offer a free estimate, I'd like an estimate on a one time termite treatment and a one year termite contract for the home. I am just going to go with the lowest bid from three local termite companies. You can contact me via email [email protected] Mike
Vicinity of Harbor Place in Brick
My house is infested with tiny ants. Help!
Vicinity of Baywood Blvd in Brick
Need someone out here to exterminate today cause we think we have termites flying and what it will cost
Vicinity of Alaska Ave in Brick
Birds have created a nest in the eves of our home
Vicinity of Heritage Dr in Brick
One story 1500 sq ft. Crawl space and attic. For mice.
Vicinity of in Brick
I have small holes along my foundation. I'm not sure what type of rodents are living there, but my cat is constantly catching, eating, and sometimes vomiting mice, voles and chipmunks. I am tired of observing the food chain, and want them gone. Is there a way to do this without poisoning my cat in the process?
Vicinity of Laurman Ave in Brick
House next door vacant since 2008. Recently purchased. New owner put on a new roof. Apparently the squirrels that lived there moved next door to my house(seasonal). Chewed the vinyl soffits to get in. I will be available on Monday, 5/23, all day for an estimate.
Vicinity of McKay Drive in Brick
Mouse and ants in the house
Vicinity of BAXTER ST in Brick
Vicinity of Wayside Dr in Brick
Mice in the attic
Vicinity of Katie Lynn Court in Brick
There are groundhogs living under the shed in the back yard.
Vicinity of Cheryl Lane in Brick
We are already seeing ticks. We have animals so would need something that would not be dangerous to them or ourselves.
Vicinity of Page Drive in Brick
Large bees and hornets in backyard. Possibly in soffets.
Vicinity of Joseph Byrne Dr in Brick
Hello, i have a scratching sound coming from in between the walls on my 2nd floor. ..I have only heard it 4x in the past 2 months, only at night. Wondering what it is and how much to fix this problem. Thanks again. Austin
Vicinity of Linden Avenue in Brick
We just moved into our home in February. Spring has brough little black ants all over the house. I'm sure there are other pests around also. We are on vacation in Costa Rica until Saturday night, but our house sitter squad ants are everywhere. We have two dogs and want as organic and safe of a solution as possible. How soon can you get someone to come out and treat? What are the plan / cost options? Please email me back as I have no cell service while away. Thanks, Jenn
Vicinity of Hill Dr in Brick
We have ants in the kitchen and bathrooms.
Vicinity of Edgewood Dr in Brick
Raccoon in my attic. Wish to have it trapped and removed
Vicinity of Riverview in Brick
Mice 0r rat
Vicinity of Sateroja Road in Brick
Vicinity of Hooper Ave in Brick
Squirrel in the attic
Vicinity of Church Rd in Brick
There's a raccoon in my attic
Vicinity of Ivanhoe Road in Brick
Squirrels in attic. They have chewed through facia board and I hear them running around up there.
Vicinity of North Lake Shore Drive in Brick
Bees getting.under cedar.siding by way of spaces in between bricks on front left side of home above far left window. Noticed this for a few weeks and spraying with pesticide does not help.
Vicinity of Karen Lane in Brick
Cave crickets in crawl space. Yuck
Vicinity of Sally Ike Rd in Brick
Groundhog dug into backyard by fence and shed. Need removed.
Vicinity of Sloping Hill Terrace in Brick
Squirrels in the attic
Vicinity of Greentree Rd in Brick
There have been a few groundhogs in this yard coming and going since last year. I think he lived under my neighbors shed but now he has been seen going under a ramp near my front door. I am interested in getting rid of them but do not know if it is feasible.Pat
Vicinity of in Brick
Vicinity of Carroll Fox Road in Brick
Raccoons in our attic
Vicinity of E Esplanade in Brick
Need an esteimate on mold
Vicinity of ARROWHEAD PARK DR in Brick
There is a bee/wasp small nest under the railing of my deck. We have flies getting in the house from somewhere. Not sure how they are getting in, but wanted to do something to keep them from getting in. We have spiders/ crickets in our basement.
Vicinity of Emberly Road in Brick
I think neighbor has carpenter bees. They are now swarming around my house .
Vicinity of Bretonian Drive in Brick
I have carpenter bees nesting in the eaves of the side of my home. I have tried sprays and although killed some bees it isn't working completely because they are still there. I can see the sawdust falling from the holes as well.
Vicinity of in Brick
I would like an estimate for carpenter bees ASAP. HELP!
Vicinity of Hill Drive in Brick
Outdoor wooded area needs tick treatment Large spiders
Vicinity of Atrium Drive in Brick
Bees nesting in siding of home
Vicinity of Solar Drive in Brick
We have carpenter bees and would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Tunes Brook Dr. in Brick
I have had these bugs professional identified these as german cockroaches. they live around my sink and in my kitchen cupboards. please help
Vicinity of Chipmunk Dr in Brick
Carpenter Bees
Vicinity of HAWKS NEST RD in Brick
Racoon in attic
Vicinity of Glen Ridge Court in Brick
Would like to schedule an appointment to remove moles from my lawn.
Vicinity of Antoinette Ct in Brick
I have had about 8 groundhogs in my backyard under deck, shed for about 8 years I have tried everything and can't do anymore they are destroying everything, garden, sinkholes in my yard all over. Please call for estimate
Vicinity of Riverside Drive North in Brick
During the 3 years we have lived here, the ant problem has gotten worse despite our best efforts to control it (spraying outside/inside/crawlspace, toxic baits, traps inside, plant removal near house). The ants are now in almost every room of the house, seemingly coming from the moldings of windows. They don't bite, but there are a lot of them. Our home was recently elevated 4 feet, and that made no change either.
Vicinity of Walnut Drive in Brick
Some kind of rodent has found its way into the crawl space attic - I suspect it/they have crawled in through the vent near the peak of the roof. This happened once a few years ago with a large raccoon and I was able to scare the animal away using the house's old fashioned ceiling exhaust fan in the attic. The noise chased the animal away. This time I'm interested in removal.
Vicinity of Charles Dr in Brick
I need an estimate on mold removal.
Vicinity of Shelley Road in Brick
I think voles are making holes in my grass and killing it. My neighbor said they are voles.
Vicinity of Bay Harbor Blvd in Brick
Pls call me. Have squirrel issue
Vicinity of Acorn Dr in Brick
I need to have a skunk removed from my property. I believe he is living under my deck. I would trap it myself but as a Rabies Vector Species there are too many restrictions on what I can do with one when I catch it. Please contact me with a quote.
Vicinity of Grant Court in Brick
Musty smell in home,esp coming in from central air, wet crawlspace. Need testing to see if there is a toxic mold issue
Vicinity of Knollwood Terrace in Brick
Termidor treatment
Vicinity of Point Ave in Brick
Raccoon have been in my attic and have done damage
Vicinity of Arizona Dr in Brick
Active termites in backyard,carpenter ants
Vicinity of Duck POnd Lane in Brick
HI, We just learned that we have at least one squirrel in our attic. Saw in out on our roof line and it gained access through our outside roof fan......Need to have someone come in and check it out and get rid of them.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Ave in Brick
Looking for a price estimate for a one time exterior termite inspection/treatment with warranty required by person purchasing our home at the above listed address.
Vicinity of Cornell Drive in Brick
We have a tunnel mound of dirt and we noticed that we have a woodchuck in our backyard. Please give us an estimate for removal of the woodchuck. Thank you
Vicinity of Warwick Rd in Brick
Vicinity of Arthur Ct in Brick
We have 13 bats that we have been watching come and go from our eaves. They are not in the attic, I already checked. They are just in the eaves.
Vicinity of Midstreams Rd in Brick
My sister who is living in my house thinks there's winged carpenter ants in the house.
Vicinity of Vanard Drive in Brick
Believe Bats in Attic. Need expert help
Vicinity of Leeds Ct in Brick
Squirrel nest in attic and squirrel in wall.
Vicinity of Duck Pond Lane in Brick
Over abundance of mosquitoes. Unable to use backyard. Simply opening door to outdoors will result in multiple mosquitoes in the house.
Vicinity of Huxley Dr in Brick
We are interested to find out how much it would cost to exterminate for bed bugs
Vicinity of Bryn Mawr Drive in Brick
Please email Platinum Plan cost. Thanks Rocco
Vicinity of Apache Lane in Brick
Bees (in yard) Camel Crickets (in basement/crawlspace) Moths Termite Preventative Treatment
Vicinity of Eagle Pass in Brick
One or two skunks on the street, need to have them relocated.
Vicinity of Ariel Place in Brick
Something is living in attic. Sounds large!
Vicinity of Baltic Drive in Brick
Would like an estimate on an ant problem maybe the tick service.
Vicinity of Quail Run in Brick
I have mold in the crawl space after sandy flooding
Vicinity of Polk in Brick
I would like to get an estimate of what it would cost to remove mold in the attic of a house I am in the process of purchasing. Thank you.