Work Requests in Princeton

Cowleys Pest Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Princeton. Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services's recent work requests in Princeton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Princeton, NJ
Vicinity of Princeton Ave in Princeton
Underground bee nest - was attacked by some last 2 yrs and had a severe allergic reaction - so don't want to go near them and they are stopping me from working outside. would like an estimate for removal
Vicinity of Tomlyn Drive in Princeton
We have 2 snakes in the yard - needs to be trapped and relocated
Vicinity of White Oak Drive in Princeton
Groundhog problems. Damages to driveway
Vicinity of B Roxbury CT in Princeton
1,679 sqft 3 bedrooms 2 story townhouse
Vicinity of College Road in Princeton
I am looking for a pest control service for 2 large offices buiildings.
Vicinity of Province Line Rd. in Princeton
We were told by a pest control company that we have a flying squirrel in our attic...
Vicinity of Teak Lane in Princeton
Raccoon in my attic.
Vicinity of Boxwood Drive in Princeton
An odor such as dead animal smell is coming out in front of my house
Vicinity of Canal Road in Princeton
We live near the canal and have had an unusually large population of snakes this summer.
Vicinity of John St in Princeton
Bedbug check
Vicinity of Prospect Avenue in Princeton
I have a woodpecker as well as carpenter bees - at least I assume that because of the yellow dust and the hole in the wood.
Vicinity of Quaker Road in Princeton
The Historical Society of Princeton has a large barn on the property which are would like to start renovating for use as a three season wedding/meeting venue. Currently, we know we have bats. We would like a consultation on how to remove them, provide additional dwelling, and prevent them from re-inhabiting the space.
Vicinity of Farrand Road in Princeton
We have at least one family of red foxes in Russell Estates. Two parents and six cubs about three months old. Residents with small children want them removed. Princeton says we can not kill or move them.
Vicinity of Linden Lane in Princeton
I live in a three bedroom house with two other people. I found a bed bug walking on me while sitting in the sofa, and two days later I got red spots on my arm. Would like to know how much it would cost to have someone come to determine if we have an infestation, and treat it if that's the case.
Vicinity of Nassau St in Princeton
I have a ground hog problem, and I've located an entrance to the burrow.
Vicinity of Mt Lucas Rd in Princeton
Woodchuck or badger living under the house. Unless he started playing rent, we would like him removed.
Vicinity of Princeton Kingston Road in Princeton
We have a groundhog behind a stone wall in our backyard. There are two holes; one up top and one in the bottom of the wall.
Vicinity of Nassau Street in Princeton
It seems that there are birds behind the wall of one of our offices for about a month now. Sounds like they are multiplying cause they are getting much louder.
Vicinity of Caroline Drive in Princeton
Termite/pest inspection and control
Vicinity of Washington Road in Princeton
Seems like the backyard of our new house has a TON of tunnels. And have two little boys, 3 and 6 - I want it to be safe for them to go out there.
Vicinity of Philip Dr in Princeton
I want to control the mosquitoes on my property. I should note that I have a small stream that flows next to my property. I want to see if there's anything that can be done.
Vicinity of Canal Road in Princeton
I have stink bugs that need to be exterminated. They seem to be most prevalent in the basement.
Vicinity of Lexington Ct in Princeton
There is a mold on the sheet rock in the garage. a small patch. I would like a free estimate.
Vicinity of Sayre Drive in Princeton
I have a small spot of mold in my garage. I need an estimate for remediation.
Vicinity of Lake Lane in Princeton
Groundhog in the backyard who has burrowed underneath our back patio. Would like the groundhog removed.
Vicinity of Allison Way in Princeton
My wife and I purchased our home recently and during the inspection, the inspector noticed dead carpenter ants in the garage indicating there could be evidence of carpenter ants. We would like to know: 1. Is there evidence of carpenter ants? 2. An estimate on how much it would be to treat them.
Vicinity of Cleveland Lane in Princeton
Chipmunks, groundhogs, mouse proof home
Vicinity of Linden Lane in Princeton
Regular scratching noises in ceiling/wall. Noticeable in daytime (3 p.m.) and evening (9 p.m.). Gaps between noises are longer in the evening. Suspect rodents or squirrels. Possible entry point is on second floor roof, so would need tall ladder.
Vicinity of Hillside Ave. in Princeton
Treatment/elimination of rodents in house.
Vicinity of Snowden Lane in Princeton
We have mold in the basement that needs abatement. The dehumidifier is broken and needs replacing. Please let me know your rates and availability. Thank you
Vicinity of Claridge Ct in Princeton
Want professional help to remove bee nest at my balcony
Vicinity of Dorann Ave in Princeton
We are purchasing a new home, and during the inspection it was found that there were carpenter ants around the perimeter.
Vicinity of Caleb Lane in Princeton
Birds heard in two different bathroom vents on the second floor.
Vicinity of Hedley Dr in Princeton
We recently saw one beg bug behind our matttress and we want to do estimation for bed beg removal