Work Requests in Point Pleasant Beach

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Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Vicinity of William Street in Point Pleasant Beach
Ants in kitchen
Vicinity of New Jersey Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach
Jim= My mother who is 89 lives at 400 New Jersey Ave, Pont Pleasant Beach. Noticed that in the garage sawdust and boring in wood beams. not sure if its termites or ants or bees. Nothing obvious. I will be back down Tuesday the 12th for sure. Can meet up with you and show you what we have. Not sure if its a good idea to show up without me, she wont understand. Thanks Jim Carney
Vicinity of Heid Court in Point Pleasant Beach
Removal of squirrels in the attic
Vicinity of in Point Pleasant Beach
Squirrels getting into the attic
Vicinity of Burnt Tavern Road in Point Pleasant Beach
There are 2 racoons on my roof and in my tree at night.
Vicinity of Broadway in Point Pleasant Beach
I have discovered a family of opossums living in my crawl space. I am hoping to have them removed as soon as possible. Thank you, Don
Vicinity of Dorsett Dock Road in Point Pleasant Beach
Small animal in the attic...scratching and walking around. Heard only at night
Vicinity of Atlantic Ave in Point Pleasant Beach
I'm sure something has died in my basement from an unusual and recent odor but I'm concerned what it is, where it got in and if anything else has nested in the same area.
Vicinity of Ocean Road in Point Pleasant Beach
I have found bedbugs in my apt. first sign of them was in my daughters room I thought we took care of the problem but now they are in my room its a very overwhelming problem that I cannot handle and seek professional help. Can you please help me?
Vicinity of Bay Ave in Point Pleasant Beach
Have a raccoon in backyard that is coming out a lot I have a dog and it seems like it's not to scared of us looking for a quote
Vicinity of Bay in Point Pleasant Beach
May have mold in ceilings illness allergies, since hurricane