Pests We Treat - Keeping the mice out of Hazlet, NJ home

Homeowners in Hazlet, NJ started to notice mouse droppings being deposited in their garage. These homeowners, as many of us do, turned their garage into a storage unit for their belongings instead of a place to keep their cars away from the outdoor elements. Sometimes I think we acquire too much stuff and don’t know where to put it all! Our garages and basements get stuffed to the gills with all sorts of seasonal items and other things we’ve long forgotten about. When storing items in there areas, it is important to use pallets or something to maintain to keep your belongings off the ground. Moisture and condensation can easily develop. Also, for air circulation, keep a gap between the wall and the items. Doing so, not only provides easier access to your belongings, it also protects your belongings from rodent infestations. Mice have no problems boring into cardboard boxes to nest. Also, rodents have poor vision. They will travel in a line along walls while foraging where their bodies touch the sides. If you look closely enough along their pathways, you’ll often see rub or grease marks from the dirt and oils on their fur.They will only ever off the pathway when locking a food source or a good private harborage site. 

With rodent inspections, finding their actual or potential entry points and sealing them is critical to get these infestations under control. Otherwise, there is always the risk of a re-infestation with a new crop of rodents looking to escape the hard outdoor elements. One off the main culprits allowing mice inside homes are the gaps around utility pipe chase. Over time, the sealant around the pipe deteriorates and falls off leaving gaps that are more than enough for these tiny rodents to squeeze their way inside. It only takes an opening around the size of a dime. Here, there were multiple entry points around the pipes coming into the garage. It was an open invitation for the mice. I treated the area around the openings with a tracking powder that attaches to their fur, which is then ingested while grooming. Any rodent that travels through the powder will soon meets its demise. I then sealed the openings with a chew-proof copper mesh. The homeowners would later finish the exclusion with a heavy-duty caulk. With the entry points blocked, the mice in the garage will be eliminated. it was important that the homeowners took care of this issue because I have no doubt that some of the mice would have found their way inside the home.