Pests We Treat - Wasps easily find way into Metuchen home - Wasp control services in NJ

I was sent to one of our residential customers, a homeowner in Metuchen, NJ. She had contacted Cowleys after observing wasps swarming around the central air conditioning unit located in the backyard.  

Wasps are highly territorial and will aggressively pursue any perceived threat to their nest by inflicting multiple, painful stings. Needless to say, I approached the area with caution. I immediately saw a swarm of yellow jackets and their distinctive alternating yellow and black bands. When it comes to yellow jackets, if there is one, there is many. These social insects live in colonies that may contain hundreds of insects. Yellow jackets are ground-nesters, building there nests either directly in the ground or in any accessible void in or around a home. By observing the comings and goings of the wasps, I saw that a wasp nest had formed inside the exterior wall where the power cable to the A/C unit entered through the wall. Because of the family’s heavy usage of the backyard area, this nest posed a serious threat to the home’s occupants and had to be removed. 

First, I treated the void by injecting an aerosol containing pyrethrin, a natural organic compound found in some chrysanthemum flowers that is toxic to insects. Pyrethrin penetrates the nervous system of the insect, paralyzing and killing them. You can see in this video how quickly it works. Next, I treated the void with a dust, that has an incredible residual life. This product will patiently kill any remaining or returning wasps in the nest. After knocking out the nest with this “one-two punch,” there was no further sign of insect activity — the colony was dead. After, I spoke with the homeowner, letting her know what I did, and the successful results. She was worried about this nest, and rightly so, and thanked me for getting rid of this threat to her family.