Pests We Treat - Odorous House Ant Removal in Marlboro

A Cowleys Home Protection Plan customer called about seeing ants in the kitchen and bathroom of her home. Ants in food areas are always upsetting to people and we try to get out to their home as soon as possible.

When I arrived at her home, I saw odorous house ants in both the kitchen and bathroom. I treated the target areas inside by spraying with a non-repellent liquid concentrate. After the areas were treated, I began my search for the ant trail around the perimeter of the home. Treating the inside areas are useless without finding and treating the source of the ants outside. I immediately saw exploratory worker ants, but not a large trail out in the open. I then overturned a piece of wood that was leaning up against the house and found the nest and eggs. I treated the nest along with the rest of the exterior perimeter. The chemical barrier to the target rooms inside and the exterior perimeter along with treating the source of the ants will serve to protect the home from this ant colony.