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Pests We Treat - Carpenter Ants in Power Box in Holmdel, NJ

Carpenter Ants in Power Box in Holmdel, NJ

I observed a lone carpenter ant walking on a paver patio installed around a in-ground swimming pool. And with ants, where there's one, there's many. Playing detective, I followed the ant as he walked from paver to paver, traveling on a well-used scent trail, unknowingly leading me to his evil lair. Finally, the ant made his way up a wooden support, which was staked into the ground to hold the power box for the pool filter, and into a small opening in the box.

I opened up the power box, and, as we say here in New Jersey, Badda Boom, Badda Bing!!!!!! Inside the power box was the ant nest in all its glory, eggs and all.