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Pests We Treat Photo Album: Termite damage and treatment in Trenton, NJ

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A frustrated homeowner in Trenton was having a challenging termite problem, and I was dispatched to resolve the infestation. Upon arrival, I inspected the damaged hardwood flooring by the front door and observed an active termite infestation. Since these insects are subterranean and infest structures moving upward from the soil, I immediately inspected the basement below the damaged flooring. Just as I expected there was an active termite infestation in the sill plate, header board, sub-flooring and joists.

The sill plate id the set of boards that sit on top of the foundation and is anchor bolted to the foundation wall. It is the structural base for the floor joist frame. These wooden building materials are close to the ground, often just inches away. Unfortunately, this is a common trouble spot for wood rot from water intrusions as well as insect infestations, including dreaded termites. There is no insect that can cause more property damage to a home than a colony of these wood-devouring pests 

The house had been treated before by another pest control service. I saw, and the homeowner confirmed, that the stoop outside the front door had been drilled so that the termiticide could be injected into the soil underneath. Based on the active infestation, it was clear that the liquid termiticide was not reaching the termites in the soil underneath the stoop. I would need to develop a more aggressive treatment plan in order to reach the soil and kill this termite colony for good. 

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