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Pests We Treat - Paper wasps after treatment in Metuchen, New Jersey

Paper wasps after treatment in Metuchen, New Jersey
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I explained to the customer that paper wasps will usually sting only when their nest is threatened. These wasps seemed aggressive because of location. Out of all the places to build a nest, they decided to build their hive right over top the main entrance door to the building. The wasps made a bad choice. The wasps and their nest needed to be removed immediately. I first treated the nest with an aerosol to immediately knock down the insect population. I gave the time for the treatment to work, and once I saw that there was no more activity, I carefully removed and packaged the nest to be transported with me once I leave. I then treated the surrounding area with an liquid application as a back-up to kill any straggling wasps that managed to escape the initial treatment. Now, with these aggressive unruly trespassers removed, the day care center could now go about its business without worrying whether the kids at the center, their parents, or any staff would be the recipients of a few painful wasp stings. The day care center was appreciative that I arrived so quickly and was able to immediately resolve their wasp infestation. I told them that I was not about to let any small children be stung by wasps on my watch!