Repairing A Termite Damaged Wall in Red Bank, NJ

Recently, a two-man home repair crew went out on a service call to a home in Red Bank, NJ, to repair a wall that had been severely damaged from a termite infestation. Although the home was treated after termites were discovered, as often happens, there was already damage from these wood-devouring insects. The drywall around a window in his living room had to be completely removed and replaced. 

Prior to starting our repair work, we first inspected the entire interior and exterior of the property before beginning my repairs. Even though a termite treatment was recently done, we wanted to be 100% positive that there was no more active termite activity in the home. After ensuring the home was free of termites, we began the repairs.

First, we needed to remove all of the damaged wood, insulation, and drywall. The good news from all this was that it could have been worse. Fortunately, the termite damage was limited to this one section of his home. Next, after cleaning the area, we and installed all new pressure-treated wood, replaced the insulation, and installed new drywall. Pressure treating is a preservative process that helps wood withstand the elements and ward off termites, microorganisms and fungal decay. As we were replacing the drywall the homeowner told us that he already scheduled an appointment with a professional painting company to paint and spackle the drywall. 

Now, with the repairs done, the wall was as good as new! As you can see, no one would have the slightest inkling that this home once had termite damage.

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