Work Requests in Middletown

Cowleys Pest Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Middletown. Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services's recent work requests in Middletown and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Middletown, NJ
Vicinity of CHANOWICH CT in Middletown
Carpenter bees
Vicinity of CASTLE DR in Middletown
Looking for estimate on termite treatment
Vicinity of Kinkade Dr in Middletown
Vicinity of Twin Brooks Avenue in Middletown
Preventative maintenance to home and yard. Stink bugs, ticks, ants, etc.
Vicinity of Middlewood Rd in Middletown
Need to have a termite inspection done for the sale of townhouse
Vicinity of Tall Tree Road in Middletown
I am interested in Silver plan and Tick/Mosquito seasonal treatments. Can you please provide a price. I spoke with Jill yesterday and she was unable to provide pricing without appointment. If I need to be home Friday afternoon or Saturday is best if you can come and survey without me being home please come anytime I work part time and have a sporatic schedule. thank you
Vicinity of Sycamore Ave in Middletown
99% sure we have a squirrel stuck in our wall/hvac ducts
Vicinity of Farm Rd in Middletown
Can hear scratching and running in the attic space and also above the lower level bathroom
Vicinity of Sutton Place in Middletown
Just need routine servicing - annual termite inspection, general insect control.
Vicinity of Nedshire Drive in Middletown
Just want a quote on gutter cleanjng
Vicinity of Kings Hwy in Middletown
Looking for an estimate on our spider and bug issue.
Vicinity of Park Dr in Middletown
I have mole(s) in my front lawn that I would like removed.
Vicinity of Dimisa Dr in Middletown
How much for a bed bug inspection?
Vicinity of Baldwin Avenue in Middletown
Ant problem in home.
Vicinity of Borden Road in Middletown
Treatment for ants and spiders
Vicinity of Bray Ave in Middletown
Black ants
Vicinity of Cardinal Road in Middletown
Looking for wasp and bee control.
Vicinity of Hillyer Circle in Middletown
Looking to learn about pest control plans, specifically plans that address carpenter ants
Vicinity of Cardinal Road in Middletown
Seeking information about wasp and bee control.
Vicinity of Laird Rd in Middletown
Bees in light fixture/wall need to be removed.
Vicinity of Hunters Pointe in Middletown
I believe we have a hole in the roof where animals are coming in. We have caught mice using traps and still hear noises in the attic. Would like an inspection
Vicinity of Oak Hill Road in Middletown
We have a really bad ant problem.
Vicinity of N Lake Dr in Middletown
Moles in front and back yard need to know price and warranty Thank you
Vicinity of Cherry Tree Farm Road in Middletown
No sign of termites or carpenter ants but want a check. Have Bees that bore into wood, would like to get rid of them. Looking more for a check and make sure the house is fine. Might want to do misquote treatment during the summer
Vicinity of Kings Ct in Middletown
General pest control. Looking for a price quote.
Vicinity of Kinkade Dr in Middletown
Mice dropping about cabinet
Vicinity of Marvin Road in Middletown
We have seen a few stink bugs in my daughters room recently (about 1 or 2 a week) and would like the exterminated as soon as possible. Thank you
Vicinity of Carter Ave in Middletown
I have squirrels (I think) in my wall - please help.
Vicinity of London CT in Middletown
Would like to get the basement sprayed/treated well. We have those crazy looking 'spricket' bugs down there. Seeing them more frequently lately as the weather has gotten colder.
Vicinity of Pennybrook Ave in Middletown
Vicinity of Knapp Circle in Middletown
Sparows nesting in my retractable awning. Removal of nest is not a deterent. They are now teasing my dog. Also, do you do anything for ground wasps? Updated June 5. Returning customer. No charge.
Vicinity of in Middletown
Carpenter bees by deck Bees or wasps by pool Termite inspection
Vicinity of Carter Ave in Middletown
Last night I heard some activity in the attic; we have had raccoons up there before so it may be a repeat offender. I would like to have the animal(s) removed and block off whatever entry way they used to get in.
Vicinity of Heddin Place in Middletown
We have a skunk under our shed we would like removed. We have a dog and putting him outside at night without going out with him will become a problem.
Vicinity of ILER Drive in Middletown
Removal of 2 groundhogs living under shed in backyard.
Vicinity of Laird Rd in Middletown
Groundhog removal. A mother with 2 younger groundhogs in our backyard.
Vicinity of Hancock Lane in Middletown
I have carpenter bees in one of the eves of my house. I need to have them exterminated and to have the affected area sealed (most likely with clear silicone). Please follow up with me and give me a quotation. Thanks
Vicinity of Day Ave in Middletown
My home is near the woods. We have found mice in our crawl spaces, ticks on our couch, and ants in the kitchen. Also, we have not been treated for termites. Being that we are so close to the woods, we feel it might be a good idea. Basically we are looking for the full package. Thank you!
Vicinity of Bamm Hollow Rd in Middletown
Adult Mosquito control
Vicinity of Spradley Lane in Middletown
General House spraying....Termite prevention. Known activity includes cave crickets, centipedes, and small black ants, occasional spiders
Vicinity of Cherry Tree Farm Road in Middletown
Home inspection showed termite activity. Needs treatment to obtain cert of occupancy and obtain Homeowners insurance.
Vicinity of Domidion Ct in Middletown
Raccoon in shed
Vicinity of Center St. in Middletown
I am selling my home and the inspector found evidence of termites. Need to get an estimate on getting this addressed asap. Thank you.
Vicinity of Buckingham Cir in Middletown
Vicinity of Wychwood Road in Middletown
Have discoloration on sheetrock in garage which is over crawl space which appears to have mold on the cinder block foundation. One side of garage show much more sheetrock discoloratio than the other.