Work Requests in Jackson

Cowleys Pest Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Jackson. Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services's recent work requests in Jackson and nearby areas!

Learn more about Cowleys Pest Services' recent work requests in Jackson, NJ
Vicinity of Winterberry Boulevard in Jackson
We are looking for a yearly maintenance plan.
Vicinity of Dahlia Ct in Jackson
Hornets nest removal. Accessible from the ground.
Vicinity of Springbrook Drive in Jackson
Hearing scratching and tapping noises in attic... sounds like more than one creature but not entirely sure
Vicinity of Cedar Knoll Rd in Jackson
I have found a snake in my backyard.
Vicinity of Churchill Ct in Jackson
Birds living in soffit above from door.
Vicinity of AUMACK ROAD in Jackson
Mice in garage and outside
Vicinity of Violet Lane in Jackson
Thought that I found cockroach in my condo. Never had issue was wondering if there is a way to check for them? Or could I possibly have seen another type of bug?
Vicinity of Bear Trail in Jackson
Vicinity of Azalea Cir in Jackson
I have a Squirrel in my attic, I live in a condo and can see and hear where it is entering but can not reach it.
Vicinity of Cedar Swamp Road in Jackson
Groundhogs destrpying my nder my children's skate ramps in the backof my lot
Vicinity of Swallowtail Court in Jackson
Looks to be a ground hog burrow to the right side of my front door and porch.
Vicinity of Bowman Road in Jackson
Fleas on animals and around the house, we want them gone
Vicinity of Brewers Bridge Rd in Jackson
Bold face hornet nest needs to be removed
Vicinity of Anderson Road in Jackson
Mold found in attic upon home inspection.
Vicinity of Spectrum Court in Jackson
I believe I have mole or vole issue in the back yard, holes and tunnel mounds in the lawn which are getting worse.
Vicinity of Tuscany Dr in Jackson
I would like an estimate/ quote to exterminate and inspect a property I am in the process of purchasing. I will be at the property this week and I would like to coordinate a time for the estimate. During my inspection it was noted that there may be a Raccoon in the attic. Additionally, there are mouse droppings, several wasp nest, wood shavings from something burrowing in the shed.
Vicinity of Mirta Court in Jackson
We have chipmunks and voles destroying our yard. We have a lot of perennials in our yard and every week there eating more and more of them. I have tried so many different things to try and repel them. Nothing seems to work and I have even been putting chicken wire around the base of the plantstress roots and they are still finding a way to eat some of them. I don't want to be inhumane but my options are running out. Please help us. Thank you Edward Franczak
Vicinity of Violet Lane in Jackson
Vicinity of Monterey Court in Jackson
I would like a price estimate for treating my property for ticks.
Vicinity of Imperial Pl in Jackson
We wanted to get an estimate on your mosquito & tick service
Vicinity of Tuscany Drive in Jackson
Mother raccoon and litter trapped in a out of reach area of the attic
Vicinity of Willetta Dr. in Jackson
Looking for mosquito and tick control services. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cassville Rd in Jackson
Not sure what type of pest this is. It is leaving fuzzy brown sheddings on window sills. This is a daycare center. We cleaned the window sill this morning and there is now more at 4pm.
Vicinity of Greenwich Srive in Jackson
Squirrel(s) in attic. Please help!
Vicinity of Kevin Ct in Jackson
I have mold in my basement trying to sell my house obviously I need to address the mold
Vicinity of Dover Street in Jackson
Mice in attic
Vicinity of Cortelyou in Jackson
Termites in garage. House has unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Dante Court in Jackson
Possible mold in basement
Vicinity of W Commodore Blvd in Jackson
Bed bugs in master bedroom
Vicinity of Violet Lane in Jackson
Had mold on the inside of a wall from a broken pipe. Don't know how long the pipe was leaking. Just bought the condo. There is a very strong odor in the condo.
Vicinity of Wilson Blvd in Jackson
Ticks. I would like an estimate for spraying for ticks in our yard.
Vicinity of Miller Avenue in Jackson
Ticks, Bees and wasps
Vicinity of Maple St in Jackson
Carpenter bees
Vicinity of Diamond Road in Jackson
I was told by my Terminix inspector that I had black mold in my crawl space. I'd like a quote to remediate and insulate if you also do insulation.
Vicinity of Teakwood Drive in Jackson
Carpenter Bees
Vicinity of BANYAN CT in Jackson
Vicinity of Lakehurst Ave in Jackson
Selling house had house inspected. They saying we have termites but never seen them.want a quote for termite control.
Vicinity of Candy Court in Jackson
We have not moved into our house yet, but would like a general estimate for year round treatment of pest & rodent control. Would you be able to give a general estimate so we can compare with other companies. Thank you.
Vicinity of Nighthawk Lane in Jackson
We have noticed damage in one wall of our home (15 years old). No signs of termites, more indicative of rodents (we're near woods). I would like someone to come out and give an estimate, etc., so we can get problem solved. Thanks! Jack
Vicinity of Green Tree Drive in Jackson
Tunnels throughout my yard.
Vicinity of S Cooks Bridge Rd in Jackson
We have 3 active bee/wasp nests on our property that I would like a quote on for removing. I believe 2 are yellow jacket nests. One directly in the ground on our lawn, near our back deck. The other is within a wood railroad tie that is right in front of our home. The 3rd nest is high up on the gable end of our house in a broken gable vent cover. I believe this one is a wasp nest of another kind. Can you please let me know what may be involved in removing them and the cost? Thank you.
Vicinity of Riccis Drive in Jackson
Need someone to prevent bats from entering my garage/home.
Vicinity of Monmouth Road in Jackson
We are concerned that the house we moved into at the beginning of this month has bed bugs. We can not find any signs of them other then a musty odor in the bedrooms and what appear to be bites on my wife's back and legs. We would like to have a professional come in and confirm or exclude bed bugs or any other bug or pest. Does this sounds like something your company does? And what would be the cost to have someone come out?
Vicinity of Highland Drive in Jackson
Carpenter bees on two sides of two-story houses under roofline/eaves
Vicinity of Brittany Lane in Jackson
There are one or more (mother and babies?)large animals in my attic, I'm guessing raccoons(?). Lots of insulation is disturbed, I can see large foorprints and feces up there, and I can hear plenty of movement and chatter at certain times of day.
Vicinity of MILL POND ROAD in Jackson
Woodchuck or ground hog in yard under my shed. Want it removed
Vicinity of Brewers Bridge Road in Jackson
Interested in getting quote for a yearly service plan.
Vicinity of W Pleasant Grove Rd in Jackson
Vicinity of Song Bird Court in Jackson
Recently my babysitter and my daughter have had a tick on them within the past 2 weeks. My kids love to play outside and I want my backyard sprayed for ticks. i would like to know the most effective ways to prevent ticks or minimize them. Would like a price for spraying the yard and how often it has to be done
Vicinity of Wellington Court in Jackson
Ticks in our backyard. Would like a non hazardous form of control
Vicinity of Gail Chambers Road in Jackson
My wife and I are looking for services to treat our front lawn and back lawn. We have some kind of infestation of ground digging wasps and possibly other things. We are looking for some kind of chemical treatment that will kill anything living in the lawn.
Vicinity of Pitney Ln. in Jackson
I would like to treat the exterior of the house to prevent earwigs, spiders, stinkbugs, etc. from coming into the house. Thanks