Crawl Space Stabilizer

Adjustable Steel Supports For Sagging Crawl Space Repair

crawl space support jack

Crawl space support posts prevent sagging floor joists and stabilize your floors.

What It Does:

If you are experiencing sloping and overly springy floors, out-of-level door frames or interior wall cracks, Cowleys' support jack system is the product for you. Our structural support jacks provide solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floor joists in a crawl space.

Our unique support jacks are specifically designed so that they can be adjusted over time to provide additional straightening and leveling action if necessary.

Here’s what you need to know:

In order to ensure the stability of your home, the floor above a crawl space requires solid mid-span support. That support is typically provided by a post-and-beam assembly. Oftentimes the beams are undersized, and if they are made out of wooden posts, they can rot, shift and settle. When this happens, floor joists sag and other structural problems occur. Cowley support jack system is a foundation repair product that provides a permanent solution to these problems.

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