Comparing Encapsulation to Open Vents

Why is today’s new encapsulation better than the old open vent construction?


Let’s start with a quick season-by-season comparison of an open vent crawl space with crawl space encapsulation. 

The Old:  Open Vents

Spring and Summer: With a vented crawl space comes soggy insulation, muddy floors, evidence of rot, rusty ducts and posts, mold and odors, and high cooling bills. 

Fall and winter: Fall and winter does not fare much better. With open vents in the crawls space, your home will experience drafts, cold first floors, and frozen pipes and high heating bills.

The Conclusion: Vented, dirt-floored crawl spaces are bad news for homeowners. They virtually guarantee excess moisture build-up that will cause wood damage and turn your crawl space into ground zero for growing mold and other fungi whose spores will invade the rest of your home. There is no other way to say it: Vented crawl spaces and bare earth floors turn crawl spaces into moisture-producing factories!

The New:  Encapsulated Crawl Spaces


This is the big news: There are no seasons to worry about!  The crawl space is an all-seasons system that is designed to not be at the mercy of outdoor weather conditions. With an encapsulated crawl space system you will have clean air, comfortable floors, and controlled humidity. It doesn’t get any better!

The Conclusion: Encapsulation is the new and better way of crawl space design.  For those at the forefront of home building design, crawl space encapsulation is the gold standard for treating crawl space moisture. Encapsulation turns a once damp, dirty, and moldy crawl space into a clean, dry foundation for your home where mold and other allergens can’t grow. 

Crawl Space Solutions by Cowleys is a locally owned and operated company in Neptune City, NJ that offers crawl space expertise. We install a variety of crawl space repair products including:

  • vapor barriers
  • access doors
  • drainage systems
  • insulation
  • sump pumps
  • dehumidifiers
  • vent covers
  • crawl space stabilizer

We have the experience to transform a problem crawl space into a clean, dry foundation.

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