Case Studies

Crawl Space Encapsulation Case Studies: Damp basement in Metuchen needs new dehumidifier

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 by Michael Senz


This homeowner in Metuchen wanted a better alternative to a store-bought dehumidifier for her damp basement. According to the homeowner, the humidity  level in her basement was so high that, on some days, she had to empty the water pan two or three times a day — and this was a dehumidifier was not even a commercial-grade machine designed to work in a crawl space or basement. 


We replaced her dehumidifier with a hassle-free SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. Now, she will never have to go down to the basement to empty the machine. With these SaniDry dehumidifiers, there are no messy trays or buckets of water that fill up and can overflow. Rather, the machine is directly connected to the sump pump or other drainage system, so the whole process requires no human intervention. They work automatically and are maintenance-free.  

When installed in a basement or crawl space, this dehumidifier helps prevent mold and reduces musty odors. It produces dry, healthy air without that musty smell you often find in damp, moist areas of the home. This particular dehumidifier has the capacity to remove 100 pints per day of water out of the air and moves over 300 cubic feet per minute of dry air around your crawl space or basement.

Mold will thrive if the moisture content in the air is too high. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that you need a leaky pipe, a flood, or some other water intrusion for mold to form. That’s not true!  High indoor humidity is more than enough to trigger dangerous mold growth. This dehumidifier will keep your basement or crawl space below 55% relative humidity, and this level is too low for mold to grow. Also, with this lower humidity, dust mites will die off. Dust mite fecal matter is the primary cause of indoor allergies.By improving indoor air quality and preventing mold growth, these commercial-grade SaniDry dehumidifiers are a great investment for your family’s health.