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TAP insulation in Jackson, NJ

Rhett Cowley and I were sent out to a home in Jackson. This home had previously been serviced for bat exclusion by Little Rascals by Cowleys, our wildlife division. In this TAP insulation project, Rhett and I would be removing all of the fiberglass insulation in the main attic space, as this insulation had bat guano (droppings) and urine saturation and staining. The insulation has to be bagged in the attic before it can be transported down to the dumpster container to prevent contamination.  

Following the removal of all of the affected insulation, all of the bat droppings must be HEPA vacuumed. A HEPA vacuum is used to prevent air borne contamination of the dangerous guano. Afterwards, we completely sanitized and deodorized the entire attic using a professional grade chemical treatment.  The following day I returned with James Baggata, another wildlife technician and TAP installer to prepared the attic by enclosing the recessed lights and installing baffles to allow air flow from the soffits. Then finally, the TAP Pest Control Insulation is blown in.

The installation of TAP will not only help repel many common pests, but can provide savings on energy bills and add a sound insulation to the attic.

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